2020 Showmen's "Carny Bowl" Charity Tournament

Saturday, December 12, 2020 at Showmen's DGC in Riverview, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

2020 Showmen's "Carny Bowl" Charity Tournament graphic


Tournament DirectorTristan Goetz
Assistant Tournament DirectorMatt Lane

About this tournament

The 2020 Showman's "Carny Bowl" Charity Tournament is a 1 round, unsanctioned tournament meant to raise food donations for the community. This will be a flex-start tournament from 8AM to 3PM tee-off times. We will be playing the 21 hole layout, which includes holes A, B, and C between holes 11 and 12.

The $5 entry fee is standard for playing at this amazing course. It will also get you 5 raffle tickets toward winning one of many prizes. Each division will be competing to win raffle ticket prizes. Please sign up for the division that you would normally play in for a sanctioned tournament to make it fair for all the other participants. You can also purchase extra raffle tickets during registration as well as in person at the event.

Another way you can earn raffle tickets is by bringing in non-perishable food items. For every item donated, you will get 1 raffle ticket.

Virtual Players Meeting:

Course Layout:

Baskets and hole order will be played as explained beneath (because it is a flex-start, you can START on any hole you want, but you have to play in the order starting from that hole):
Hole 1 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 2 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 3 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 4 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 5 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 6 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 7 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 8 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 9 -> Yellow Basket
Hole 10 -> Red Basket
Hole 11 -> Red Basket
Hole A -> Yellow Basket
Hole B -> Yellow Basket
Hole C -> Yellow Basket
Hole 12 -> Red Basket
Hole 13 -> Red Basket
Hole 14 -> Red Basket
Hole 15 -> Red Basket
Hole 16 -> Red Basket
Hole 17 -> Red Basket
Hole 18 -> Red Basket

If you want to use UDisc to keep track of your scores, the layout you would choose would be 'New Holes Added'. The only caveat to that is that the back 9 (10-18 numbered) are still pointing to the Yellow baskets and not the red.

Prizes will be pulled for and given out the evening of the tournament on the Showman's Disc Golf Page on Facebook (found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/109809309807275). Individuals that win will be contacted after the drawing and delivery or pickup of their prize will be arranged at that time.

Refund policy

Carny Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Showmen's DGC
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Current Standings


Hole 12 on Main course, New Holes Once
1JohnE McCray49
2Macon Daroci57
2Ryan Curtiss57
4Caleb Henson60
4Jody Westover60
6Patrick Thomsen62
7Daniel Pastore63
7Ken Grady63
9Kevin Huxhold64
10Michael Graves66
Round 1: Showmen's DGC - New Holes Once, 21 holes, par 67
1Charlie Lambert54
2Brian Hannan55
3Drew Guy57
3Matt Lane57
5Matthew Vivirito57
6Art Moody58
6Mike Streetman58
8Dean Grimmel60
8Hunter A Moss60
8JD Clayton60
8Quinn Cayce60
8Ray Lucas60
8Richard Callahan60
14Jasper T McLean62
14Jeancarlos Cardona62
16Chris Mercer62
17Sean McGowan63
18Clinton Conner64
19Travis Stanley65
20Robert Counts66
21Matt Hovel67
22Eric Eyas68
23Chuck Wilson-BrunkE-
23Kevin Woosh Wuscher-
23Seely Law-
Round 1: Showmen's DGC - New Holes Once, 21 holes, par 67
1Michael Schweitzer57
2Maxwell Ruyle59
3Don Johnson60
3Tristen Leto60
5Chris Burruano61
6Bryce Poindexter62
7Bruha Urnamher65
8David Lucas66
8Robert Leonard66
10Kyler Middlebrooks66
10Ryan Haas66
12Mick Stich67
13Anthony Gutierrez68
14Jeffery Baker69
14Kurt Mull69
16Austin Bohlander69
17Gary Johnson Jr71
17Michael Guard71
19Eric Peterson71
20Gary Johnson Sr72
21Ryan Jervis72
22Morgan Weed73
23Thuc Van77
24Justin Mitja77
25Ryan Bossardt-
25Samuel Dever-
Round 1: Showmen's DGC - New Holes Once, 21 holes, par 67
1Eric Lane61
2Caleb Conway62
2Paul Pohto62
4Caleb Andrew Hendershott63
5Rick Lardizabal63
6DJ Edward64
6Sean Therien64
8David Brown65
8Jeff Burns65
10Andy Norris66
11Larry Gamboni66
12Keith Jackson66
12Sal Dillon66
14Brandon Barbre67
14Bruce Conway67
14Dion C Taylor67
14John Gadd67
14Nick Ruzzo67
19Chris Hatfield69
20David Bailey69
21Bryan Sisson70
21Jim Larsen70
21Will Sutton70
24Angie Conway71
24Corey Jansen71
24Joshua Vincent71
27Mitchell Samples72
28Greg Lux74
28Jason Holliday74
30Reed Guckiean76
31Dana Smith77
32Greg Munroe78
33Micheal Holtz83
34Rich Wagner84
35Jared Diaz94
36Angel Hernandez-
36Gene J Wisniewski-
36Kyle Butcher-
36Roy Henriquez-
36Steve LeVasseur-
36Vincenzo Boniello-
1Charlie Blowtevogel65
2Will Deuling66
3Matt Adragna69
4Todd Bohlander69
5Ricky Eanes70
6Roland Fitzpatrick71
7James Ruyle73
8Chris Phillips74
9Destin Dalton78
10Gage Conway82
11Wally Naghtin85
12Nicholas Appel89
13Jimmy Johnson90
14Emanuel Santos92
14Spencer Knocks92
16Nick Teri Sr.96
17Dylan Clements98
18Michael McClary-
Intermediate Women
Round 1: Showmen's DGC - New Holes Once, 21 holes, par 67
1Emilee Murphy71
2LeighAnne Pagenkopf73
3Lorna Holtz76
4Candy Roque77
5Robin Licitra78
6Ashley Sherry79
7Devyn Smith87
Recreational Women
Round 1: Showmen's DGC - New Holes Once, 21 holes, par 67
1Shawn Burns64
2Cindy Taylor78
3April Kelleher79
4Brittany Bunch79
5Melany Holtz-
Novice Women
Round 1: Showmen's DGC - New Holes Once, 21 holes, par 67
1Nicole Sutton82
2Ashley Shirley85
3Brittney Lane85
4Julia Bohlander97
5Kat McClary-
Junior 18
1Kailey Pagenkopf102
Junior 15
1Sean Pagenkopf72
2Nick Teri Jr.98
3Declan McClary-
Junior 12
1Isaiah Kusse87
2Teaghan McClary-
Junior 10
1Ellis Huxhold64
2Eli Brown67
3Ty Counts75
4Wyatt Holtz117
Junior 8
1Oliver Holtz110