2021 Big Glade Disc Golf Extravaganza

Sat-Sun, June 19-20, 2021 at Big Glade in Heber, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Update 6/8/21 Fire Restrictions are in Place for almost the entire State. No Open Fires at Big Glade.

Big Glade will be Held on June 19th & 20th 2021. It will be a two-day event playing one round of 24 both Saturday & Sunday. Registration will open on Disc Golf Scene May 22 at 8AM. I’m limiting the event to 80 total players to preserve the Atmosphere of Big Glade. Even though it a 24-hole course several holes have conflicts with other holes causing major backup around the course with more players. Only the people Playing in the Event will be allowed on the course during the two rounds, Any other time Anyone can play the course. I have 12 baskets at this time so I will need help with getting enough to set up the entire course, let me know if you can help. I’m likely going up Thursday afternoon 6/17 and staying to Monday 6/21. So the course Should be up Friday afternoon and at least my 12 through Monday. I will be setting up the Event on DGS/Team Utah this week, will have the URL posted within few days. More Info to Follow, Will need to see how the COVID thing is going so I may still require masks at All Players Meeting and Awards, Not required during Play

Update 6/6/21
Registration closed Tuesday June 14 at 8PM. I'm heading to Big Glade Thursday and will have no cell coverage. If you drop out after Wednesday 6/15 8PM Consider yourself a sponsor to your division
Hard Cap at 80!, No day of sign up. Don't want too many people on the course causing train wrecks. If you don't get in you can help and be a Spotter, Only people in the event can play the course during the two rounds. Anyone can play any other time.

One more thing, I am spreading the available spots as evenly as possible to give all Divisions a chance to get in. You will be in the division you sign up for period, No Moving Division after the fact. NOT going to do the Base Camp Nightmare thing again. I will have the waitlist turned on this time, and you will be able to play in any division if you get in from the Waitlist. One Waitlist for all Divisions. Please sign up for the Division you intend to play in, that is where you will be playing! If Guy’s sign up for Lady’s Divisions again, you are going to the back of the waitlist with No Refund Possible. Better hope you get in

At this time I have 9 of the 12 Additional Baskets needed covered

It's at 8900 feet so plan accordantly. Over the years we have had 90's to 20's, Snow, Rain, Hail, and Lighting all in the same day sometimes. Fires will likely be banned but will see, bring wood if they are allowed. Primitive Camping, No bathrooms so bring a shovel or better. Bury Your Shit! Burn Your TP! Please or Better yet Take everything with You. :)

From Heber take US-40 East to Daniels Summit/Lodge (20-25Min). About ¼ mile passed the Lodge look for the Main Canyon Rd Sign on the Right (SW) take the right on to the dirt road. This road is FR046 on most maps and it 5.6 miles from here to Big Glade. A little more then a Mile in you will come to a split, Right goes to Big Glade (Go Right), Left for Buck Springs (Don’t go this Way). Its another 4+ miles to Big Glade, the road can be a little rough in places. There are a few other smaller roads taking off, just stay on FR046 and your Good. You can’t miss Big Glade, plus there is a Sign just in case you missed it. Fore Good Camping Areas around the course, Two Big one and two other smaller areas (See map in photos on DG Scene).

Refund policy

Team Utah Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



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