2020 IDGC Ice Bowl

PDGA logoSaturday, January 25, 2020 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2020 IDGC Ice Bowl graphic


Tournament DirectorZach Shafer
Assistant Tournament DirectorDalton Slantis
Tournament SupportNate Michalove

About this tournament

The International Disc Golf Center is happy to bring you the 2020 IDGC Ice Bowl! This event will celebrate the 13th consecutive year we have hosted an Ice Bowl in an effort to help the fight against hunger in the CSRA. This is a CEP Charity event, and is Trophy Only for all participants.

Similar to previous years, we will be raising money to benefit two charities:
- Golden Harvest Food Bank
- Columbia County Cares

This event has been granted Tour Manager approval to forgo event payout for all competitors to help in raising more for our charity. This includes both amateur and professional divisions.

All competitors will receive a player pack, a provided lunch, an opportunity to go home with a new trophy, and of course, that refreshing feeling you get from supporting such a great cause.

In 2019, we were able to raise $2,900 and 676 lbs of food. Out of 197 total Ice Bowls, we finished 28th in cash raised, and 12th in food raised. This is fantastic, and we appreciate everyone's donations in previous years. Let's see if we can place even higher in 2020!

Donation provided by IDGC Ice Bowl for the past few years:
$2,900 & 676 lbs of food
167 participants
$2,600 & 1,041 lbs of food
146 participants
$2,000 & 636 lbs of food
94 participants
$2,000 & 569 lbs of food
115 participants

Food donations can be brought to the IDGC at any point from January 20th through January 25th. For every 2 food items donated, you will receive 1 raffle ticket, giving you an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes during the raffle drawing at awards.
Raffle Prizes Include:
- Cam Todd ZUCA cart
- Latitude 64 Pro Target (From IDGC Putting Green)
- More prizes to be announced!

If you don't plan to bring food donations, but would still like to participate in the raffle, we will have tickets available to purchase in the IDGC Pro Shop during the event.

If no Ace is hit during the event, the Ace Pool will be donated to the charity. Included in our 2020 donation will be the Ace Pool from the 2019 HoFC A-Tier where no Aces were hit all weekend.

Course Assignments
Round 1 - Jim Warner, Long Tees
Round 2 - W.R. Jackson, Short Tees

Round 1 - W.R. Jackson, Short Tees
Round 2 - "Steady" Ed Headrick, Long Tees, The Steady Ed Layout (All A-Pins)

Round 1 - "Steady" Ed Headrick, Long Tees, The Steady Ed Layout (All A-Pins)
Round 2 - Jim Warner, Short Tees

Pool Assignments
Pool assignments are published under the "Registered Players" tab. Pool assignments are subject to change pending how fast some divisions fill. All pool assignments will be finalized at least a month prior to the event.

Player Packs
- Ice Bowl custom stamped disc
- Ice Bowl mini marker
- $5 gift card to IDGC Pro Shop
- Provided Lunch

*Player packs were ordered on 12/30/19. The first 165 registered participants will receive the Ice Bowl custom stamped disc and Ice Bowl mini marker. Any registrants after 165 will receive a player pack of similar value.

Similar to previous years, we will be partnering with the Augusta Disc Golf Association to bring you the Annual Chili Cook-Off for lunch. Thank you ADGA!

We encourage everyone to bring their best recipe for a chance to hold bragging rights throughout 2020, and a trophy to prove your excellence! If you're not interested in bringing a chili, but would still like to support the lunch, we'll also be looking for supporters to provide crackers, cornbread, drinks, or anything else to help fill our participants' bellies between rounds.

All chili cook-off contestants should coordinate with the ADGA Board of Directors ahead of the event. We'll be more than happy to help put you in contact with them if you're unfamiliar with the 2020 ADGA BoD.

We're excited to offer custom trophies made by the amazing TomMac Garrett! Trophies were ordered on 1/8/2020 based on current registration numbers, and will be offered for the following divisions.
- MPO - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
- FPO - 1st
- MA1 - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
- MA40 - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
- MA50 - 1st
- MA55 - 1st & 2nd
- MA60 - 1st & 2nd
- MA65 - 1st
- MA2 - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
- FA2 - 1st
- MA3 - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
- MA4 - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
- MJ15 - 1st

Silent Auction
There will be a silent auction located in the IDGC Lobby for the duration of the event. Make sure to stop by and place a bid, as there will be some rare and unique discs and memorabilia featured. All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to our two charities. The silent auction bidding will close approximately 10 minutes prior to awards. Auction winners can pay for their new item(s) via cash or credit card in the IDGC Pro Shop immediately following awards.

If you're interested in camping at Wildwood Park during your stay, please follow the link below for more information. All camping reservations are facilitated by Columbia County Parks.

Refund policy

IDGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. For questions about refunds, please refer to the PDGA Withdrawals and Refunds Policy. To receive a refund, please email the Tournament Director at [email redacted].


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/43515
1Aaron Doyle5765122
2Sean Goddard5866124
3Brett Stetson6065125
4Jason Lynn6165126
5Cody Taplin6169130
6Collin Pike6665131
7Andrew Duke6172133
7Lionel Ducluzeau6568133
9Evan Scott6668134
9Sam Drummond6272134
11Chris Chapman6372135
12Ian Fredrickson7066136
13Ross Marshall6968137
14Benjamin Gossett6870138
14Jacob Vaiden6771138
14Jonathan White6969138
17Corey Stafford6871139
18Michael Gossett6575140
19Justin Gross6876144
20Mike Doyle7075145
20Ryan Jones6679145
22Jonathan Peek7276148
23Mel Dickerson7179150
24TomMac Garrett65-65
1Garrett Picton6371134
2Drew Dillard6868136
2Eric Lund6769136
4Tal Wambeke6575140
5Asher Samsel6874142
5Dru Ulloa6577142
7Jonathan Smith6974143
7Matthew McLeod6875143
7Nathaniel Samsel6875143
10Tyler Land7372145
11Andrew Turner7572147
11Ian Yelton7176147
11Jake Monn7275147
11Phil Smith6879147
15Drew Dunbar8068148
15Justin Swanson7276148
17Brandon Phipps7575150
17Shane Yoder7179150
19Ben Parker7676152
19John Reid7280152
21Brian Yoder6788155
22Hamilton "Merit" Hicks7384157
23Coy Brackett7484158
24Ashley Schnier7785162
25Steven May6999168
Amateur 40+
1James Elkins6171132
2Brian Yoe6575140
3Jeremy Ryder6776143
4Steven Amerson6780147
5Michael Smith7277149
6Jamey Tinch7674150
6Matthew Williams6981150
6Richard Aycock7080150
9Eric Angel7081151
10Jeff Sellers6984153
11John Hornberger7887165
12Kenny Palumbo8091171
Amateur 50+
1Jim Luppino7560135
2Chris Senador8555140
3David Duncan8768155
Amateur 55+
1Darryl Vilano7856134
2Todd Arnold7760137
3Michael Wellman8164145
4Jason Smith8066146
5Jerry Swami Swain8365148
6John Marcus8070150
6Mike Trello8466150
8Matt Flynn8665151
9Kurt Spivey9464158
Amateur 60+
1Rick Stevens6759126
2Craig King6663129
3Robert Carey7168139
4Ernie Gonzales7173144
5Earl Watts7380153
6Dominic Randazzo7879157
7Michael Schwartz7986165
8Gordon Adams85-85
Amateur 65+
1Scott Crackel6667133
2Jack Korn6966135
3Pete May7069139
4Mickey Gregg7476150
1Jerod Hay7355128
2Hunter Connell7362135
2Jacob Huffman7560135
2Jarrett Tripp7362135
5Dean Shaffer-Johnson7759136
5Lake Clark7660136
7Adam King7562137
7Matthew King7760137
9Geoff Grosvenor8157138
9Sammy Navarre7662138
9Taylor Mcknight7860138
9Travis Durden7761138
13Matt Polk8059139
13Michael Benson7762139
15Ernesto Urrutia8060140
15Ethan Pegram8060140
17Blake Bugaj7963142
17Romain Ferreira7963142
19David Boggs8063143
20Tory Morton8559144
21Brett Spradley8461145
21Felix Vega8758145
23Cj "Siege" Nappier7967146
23Heath Rankin8264146
23Noah Navarre8660146
26Jesse Folk8562147
27Jimmy Hlavin8767154
28Stephen Coriell8669155
29Matt Smith8967156
29Matthew Dickerson8868156
31Henry H2 Hamilton8870158
31Joshua Higgs8375158
33Rory Riley9169160
1Cameron Blake6363126
2Russell Spivey6364127
3Jeremy Perry6563128
3Joedy Godwin6464128
5Chad Foskey6762129
6Ben Burwinkel6763130
7Andrew Reich6965134
7Will Hickerson6668134
9Kevin Rock7066136
9Matt Walker6670136
11Corey Evans6869137
12Stephen Wechsler6672138
12Thomas Warren7167138
12Wesley Eichlin7167138
15Ben Newhouse6970139
16Bradly Nolan7268140
16Frank Fortin6773140
18Chase Williamson7170141
18Tyler Lee6873141
20Don Tennyson6874142
20Rupert Farris6775142
22Jeremy Hughes6974143
22Zachary Humphries7271143
24Bubba Poole7272144
25Mike Sellers7174145
26Donald Mitosinka8171152
27Benjamin Baxley7977156
28Dick Dyer8379162
29Anthony Mitosinka8185166
30Jeff Samsel8981170
1Brycen Patterson6266128
2Cameron Lord6366129
3John Durden6862130
4Jake Oglesby6670136
5Eddie Brown6672138
6Brenden Capps6971140
7Joshua Bartlett7371144
8Matt Quillin7273145
9Ashton Abbott7175146
10Christopher McCoy7473147
11Frank Kuwanoe7474148
12Carlos Gonzalez7277149
12Zach Roschi7673149
14Josh Kiplinger7377150
15Kevin Sprague7477151
16Buddy Dickey7676152
17Josh Sprague7976155
18Conner Lord8474158
18George Sandlin8573158
18James Beneke7880158
21Thomas Mobley7684160
22Chase Spivey7883161
23Jonathan Jones7785162
24Hunter Ross8479163
25Michael Howard8389172
Intermediate Women
1Jessica Kohl7575150
Junior 15
1John Marcus Jr7777154