ShovelTown Brewery Presents 2019 Borderland Summer Bonanza - Powered by Discmania

PDGA logoSunday, July 14, 2019 at Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

ShovelTown Brewery Presents 2019 Borderland Summer Bonanza - Powered by Discmania graphic

About this tournament

Borderland Disc Golf Club is very eager and happy to bring you this year's biggest tourney, the "2019 Summer Bonanza!"

It's been a long time since we've got to play true blues two times through and this year not only will it be a PDGA and NEFA sanctioned event, but we really want to do it right by bringing along one of the nations best disc golf you tube channels ever to provide coverage - Central Coast Disc Golf!

This means the MPO field will have a feature card being filmed for round 1, and lead card being filmed for round 2!

With the help of DiscmaniaDiscs we're also going to make sure the Am"s players packs are well worth price of admission alone! We're hoping to include a Discmania shirt, 3 discs (yes that's right, 3!), and a commemorative pin from DiscgolfPins!

As usual we'll make sure to stack up the tourney with plenty of CTP opportunities, courtesy of Discmania, and fellow sponsors.

Sunday July 14th 8 am - 8 pm
Format - Blues (X2)


8-8:40: Player check-in at tourney central (inside the visitor center)
8:40-845- Player's Meeting
8:50: Players should head out to their starting holes
9;00: Start Walking to Holes
9:15: Round 1 start
1:00 pm -2:00 pm: Lunch
2:30 Round 2 start
6:30 Awards, CTP Prizes, etc

Notes for the players meeting:

1. PDGA rules are in effect,
2. No 2 meter rule! Sorry folks, get over it :)
3. All out of bounds should be marked on the sign and have a yellow rope/tape to mark the OB line. The exception is a new OB on hole 17 surrounding the perimeter of the marsh area. That has not made it to the signs as of yet.
4. As always, if you have any question on a ruling that the group cannot agree on, take a provisional shot and come and speak with the TD before turning in the score card.

TD: Raivis Markons-Craig


$75.00 MPO Open
$75.00 MP40 Pro Masters 40+
$75.00 FPO Open Women
$50.00 MA1 Advanced
$50.00 MA40 Amateur Masters 40+
$50.00 MA2 Intermediate
$50.00 FA1 Advanced Women

Additionally, 750$ has been added to the Pro Divisions.

Pro's will be paid in cash money and trophies, all other divisions will receive trophies, and be paid out in Borderland Bucks. Borderland Shop will be present.

Lunch TBD

The total field is limited to 77 players

This may change pending how many people are signing up in their respective divisions. For example if FA1 is not filling up, we will open more spots for MPO.

Big thanks to our main sponsors ShovelTown Brewery, Discmaniadiscs, and partners Discgolf Pins, and Central Coast Disc Golf, for helping support this event! This definitely wouldn't of been possible without them so make sure to help support them one way or another :)

See you all there!!

Borderland Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. Please contact Raivis Markons-Craig if you have any questions/concerns.

Refund policy

Borderland Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Casey White5956115$580
2Shane Wyatt6255117$400
3Josh DiBattista5860118$300
4Cooper Legee6060120$210
4Joe Mercieri5961120$210
6Daniel Maloney6160121$150
7Harris Reid6360123$120
8Jaimen Hume6559124$105
8Jake Morris6460124$105
10Craig Henninger6362125$80
10Kyle Moriarty6263125$80
10Nathan Vintinner6164125$80
10Raivis Markons-Craig6362125$80
14Joey Antosca6464128
14John Buonsanto6464128
16Joshua Dasilva6664130
17Brian Harrington6368131
18Tony DiMonte6468132
19Cory Murrell6865133
20Joel Lockwood6668134
21David Mahoney6769136
21Gargi Mosiashvili6769136
21Michael Hennen6967136
24Benjamin Hedderig6374137
25Marc DeBlasio7167138
26Mark Stegelmann7169140
27Jayson Davis7175146
28Ryan Dery7970149
Pro 40+
1Eric Wilson6267129$175
2Felix Rentschler6870138$100
3Roger Gagnon7069139
4Peter Violet7470144
Open Women
1Erica Johnson6765132$225
2Rose Shertick7381154$125
3Kathryn Gray8077157
4Michelle Vega7979158
5Eleanor Poore88-88
1Jon Hirschberger6267129
2Brad Wagner-Lefevr6170131
3Derrick Smith7065135
3Gregory Peterson6867135
5Alex Vigeant6670136
5Rocky Batty V6670136
7Eric Woyden6572137
7Matthew Kisil6671137
7Nicholas Olson6671137
10Andrew Duquette7168139
11Cody Richardson6577142
11Terry Belmosto6775142
13Quinten Scott7469143
14John Jakutis7274146
14Ted Brown7571146
16Alexander Ashcraft7382155
17Chuck Edman79-79
Amateur 40+
1Dean Chapman6568133
2Jim Welcome7075145
3James Spilman7872150
1Sam Heller6473137
2Anthony Parente7072142
2Charles Crosby7171142
4Dan Snyder7568143
5James Murphy7173144
6David Galvin7372145
8Justin Hefler7176147
9Matthew Graham7474148
10Brendan Johnson7575150
11Connor Spilman7972151
12Andres Ripley8272154
13Patrick Broderick7585160
13Shane Mackay8278160
15Chris Wiklund8579164
16Nate Kruback8385168
17Justin Gillon80888968
18Chad Bowditch85888973
Advanced Women
1Kimberly Kisil8380163
2Caley Allen8282164
3Stephanie Barnett9996195