2020 Texas Women's Championship

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 19-20, 2020 at Crossroads DGC in Temple, Texas
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $750

About this tournament


Thank you to all the players for registering for 2020’s Texas Women’s Championship! It’s been a long strange year, but this year’s TWC will go on thanks to support and participation of you the players.

We look forward to the first Texas Women’s Championship at Crossroads Disc Golf Course. The city of Temple and Temple Disc Golf Association are excited to have you part of this event. Many hours of coursework by local club members have made this tournament possible in a year that has been a challenge for everyone within the disc golf community and outside of disc golf as well. Crossroads Disc Golf Course was originally scheduled to open at the end of March 2020 and include TWC as one of the inaugural events. However due to the recent COVID pandemic the completion was halted temporarily, and tournaments postponed. In June the task of completing the course was taken up by the local members of Temple Disc Golf Association. Without their hard-work and dedication, along with the support of the City of Temple Texas Woman’s Championship would not have happened for 2020. Thank a member when you get a chance.

Improvements will continue throughout the coming years in order to make Crossroads Disc Golf Course even better. We hope you enjoy your weekend in Temple.

It is recommended that you download the maps from the registration page as reference to your mobile during your round located at the following link:

Please take caution in the following locations:
Hole 16(7south) - Please use bridge to access opposite sides of creeks.
Hole 17(8south) - When accessing the cross bridge and use area alongside bridge near rocks to access lower landing. Lower portion is accessible jumping down from the ledge, but it is steep with roots and caution is highly recommended.
Hole 24 (16north, 15south) - Easiest route across creek is to take the bridge around, keep eye out for players and discs on Hole 15(15north/6south). You may take direct route through creek, but it may be soft earth, or water in creek.
Hole 25 (Long17north/16south) - The edge close to the basket is very steep. If disc goes OB over edge there is access down the side and around prior to basket.

Course rules for OB/MANDOS/etc are located at these following links for reference and download:

Sunday Round 1 and 3 - Crossroads North 18 Layout

Saturday Round 2 - Crossroads South 18 Layout:

We will be following local authorities’ guidelines as well as PDGA guidelines for the event. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FOLLOWING THESE GUIDELINES.

Tee Times are posted at : https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/46204

DRIVE-BY CHECK-IN - All rounds will take place at Crossroads Disc Golf Course (See Links in Weekend Schedule for directions to Park) (https://goo.gl/maps/8QvBPSM38Ado1RcBA )Players may check-in early from 7am-8am or 15minutes prior to assigned tee-time. Check-in starts at 7:00 am prior to beginning of the first tee time at 8:00am. AM Player packs can also be picked up after rounds 1 and 2. Players may arrive to Hole 1 tee location up to 15 Minutes prior to their assigned Tee Time to notify Tournament Director/Assistant TD that they are present and ready to play. Play will begin promptly at assigned tee time, DON’T BE LATE!
LIVE DIGITAL SCORING - We will be using digital scorecards for this event. if you would like to review and research this method, please follow this link: https://www.pdga.com/help/tournament-management/official-hole-scoring?fbclid=IwAR09wtlIXi4p3foHOIABdZ3pLOMEyY9Qg8v0EpV7QwFexrXbq7DwLrJLzgs
The ACCESS CODE for the event scoring is TWC2020. It is not case sensitive. To start your round with digital scoring you will need to go to the following link: https://www.pdga.com/apps/tournament/score/login
1.You will be prompted to enter the Access Code(TWC2020) and press the Submit button.
2. Search for your name. You can search by typing in part of your name or PDGA Number. Once your name appears, you select it and confirm. This person is now the “scorekeeper”.
3. You will be prompted to select the round for which you are currently playing.
4. The scoring screen will load with your name. The default starting hole is hole 1, so be sure to choose the correct starting hole if for some reason hole 1 is not where the group is starting (e.g. shotgun start).
5. Scores for each player will be automatically defaulted to whatever the par is for the hole that is being scored. The player can use the plus or minus buttons to add or remove strokes. When all players have the correct scores, clicking Save & Continue will upload the scores and the page will automatically reload on the hole that follows.
6. The teeing order is indicated by a number presented to the left of each player's name or you may choose for the app to automatically sort by player order.

If players are having issues with live scoring, they are welcome to use UDisc or Paper. Use of UDisc is encouraged as a backup. Players need to make sure they verify all scores with the entire group through PDGA Live scoring before showing the TD and to officially submit scores.

Weekend Schedule Of Play: This year's tournament will be played with scheduled tee-times throughout the weekend to better provide a safe environment for all players.

SATURDAY-September 19
**Round 1 - Crossroads Park (https://goo.gl/maps/8QvBPSM38Ado1RcBA)

7:00am-8:00am - Drive-by check-in will be available for early tee-times and AM players may pick-up their player packs.
8:00am - Tee times begin
You will have approximately 90 minutes for you to take a lunch break prior to the start of round 2, and will be given round 2 Tee Time at the end of the round. Player cards will remain the same throughout the day on Saturday. Round 2 Start times may be adjusted based on rate of play.

*Round 2 - Crossroads South 18 ( https://goo.gl/maps/DkE6Sx4wi73K98bG6 )
12:30pm(approximate) starts round 2 tee times
Card members will remain the same as Round 1.
Cards must check-out at the end of round to ensure scores have been entered and submitted correctly via ( https://www.pdga.com/score ) We highly encourage score to be kept live during round, with a backup score also kept via scoring app or paper.

**Round 3 - Crossroads North 18 ( https://goo.gl/maps/DkE6Sx4wi73K98bG6 )
9:00am(approximate) - Tee times begin in the same order as previous rounds (posted on PDGA event page)

The latest order from Governor Abbot : https://gov.texas.gov/…/governor-abbott-establishes-statewi…
Following BOTH City of Temple and PDGA COVID-19 guidelines the following social distancing measures will be taken:
- Merchandise will only be available during Sunday’s Final Round at Crossroads Disc Golf Course
- All patrons must sanitize their hands before and after touching any merchandise. Before and after!!!! We will provide sanitizer.
- We will provide a safe environment for everyone. We will also not hesitate to disqualify anyone who chooses not to honor our rules, protocol, and requests.
- You MUST wear a mask anytime you are at the tables or registering. You may remove your mask as long as you are on the course AND practicing social distancing.
- DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE OR THEIR PROPERTY FOR ANY REASON. Do not hand others their discs, do not push their carts for them, do not carry their bag for them, do not high five or slap hands before or after rounds or for good shots. COVID ya’ll.
- Players must use their own pens, pencils, sharpes
- PLEASE SUPPLY YOUR OWN WATER. FILL YOUR WATER BOTTLES BEFORE YOU GET TO THE COURSE. Water will be distributed by designated staff only. Please ask if you need water or if someone is in need of water. Avoid life-threatening situations because of dehydration, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, etc. by carrying enough water or fluids with you.
- We will not be handing out physical scorecards, but backup paper cards are available on request. We will have live scoring set up through the tournament manager. See above for Live Scoring Details and Directions
Pro payout will be distributed via paypal by Sunday evening, Monday at the latest. AM payout will be distributed at the end of a division’s round once all scores have been submitted.
I hope everyone enjoys their tournament weekend. Please feel free to call TD for additional information at contact info provided on the PDGA Event Page.


Brian Riddle - Tournament Director
se make sure you are setting a good example for everyone. Good Luck and have fun!

Refund policy

Temple Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.