2019 Jesse James Festival - Disc Golf Event

Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Jesse James Park in Kearney, Missouri
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

This event will be 1 round of 18 holes of disc golf on the Jesse James Disc Golf Course in Kearney, MO on September 21, 2019. This event will be limited to 60 players!

- This is an unsanctioned event. (That means, we want you! to come out and have a great time, without the stress of knowing all the rules but have a fun time experiencing a tournament style round)
-THIS EVENT IS TROPHY ONLY! We will award 1st place trophies to each division.
-A Jesse James Festival Parking Pass on Saturday will be included with every entry fee. There will be a side bet available for those who would like to play for a little extra cash. Side bet will be 100% payout after the round.
-There needs to be at least 2 people to make a division. If there is only 1 person signed up in a division by Sept 7, we will move them to the closest division that they qualify for.
-Everyone who enters will get a chance to win 1 of 2 Grip Bags that we will have drawings for. There will also be a few discs that we will give away as well.

UPDATED 9/19/19


The event is this Saturday, Sept 21, 2019. There will NOT be a parking pass mailed to you this year. Instead, we ask that everyone please show up to the course NO LATER THAN 8:45 AM! Typically, there will not be anyone checking passes that early, so there shouldn't be any issues entering the park. If there is someone stationed at the front, just simply tell them you are there for the Disc Golf event and you will be getting your pass from me when you check in. We have special wrist bands this year that you will receive when you check in with me. Those will be your tickets to the festival and will make you official. This pass/wristband will allow you to stay and enjoy all the wonderful things planned during the Jesse James Festival on Saturday at the conclusion of our event.


This event is RAIN OR SHINE! The only thing that will keep us from playing the course is if we experience lightning within 7 miles of the course. At that point, we will wait 30 minutes after the last strike before playing the round. If we get lightning during the round, I will blow a horn, yell at the top of my lungs, whatever it takes to get you off the course. If you hear those alerts, please mark your lie, DO NOT FINISH THE HOLE, and head back to the parking lot and seek shelter. 30 minutes after the last strike, I will get everyone back together and send you back to where you left off to complete your round.


Check-in will be at hole #1 of the course. If you have never been to Jesse James disc golf course, the course is located in the very back of the park. So when you enter, continue down the main road until it comes to an end. There is a sign that says "Disc Golf Parking".


We will have a short players' meeting at 9 AM, where I will go over all the special rules and things you need to be aware of during our round of disc golf that morning. After that, I will send you off on to the course, on a designated hole, where you will play in a shotgun start. Shotgun start means each group will start on a specific hole and make their way through the course. When your group reaches #18, you will proceed to #1 and play out the remaining holes until you complete all 18. For example, if you start on hole #6, you will play #6-18, then go to #1 and continue playing until you finish on #5. At that time we ask that you tally your scores correctly and proceed to head back to tournament HQ which is next to hole #1.


I would like to thank our sponsor this year, Grip Equipment! They have kindly donated 2 Grip EQ bags for a raffle that will happen at the conclusion of Saturday's event. Everyone who plays in this event will receive a raffle ticket. We will draw for both bags first and then draw for some discs and minis that I have donated from my personal collection.


With only 2 days left, there are no refunds available. All passes are paid for and finalized. If you can not play, you can still show up and pick up a pass to enjoy the festival. You must pick that up during check-in, which is from 8-8:45 PM. I will not be available after that time and you will not be able to get into the festival grounds.

Again, thank you to everyone who signed up! I can't wait to get you guys out on the course this Saturday!
Check-In - Saturday 9/21 from 8-8:45 am, near Hole 1
Players Meeting - 9 am - Near Hole 1
Shotgun Start @ 9:30 am

Refund policy