2017 Throwdown Finale!

Sunday, December 3, 2017 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


2017 Throwdown Finale! graphic


Tournament DirectorMr. Snap

About this tournament

2017 Throwdown Finale!
Dec. 3rd... Invitation Only!
Waterloo DGC!

Invitations were determined by total LG rounds attended by each player during the 2017 season, 7 events is the cut off for an invite for men and 1 event is the cut off for women, the spreadsheet in "pictures" for this event lists these stats.

20 Total Invites.
14 spots for men ... 13 qualifing players and atleast 1 open spot for lottery winner(s)
6 spots for women

*All Invited Players Have Untill Nov.26th at 8pm to Confirm A Spot in The Finale. (any remaining open spot will then be filled by participating lottery players)

Players must have competed in a minimum of 2 LG events during the 2017 season.
1 Invite to the 2017 Finale is gaurenteed to at least 1 person from the lottery pool, drawing will be done by random number generator. (video post)
How it works:
All players listed above that have "lottery" in Status Column can pick a number from 1 thru 34
You can choose 1 number for each event you played in so 2, 3 or 4 numbers depending the stat listed in your Events Column.
A list of all numbers taken and available will be posted in the comments section of this post, comment on the post to pick your numbers (first come first serve).
On Nov. 26th after Invite Confirmation Deadline for pre qualified players we will do the lottery drawing video and send invitations for how many each reamaining unclaimed spot in the finale.
Good Luck!

Check In = 7:30am
Players Meeting = 8:30am
Lunch Break Between Rounds 2 & 3
Awards will be done before dark!

2 discs (1 for payouts "new non-inked only").....(1 for CTP "used disc is ok")
$3 cash CTP buy in
$2 Ace Pot buy in

3 Rounds, One Day at "Waterloo DGC"
Road and Marked Areas = OB
Have Fun!

Round 1 "The Warm Up" = Putting Game & Skill Shot Challenge ....(Points will be awarded during this round and will count as -1 stroke per point off your total for the day)

Round 2 "Game On" = Standard Stroke Play Hi-Lo Dubs on a NEW Safari Front 12 Hole Layout ....(1st place from Rnd 1 will be paired with last place from Rnd 1 and so on until all players have a Hi-Lo partner, in the event we have an odd number of people the middle most player will be the CALI.)

Round 3 "Divide & Conquer" = Singles All Metal! on a new 20 Hole OOLRETAW Layout....(Any metal hit on the pin from lock to top with any shot counts as a make, true first shot aces that stay in the basket will count as a "0" stroke!)

Cash CTP and CTP buy in discs will be availble to win during all 3 rounds.
If the Ace Pot is not hit by the end of the day, each player will get 2 throws in a CTP or Ace contest where the total distance from pin will be totaled and the player with the lowest total footage will take the cash!!!

Starting with last place players will draw a random card that will correspond with a new disc...all players will win at least 1 new disc!
The top 3 Men and 1 Women finishing the day with the lowest total number of strokes will receive a Prize Trophy!

1st = Mystery Trophy Package $75 value 2nd = Mystery Trophy $50 Value 3rd = Mystery Trophy $25 Value

1st = Mystery Trophy Package $30 Value

We still have 3 ace bounty prizes that will be up for grabs and givin out at the end if no aces are hit!
As is tradition $1 mulligans will be available before Rounds 2 & 3!
And of course some surprise DG swag prizes!


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