2017 Rocklin Pro-Am presented by Innova Champion Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 29-30, 2017 at Rocklin Disc Golf Course in Rocklin, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2017 Rocklin Pro-Am presented by Innova Champion Discs graphic

About this tournament

Let Rocklin Pro Am BEGIN– Some Details Below
We are excited to host the 4th Annual Rocklin-Pro Am Norcal Series Event Presented by Innova.
We have “Shout Outs” to – EL Bando (Brandon) for Logo – The Final 9 Crew (both stores) -Players Packages assembly (Jael) , Our Set up Crew today in 103-degree weather (Colin, Rj, Bruce, and Rob) and The BASKET CREW (2Roundcrew – James Barns)
We would also like to thank City of Rocklin Park and Recreation for mowing last week and providing gazebo to shade us and bathrooms. Placer Valley Tourism for giving our players great rates and places to stay!
Additional Sponsors – AMP- Aviary Manager Professionals
Joe Rutter Drywall
Will & Rose (Willerstrom)
Ask any TD it takes time and dedication to run an event but it REALLY takes DEDICATED PLAYERS to play 2 days in 100-degree weather! Norcal Series Disc Golfers can handle it!
A couple of “Things” –
If you are going to drop, please let us know ASAP – Hole Assignments will be up before the morning but as every TD knows things can happen so check with TD in morning to be sure nothing has changed. Your Map is Attached!
Saturday -7:30 Check in – Mandatory 8:15 Players meeting (Time to ask questions!)
Sunday -8:30 Start – Scores will be on http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/32748
Take these steps to prevent heatstroke during hot weather:
• Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing. ...
• Protect against sunburn. ...
• Drink plenty of fluids. ...
• Take extra precautions with certain medications. ...

It’s Final 9 Sports pleasure to be here serving your Disc Golf Needs for 20 Years!
Bruce and Jenny Knisley

Refund policy

Final 9 Sports is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/32748
1Joshua Anthon50424529166$610
2Eric Tibbetts49455030174$400
3Andrew Bailey48514932180$275
3Josh Sparlin53444934180$275
5Kevin Hand544749-150$177
5Kristofer Kobzeff484854-150$177
7Lance Landgren495250-151$130
8Bill Dickens494954-152$107
9Alexander Lyon534950-152
10Casey Hendrick515053-154$90
10Cory Jones554752-154$90
12Andrew Cooper524954-155
12Gareth Trappen544853-155
14Josh Noxon554657-158
15Joseph Harrigan505554-159
15Lance Pate555153-159
17Anthony Krolik545057-161
17Tim Weaver595052-161
19Alex Waldron585054-162
19Brian Shintaku565254-162
19Bruce Rhodes, Jr.525060-162
19Jacob Tupper575253-162
23Brian Costa584659-163
24Jared Clasper555261-168
25Marcus Wilberger615557-173
26Paavo Stubstad575265-174
27Chris Alderson606059-179
28Jeremy Boylan586064-182
1Robert R. Bainbridge464148-135$285
2Bill Kohler494548-142$180
3Robert Ryan464751-144$130
4Josh Sanguinetti505050-150$95
5Scott Duncan525050-152
6Donni Segur525154-157
7Mike Bubba Mallegni555452-161
8EL Brando5453888-995
9Shaun Kosnikowski5857888-1003
1Bruce Knisley525451-157$285
2Jeff Fiedler554855-158$155
3Ron Skull Brown535253-158$15
4Mike Langley545455-163$95
5Jeff Stoops585552-165
6Will Wasserstrom585359-170
7Kyle Waldron605660-176
7Mark Whittingslow615560-176
9Phillip Montes6259888-1009
1Del Silva Jr606161-182$230
2Charles Callahan626161-184
3Kevin Morse666564-195
1Ellen Widboom555658-169$220
2Amanda Zaccone575559-171$130
3Kristine King596161-181
4Bayli Miller596064-183
1Jordan Vinson53494729178
2D.J. Stiehl51465331181
3Aaron Rowley53485230183
4J Jones53485132184
5Brian Caudle51525036189
6Mitchell Felce524854-154
7Nic Kons545052-156
8Jeffrey Rydman525451-157
9Austin Green545252-158
9Joden Sanguinetti545351-158
11Devin Miller554856-159
12Josh Fisk555055-160
12Justin Smith565351-160
14Brad Hasha525158-161
15Geoffrey Evans535356-162
16Andrew Brown555058-163
17Colin McHenry565652-164
17Justin oliver585254-164
17Michael Chubbuck565454-164
20Christopher Wymer575553-165
20Daniel Kitowski555654-165
20James Ray605352-165
20Stephen Chibidakis585552-165
24John A. Lucero555757-169
25Ben Slakey575360-170
25Jefferson Schiro605555-170
25Michael McNamara605555-170
28Ethan Enos575658-171
28Matthew Krugle614961-171
30Bryan Cull595657-172
31Michael Mack585462-174
32Robert Crone565961-176
33Darin Plog576159-177
34Timothy Scott615959-179
35Jodi Wakefield636960-192
36Daniel Faherty6156888-1005
37Ron Gless61888888-1837
38Dennis Andrews66888888-1842
1Terry Sutton485350-151
2Rey Ramirez485452-154
2Steven Roberts515350-154
4Sam Pates495652-157
5Kelly Takemoto495455-158
6Cory Gates535650-159
7Justin Scott515455-160
8Mark Morton555651-162
9Mike Worrell536151-165
9Tommy Jojola535656-165
11Dave Banish535657-166
12Erik Coffman595951-169
13Daniel Rupe576056-173
14Jesse Reed586058-176
15Alan Krauth556161-177
16Chris Blandford626159-182
17Greg Randolph5456888-998
18Art Estudillo5862888-1008
1Birk Ellis525453-159
2Dale Bowman Jr536150-164
2Joe Rutter536249-164
4Todd Williams546155-170
5Joe borowski5562888-1005
1Ken Contryman556356-174
2Frank Levings586158-177
3Thomas Nichols656860-193
4Ed Behl627262-196
1Zach ring535348-154
2Chris Wirtz515751-159
3Justin Palmer535651-160
4Dominic Drozdowicz495854-161
5Chris Quijano545454-162
5Jonathan Mayhool515754-162
5Kyle Coon525753-162
5Zak Harris536049-162
9Jon nahhas505855-163
9Michael Zee Zapata535753-163
9Noel Claiborne566047-163
13Dylan Jones545656-166
14Sean McMahon515957-167
15Christopher Tolomeo565557-168
15Jonathan Williamson556053-168
15Roger Vartabedian546054-168
18Dustin Ford486160-169
19jon patterson585954-171
20Alexander Coffman526258-172
21Bryce Cheshire586155-174
21Wyatt Bowles556059-174
23John-Patrick Ryan576355-175
24Matthew Aguilera576356-176
25Dylan Hunter576258-177
25Kyle Blandford566457-177
27Jon Wing596257-178
28Andrew J Meil546659-179
28James De La Rosa616256-179
28Tony Simmons606158-179
31Antonio Westerlund596458-181
32Chris Olson ll58---58
1Brandon Woodworth555551-161
2Jesse Mohler545755-166
3Keith Nezaam585654-168
4Rob Mooney545758-169
5Cary Moore Jr556055-170
6Shane Oxenrider565956-171
7David McGraw555859-172
7Matt Young556057-172
9Ethan Coffman566057-173
10Michael Baca586254-174
11Justin Walker596157-177
11Philip Grossman576060-177
11Santos Carbajal576456-177
14Micah Vollman576260-179
15Matthew Pietralunga616257-180
16Ricardo Rico Medina626160-183
17Justin Simpson616066-187
17Kevin Leach646459-187
19Steve Slakey646562-191
20Caleb Porter636861-192
21Christopher Brickey607360-193
22Justin Morgan636863-194
23Philippe Chordas657060-195
24Jeff Walker656666-197
25Caleb Madsen636967-199
26Joe Perry657167-203
1Colin Blandford606959-188
2Dylan Hynes757276-223
1Morgan Barnes576261-180
2Matthew Oxenrider586666-190
3Caden Duff859185-261
1Kayedence Vollman7910474-257
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