2020 Burchfield Open presented by GripEQ

PDGA logoSaturday, September 12, 2020 at Burchfield Park in Holt, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2020 Burchfield Open presented by GripEQ graphic
Added cash $100


Tournament Director Wes

About this tournament


This tournament will be TROPHY ONLY for Ams. Ams will all receive a players pack listed below! Open will have typical cash payouts. In an effort to limit contact and grouping at HQ, we feel this is the best course of action for the players and staff's safety. No caddies or others please. The field is set for 3 person cards.

All Amateur players will receive a player pack.
Player Packs will be:
1 Tour Series Swirly Z Disc
1 Dry Sack
1 Discraft Macro Mini
1 Discraft Sticker

Tourney Info:
No cashless per-registration. The format for the Burchfield Open will be 2 rounds of 18. One round on Rivers Edge and one round on Renegades Trail. 50/50, Ace Pool, CTPs, and added cash to all divisions! Ace Pool will be an Ace Pool / CTP. If no aces are hit, the winner will be whoever is the closest on the determined hole.

A Pool) Rivers Edge - Renegades Trail
B Pool) Renegades Trail - Rivers Edge

Layout for Renegades Trail:
A Pool will play from long tees except on holes 2, 8, 11 and 18. B Pool will play from short tees on Renegade's Trail to pin locations listed below:

Pin locations for Renegade's Trail
1- Short 10- Short
2- Long 11- Long
3- Short 12- Short
4- Short 13- Long
5- Long 14- Long
6- Long 15- Short
7- Long 16- Short
8- Long 17- Island (play as hazard)
9- Long 18- Long

*Since the fairways on holes 11, 12 and 15 are close, there will be a painted OB line between the fairways. OB lines will be along the rough located between 11 and 12, and roughly to 40 feet past hole 15's short basket. Any shots thrown across the OB line will be played from where the disc crossed the OB line with a 1 stroke penalty.

Refund policy

Capital City Renegades is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/46591


Brian GuoHole 16 on Renegades Trail, Short tees, Short baskets
Justin Perticone$157.50 for Hole 8 on River's Edge, Regular tees
Dave Bondy$157.50 for Hole 5 on River's Edge, Regular tees
James A LongHole 17 on Renegades Trail, Long tees, Short baskets
1Noah Moorehouse5851109$287
2Brenden Tetloff5456110$198
3Corey Selig5461115$134
3Joshua Siwek5659115$134
5Nate Wegryn5858116$91
6Jared Stoll5859117$61
6Radwyn Sawer5859117$61
6William Freed5859117$61
9Andew "Chedder" Wonch6259121$42
10Jason Boynton6459123
10Thomas Cupp6558123
12Michael Rivamonte6064124
13Alex Grimes6362125
14Jason Sosnowski5967126
14Will Goeringer6264126
16Brandon Redmond6265127
16Christopher Kirby6166127
18Zach Power6172133
19Trevor Diehl7380153
1Jacob Witte5862120
2David Napier6357120
2Jared Clemens5862120
2Steve Lupu6060120
5Chris Schuchaskie5665121
5Gary Vigil6160121
5Jacob Horstman5764121
8Spencer Gee5963122
9Josiah Lonsway6162123
10Kris Woody6263125
11Kendall Hermes6363126
12Kelsey Brakel6463127
13Michael Banghart6267129
14Chris Arnett6565130
15Joel Childs6269131
15Toby Price6962131
17Benjamin Merkle6666132
17Ryan Wilhelm6270132
19Cameron Haskell6370133
20Larry Dalimonte6569134
20William Ryan Stephan6767134
22Alex Moser6570135
22Austyn Snyder6867135
22Chris Laity6669135
22Stephen Franchi7065135
26Austin Fuller6868136
27Joshua Nuss7067137
28Cameron S Allman6970139
29Philip Balger Scott6971140
30Alex Hoffmann6774141
30Charlie Kuhn6774141
32Zachary Gierada7573148
33James A Long7973152
1Jacob Scobey6159120
2Dan Donovan6062122
3Chris Bawden5767124
4Cam Varner6362125
4William Walden6065125
6Jared Saucedo6067127
7Lucas Schamaun6665131
8Alex Karr6270132
9Kevin Stacey6373136
10Ben Murphy6879147
1Justin Perticone5758115
2Brian Guo5962121
3Mark Whitton5965124
3Zach Gleason6163124
5Benjamin GeBott5769126
6Adam Moul6166127
6Lukas Gallup6364127
8Greg Yahle6365128
9Caleb Suehr6268130
10Andrew Stevens6566131
10Monty Wonnacott6170131
10Stephen Hoffman6467131
10Wesley Bird6071131
14Nick Dobbin6271133
15Austin Rios6371134
15Bobby Oakes6470134
15Christopher Munsell6272134
18Kirk Dunlap6471135
19Larry Luettke Jr6176137
20Jordan Kirkey6474138
21Dakota Nolph6772139
22Robert Buick6872140
22Vince DiGiorgio6674140
24Brent M Payne6972141
25Dave Bondy6776143
26Chris Reynolds6877145
27Dalton Olin7473147
28Jacob Bennett6979148
28Tony Walker7474148
30Kirk Lagosh6784151
1Michael Warren6770137
2Sam Armstrong6876144
3Corey Williamson7273145
3Tyler Darrow6877145
5Mike Braun7374147
6Nate Barton7177148
6Sam Thomas6385148
8Trevor Bentz7278150
9Joe Kordenbrock7881159
10Jason Baird7189160
11Andrew Gordon8182163
12Logan Armstrong7391164
Advanced Women
1Diana Mohre6875143
Recreational Women
1Emily Seeling7786163
2Mandy Marin7890168
Novice Women
1Kristi Smrcka8085165