2020 Piper Classic

Saturday, September 12, 2020 at Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel, Minnesota
Disc golf singles tournament

2020 Piper Classic graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 13th Annual Piper Classic! The Piper is an amateur only tournament with three focuses. 1.) Raise money for the Como Zoo by sponsoring a different animal each year. Our recipient this year is the Gorilla! 2.) Provide an entry level tournament experience for newer players just entering or curious about tournament play. The focus is on playing and learning, not penalizing people for not having a mini or playing in t-shirts. 3.) Have a great time! The Piper sometimes feels more like a festival than a regular tournament, with skill challenges, a relaxed atmosphere and some of the most unique prizes you'll see in a tournament. On that note, there a plenty of people who enjoy a few drinks, among other vices, during the round. The golden rule of the Piper is "Have a great time. But make sure your great time does't ruin somebody else's!"

Because of the extra steps needed to be responsible in regard to Covid, some things will, by necessity, be different this year. Lunch will still be provided (burritos!), but "to go". Kickball, unfortunately, will need to wait until next year.

The Player's Pack will include a Piper Disc, lunch and raffle prize. They're random- some times it's a jackpot, sometimes it's a VHS of Sweatin' to the Oldies, Spearmint Gum and a pair of emoji socks that don't fit you.

CTPs for each division BOTH rounds, in addition to an open CTP and a Longest Putt. Since a significant portion of entry goes towards the donation and not into payouts we really stress giving value to every player. Rec players especially should expect to leave with extra plastic, which may or may not be second-hand.

Once again, Broken Clock Brewing will be on hand and will have PIPER CLASSIC PALE ALE available. That's right- WE HAVE OUR OWN BEER! Beat THAT National Tour! They'll also have custom can koozies with the Piper logo available.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW AVAILABLE: https://blueribbonpines.com/piper-classic/
Full refunds will be given for cancellations received by September 1st. After that any cancelled registration fees will be added to the Como Zoo donation.