2019/2020 GSDGC Winter Series #1

Saturday, November 9, 2019 at Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

$25 entry at event . $3 for Awards ceremony/$2 goes
To Ace Pot. Ace pot starts at $125
Points will be the the best 5 events out 9 events and then a final worth double points, just like last year. the dgscene has a point system we will be using very similar to the previous years were you get 100 points and -5 for everyone that beats you in your division. End of series trophies will be for qualifying divisions (3 entrants for at least 5 events qualifies that division) Please be patient as we attempt to use dgscene this year for all the scorekeeping.

Refund policy

GSDG is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Current Standings

1Alex Owens--
1Anthony Nacarelli--
1Bryce Miller--
1Chris LeMieux--
1Corey Hood--
1Dylan Hunter--
1Jacob Leonard--
1Jason Monty--
1Jaspen Johnson--
1Jayme Ruiz--
1Joe Funk--
1Jr Harrell--
1Lamar Maughan--
1Loyd Robeson--
1Matt Jackson--
1Mike Goody--
1Nicholas Nacarelli--
1Shane Timberlake--
1Tim Henry--
1Zach Thorndyke--
Pro 40+
1Adam Carlson--
1Crypto Discgolf--
1Gregory Harris--
1Jason Oxsen--
1Jeremy Sayer--
1Joe Cook--
1Jon Kaylor--
1Josh West--
1Joshua Riebeling--
1Justin Carlson--
1Mike Bachman--
1Peter Legault--
1Tony Charles--
1Trenton Sheppard--
Pro 50+
1Al Aragon--
1Bill Howard--
1Charles Parsons--
1Dave Linger--
1Gerry Eismann--
1Kimble Johnson--
1Tracey McAuley--
1Walt Viking--
Open Women
1Aimee Towell--
1C. Hundley--
1Carolina Halstead--
1Shantell Carmen--
1Tiffany Hassell--
1Tiffany Robeson--
1William Keeney5856
2Kenneth Halstead6156
2Taylor Nielsen5760
4Aaron Peebles5860
4Brett Nichols5959
4Liam Sullivan5860
4Shane Earl6157
4Terek Worley6058
4Wesley Cassity5860
10David Nunez5465
11Cole Rogers6357
11Jimmy Rios5565
13Darren Smith6161
14Michael Butler6261
14Peter Ashworth6360
16Seth Montgomery6064
16William Martin5965
18Erik Lopez6463
19Richard Boesiger6168
20Mike Justice6569
21James Ralls7169
1Brian Arnold--
1Danny Gonzalez--
1David Jasso--
1David Robles--
1Davin Serina--
1Dustin Boren--
1Jeremy Davenport--
1Justin Snell--
1Kyle Maynes--
1Luis Garcia--
1Mike Harvey--
1Phillip Hathaway--
1Thomas Berger--
1Tom McNeill--
1Trevor Elson--
1Alex Sloan--
1Ashton Kaylor--
1Brigham Tanton--
1Cody Higgins--
1David Varn--
1Pete Smith--
1Samuel Dawson--
1Zach Thies--
Intermediate Women
1Bella Aragon--
1Jackie Thomas--
1Mecala Nielsen--
1Michelle Montgomery--
1Sunny Freeman--
1Vespera Aragon--
Recreational Women
1Brittany Luman--