2017 Wickender Trick or Treat Doubles

Sunday, October 22, 2017 at Wickham Park in Manchester, Connecticut
Disc golf doubles tournament


About this tournament

A one round tournament of 22 holes.

Trick or Treat doubles bring your own partner.

44 teams

Costumes are mandatory!!!!!

2017 WiCkEnDeR LaYoUt
1 - OB is IB, IB is OB (Drive Only, if your second shot doesn’t make it IB re throw from previous spot)
2 - Each player gets one extra drive (extra drive must be with the opposite hand as the first)
3 - Alternate Shot Doubles
4 - Each Player gets one extra drive
5 - Both feet must be off the ground when throwing (all shots, foot faults are allowed)
A - Drive with a putter (all other shots must be with a driver including the putt)
B - Predict your score. If you don’t get what you predicted add 2 strokes to the total.
C - Mando up the middle
6 - You may only throw your partner’s discs
7 - Unlimited mulligans while your first drive is in the air
8 - Play the farthest shot from the basket until the hole is complete (if one player makes the putt and the other does not. You must use the one that didn’t go in)
9 - Double Basket Doubles - Both players drive and one player plays to the short pin, the other to the long (this may be decided after the drives have been made)
10 - Rollers Only off the tee.
11 - Each player must play the hole with only one disc
12 - Alternate tee closer to the basket (straight shot down the hill)
13 - Best score singles (each player plays the hole as a single, take the best score) Alt. Basket
14 - Hit any part of the basket to complete the hole - Alt. Basket (doesn’t count toward the ace pot unless it goes in off the tee)
15 - Mando up the middle
15-A - From behind the bench to Alt 15’s basket. Make the shot and get -2 from your score.
16 - Hit any part of the basket from the tee and get two extra drives.
17 - All grass is OB. Shot must land past the line (line continues to perpetuity)
18 - Play the hole as singles and take the total score

Refund policy

Wickham Park is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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