2021 Disc 'n Dat Race for the Ace

Saturday, October 23, 2021 at Boone Woods Park in Burlington, Kentucky
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

October 23, 2021 Boone Woods


Yes, we are doing an event of our own again this year!
Race for the Ace!
All the holes are shortened so almost anyone can reach them. You get one throw with the disc that is in your Players Pack - that disc only. No more throws on that hole. You get counted for Aces and Metal(hitting any part of the metal basket). The persons with the most Aces and Metals wins. Aces count first, then metals. 3 Aces would win over 2 Aces 2 Metals. 2 Aces 2 metals wins over 2 Aces 1 Metal. etc.

Check-in 9:00-9:45am - tee off shortly after
2 rounds with a short break after first round to see who is leading, then go right back out to second round.

Grand prize for the event is a portable disc golf basket. Working on more prizes

Players Pack will be: a disc, lunchbox cooler bag, DND sharpie, DND mini and will see what else we can come up with.

$25 entry fee - DND vouchers not valid on this entry

**It is important to pre-register for the Race for the Ace so we have enough Player's Packs for everyone. You can sign up for the Race for the Ace and not play and still get the Player's Pack

Refund policy

Disc 'n Dat is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refunds are stopped after 10/20/21. Any cancellations after that date will not get a refund, but can pick up a player pack after 10/25/21 at Disc 'n Dat. You can purchase a pack and not play in the event also.