2019 CCDG Bag Tag Finale

Sat-Sun, November 16-17, 2019 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

2019 CCDG Bag Tag Finale graphic

About this tournament

This is the 12th Annual CCDG Bag Tag Finale! CCDG members and bag tag holders have their entry paid for this two day event playing 4 full 18 hole rounds on four different courses! We will start as usual at Dallas City Park, then Keizer Rapids on Saturday. Sunday we will play round 3 at Camp Taloali then move on to the final round at Cascades Gateway DGC. Your total raw score for the 4 rounds will determine your final tag number. i.e. Lowest raw score gets tag #1 and so on. Who will be this years Bag Tag Finale Champion and have their name immortalized on the subsequent year artwork?

In addition to the normal raw score tag distribution, we will be doing payouts for handicap scores as well. So if you played in any of our handicap leagues (Monday or Thursday) then you have an established handicap and it will be applied to your raw score. We have added $250 cash for the payout to 45% of the field playing and completing all 4 rounds! There is no additional buy-in to participate. If you have not established a handicap, then you will simply be playing the highest current handicap.

Non-Bag tag holders are welcome to play. It's $20 buy-in which will get you your 2019/20 membership, entry to the tournament, a tournament stamped disc and eligibility for the Handicap payout.


Final Results

1Ferguson, Terran47474449187
2Van Fleet, Bryan46484749190
3Mills, TJ48514748194
4Schmidt, Jonah47514949196
5Collmann, Jordan50544548197
6Wilcox, Chris45535446198
7Tilgner, Eric46555150202
8Bolduc, Matt50554952206
9Snyder, John47525454207
10Cruz, Jesus53555149208
10Jones, Steve51545152208
12Graham, Joe54525551212
12Smith, Graham53625047212
14Dunst, Marsall56555349213
14Witenberger, Stacey53575449213
16Chadwick, Ken50575355215
16Kantner, Alex53545454215
18Morrow, Allan52555356216
19Coll, Matt53545753217
19Klock, Dustin52585453217
21Bolliger, Barry51595356219
21Butterfield, Cody51585555219
23Adams, Allan54565753220
23Johnson, Denzell56595451220
25Hendricks, Jason54575555221
26Lefor, Jean-Marc49605361223
27Burgess, Ira56555657224
27Chadwick, Devin55615553224
27Tilgner, Perry53605556224
30Anderson, Laurence60575456227
31Madden, Shawn55615458228
32Porter, Jerry54635660233
33Brown, Russ57645657234
33Farren, Dalin57615660234
33Stoneman, Dennis56595762234
36Chappelle, Brock61685656241
37Linville, Craig62626157242
38Thompson, David60596361243
39Jones, Robert58616560244
40Steinberg, Dan65655463247
40Walker, Dewey58616959247
42Marsden, Geoff67635959248
43Arellano, Ernesto59675964249
44Stoneman, Connor59746261256
45Thompson, William59706960258
46Stoneman, lucas64657164264
47Eddy, Erik69686367267
48Stoneman, Isaac88757369305
49Etherton, Erik54465910001159
50Jones, Josh51595610001166
51Medley, James10006451531168
52Barlow, Andrew64641000551183
53Littrell, Robert5510001000512106
54Egler, Steve5610001000562112
55Fitzgerald, Gary5659100010002115
55Houck, Terry5710005810002115
57Alexander, Don5710006010002117
58Becker Shane5710006110002118
59Shoemake, Josh5664100010002120
60Swanson, Dennis6310001000632126
61Harvey, Wayne6810001000672135
62Cameron, Brent100010005110003051
63Durgain, Liam100010001000553055
64Luther, Doug571000100010003057