Team Stony Match Play Invitational

Sunday, March 8, 2020 at Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township, Michigan
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

Team Stony Match Play Invitational

The top point earners from each divisions from our 2019 Friday night league will compete in our first ever match play invitational.

It’s more of a league event than a tournament. Just $5 to play and will probably take about 4 hours to win it all. We’ll have random doubles for anyone who gets eliminated in the first round but wants to stick around and shoot some more. Some players may be eliminated after 4 holes oh mane! If your opponent doesn't show, you advance to the next round. You can play with your assigned group but only 1 shot per lie

Each division will have its own purse, it’s own $10 side bet and champion. Everyone plays singles. The two players who advance to the finals will split the purse 75/25..

- Pro
- Masters
- Doubles

Entry Fee
$5 all players. Doubles division payout in merch
$10 side bet payout in cash.

6 hole match play singles.

Match Play Rules
Each hole is worth one point.
You win a point by completing a hole in fewer strokes than your opponent.
Points do not carry over.
You win the match if you finish the match with more points than your opponent or as soon as you have won more points than your opponent can win. Ex. If you have 2 more points than your opponent but only have 1 hole left to play, you’ve won the match.

Tie Breakers
1. Total strokes/score in 6 holes.
2. Player with the lower seed.

1. Green 1,2,3,4, Blue 17,18 (Ladies play short tees)
2. Green 10,11,12,13,17,18 (Ladies play short tees)
3. Blue 1,2,5,6,15,short 2. (Masters and dubs play all short tees)
Pros play all long tees (weather permitting)


Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI   Get Directions



Sunday, March 8, 2020
- 10:15am
Check in
10:30amRound 1
11:20amRound 2
12:10pmSemi Finals

Player Divisions & Entry Fees