2020 Wickender Doubles 10/25/20

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at Wickham Park in Manchester, Connecticut
Disc golf doubles tournament

2020 Wickender Doubles 10/25/20 graphic

About this tournament

MASK are required around TD central.

9:30 Gates Open
9:30-10:20 Registration
10:20 Players Meeting
10:45 Start

Halloween Costumes are mandatory for all teams! Seriously if you aren't wearing a costume or you are a "golfer" you aren't playing.

Each player will receive a disc as part of the players pack.

Pros - Paid in cash.
All Other - Paid in LICK bucks

One round

Format: Each player will take a drive from the tee box and then alternate shots once a drive has been selected. Who throws the second shot is determined by the drive selected. EX of Play: Player 1 & 2 drive. Player 1’s drive is selected, player 2 will then throw the next shot. Shots will alternate until the hole is complete.

1. - Treat -No OB
- Rec/women - play short tee.
2. – Long Basket (left)
3. – Regular hole
- Rec/Women – play short tee
4. – Trick – Added OB (Fairway up to the logs is only 5 ft. wide) Move to drop zone if both drives are OB. Regular hole.
5. – Alt 5 long tee.
A. – Treat – Each player takes two drive and the next shot, after the second shot go back to alternating shots.
B. - Long Basket
C. - Long Basket
D. – Trick- Added OB
6. – Rec/Women – play short tee on the right, everyone else plays the long tee.
7 – Pro/Am – play Medium basket
- Rec/Mix – play short basket
8. – Regular hole/long tee.
- Rec/Women – play short tee
9. - Pro/Am – play long basket
- Rec/Mix – Play the short basket
Old Old 10. – Walk to the right after hole 9 and play up to the barn. Road and over is OB.
10. - Regular hole.
11. - Treat - Best disc doubles for the entire hole
- Rec/Women – play short tee
Old Old 11 – Play from next to the parking lot past the playground to a basket at the end of the tree line.
12. - Regular hole (tee sign is wrong there is no OB)
13. - Long basket – Trick – Alternate shots the whole hole, only one person drives.
14. - Both baskets are in. One person goes for long and one for short. You must announce your basket before driving. Once you pick a disc you have to go to the basket that person picked. Going for long and hitting an ace on short does not count.
15. - Short basket
15 ½ - Treat -Throw from the bench to long 15 basket. If you get the disc in long 15 you get to play hole 16 as best disc doubles. No need to putt out as this does not count as your score.
16 – Trick – Short tee pad. Two flags in the middle of the pad that you can’t step past
17 – short basket
18. – treat warp zone – land in the warp zone and move up to the drop zone with out a penalty. Each person gets a shot from drop zone and then it will go back to alternating.
19. - Mini basket hole – You can only play with minis. Play normal best disc doubles. (mini midranges and drivers are not acceptable)

Refund policy

Wickham Park is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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