2018 CCDG Bagtag Finale

Sat-Sun, November 10-11, 2018 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

2018 CCDG Bagtag Finale graphic

About this tournament

We have $250 added cash for this payout. You must play all 4 rounds to qualify.

This is the finale for the CCDG Bagtag League. The purchase of a bag tag guarantees entry into the finale. Day of entries are welcome. $10 plus $10 membership fee if not already a member. (membership will be good through 2019). Finale disc guaranteed for bag tags purchased before the event.

Best 4 round raw score wins #1 tag and so on down the line. We are also having a handicap scoring payout for any entrants who complete all 4 rounds. If you have played in 5 handicap events this year or a total of 12 in the last two season, you will qualify for the handicap payout. We will take an average of your handicap from the two events and divide that by 2. Then apply that handicap score to each of the 4 rounds. E.g. if your avg handicap was -4, then your per round score would be adjusted by -2.


Final Results


$100.00 for Hole 16 @ Cascades Gateway on Main course, Regular tees
Round 1: Dallas City Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Keizer Rapids - Med layout (1of2 in long), 18 holes, par 55
Round 3: Woodmansee Park - Father's Day Fling (Int/Rec/Womens, 19 holes, par 61
Round 4: Cascades Gateway - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Fergusen, Terran44485352197
1Jackson, David43525052197
3Van Fleet, Bryan48505252202
4Wilcox, Chris49486047204
5Collmann, Jordan50495947205
6Dunst, Marshall44515655206
7Tilgner, Erik53525646207
7Trower, Dallas48505356207
9Lefor, Jean-Marc51525946208
10Snyder, John47565454211
11Duran, Justin49555852214
12Cruz, Jesus45555858216
12Etherton, Erik48546450216
12Mills, TJ53496054216
15Bolliger, Barry49595655219
15Jones, Dane54535656219
17Coll, Matt56535854221
17Kanter (Price), Alex50605655221
19Jones, Steve49576155222
20Anderson, Mickey57536153224
20Witenberger, Stacey51595559224
22Brown, Russ54605655225
23Shoemake, Josh51586354226
24Fitzgerald, Gary51625856227
25Medley, James58576451230
26Chappell, Brock62605755234
26Houck, Terry57566358234
28Early, Brandon55626258237
29Johnson, James59596556239
30Johnson, Denzell51556866240
30Jones, Robert55646160240
32Scheible, Keaton61676555248
33Porter, Jerry57666858249
34Linville, Craig57666266251
34VanKawkenberg, Connie64626461251
36Becker, Shane58686759252
37Thompson, David60707057257
38Schoonover, Daniel67656462258
39Thompson, William68687568279
40Littrell, Robert48--55103
41Egler, Steve55--55110
42Harvey, Wayne57--63120
42Hendricks, Jason5466--120
44Lobdell, Michael6166--127
45Swanson, Dennis64--64128
46Teuscher, Zac52---52