2020 Whistler's Bend Doubles Shootout

Fri-Sun, June 12-14, 2020 at Whistler's Bend in Roseburg, Oregon
Disc golf doubles tournament


Tournament DirectorJosh G
assistant to the tournament directorRobert Mckim
assistant to the assistant to the tournaBrant Gausnell

About this tournament

The Whistlers Misfits are excited to host the 2020 Whistlers Bend Doubles Shootout. This is 3 days 1 round a day 27 holes a round. On Friday all divisions will play 27 holes of best shot. On Saturday all PRO division will play worse shot, all other divisions will play a 9 9 9 round which includes 9 holes of alternating shot, 9 holes of best shot and 9 holes of worse shot. The final round will be 27 holes of best shot. There will be early check in that starts Thursday the 11th at 4:00PM to 7:00AM. All campers most follow Douglas County Parks policy. This include noise restrictions from after 10pm to 8:00 am . This includes all music/guitar/drums/speakers and generators. There will not be group camping available. Please call and make other reservations if you can. REFUND DEADLINE is JUNE 5TH. Please sign up for the correct division. PLEASE BRING FLOATATION DEVICE.

Refund policy

Whistlers misfits is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.