2017 Axiom vs MVP - Silver Lake, Everett, WA

Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Silver Lake Excalibur DGC in Everett, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament


2017 Axiom vs MVP - Silver Lake, Everett, WA graphic

About this tournament

MVP vs. Axiom Series

The MVP vs. Axiom Series is similar to the “Circuit Challenge”, but players can choose either an MVP or Axiom themed player pack.

TheMVP vs. Axiom Series will be played at Silver Lake Excaliber disc golf course at Thorton A. Sullivan Park, Everett, WA:
11405 W. Silver Lake Rd.
Everett, WA 98201

Entry fee for the MVP vs. Axiom Series event is $30. This includes a Player’s Pack worth over $60, one round of competitive golf, and numerous side games with prizes on the line.

2017 MVP Player’s Pack includes:

Particle – Putter in Neutron Soft Plastic
Vertex – Midrange Driver in Neutron Plastic
Servo – Fairway Driver in Plasma Plastic
Swag Pack with MVP Woven Lanyard, MVP Wristband
Retail value over $60!

The MVP vs. Axiom Series will also feature a unique Trophy. A Gold Plasma Macro Tesla.

2017 Axiom Player’s Pack includes:

Envy – Putter in Neutron Soft Plastic
Theory – Midrange Driver in Neutron Plastic
Crave – Fairway Driver in Plasma Plastic
Swag Pack with Axiom Woven Lanyard, Axiom Wristband
Retail value over $60!

The generous Prize Pack includes: MVP plastic and such, as well as a large metal disc with a unique MVP Circuit Champion stamp. Prizes may be given for the winners of the round, as well as winners of the side games. (Edited: the Black Hole Pro previously listed is only available with 72 players. We are not expecting that many, so the prize pack may be different.)

As with all North Puget Sound Disc Golf Club events, there will be a raffle with lots of prizes. Some snacks and beverages will be provided. Preregistration is a must!

Refund policy

North Puget Sound DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.

Final Results

Round 1: Silver Lake Excalibur DGC - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
1Devan Gallegos4747
2Eddie Feeley4747
3Codi Albright4848
4Greg Knapp5050
4Luke Andrews5050
4Stephen Webb5050
7Eli Gries5151
7Josh Nakken5151
7Marco Reyes5151
7Mitchell Dorman5151
11Barry Webb5252
12Christopher Berry5353
12Jay Tilley5353
12Mark Van Gerwen5353
15Jonathan Mollerup5454
15Pete Matthews5454
17Justin kush5555
17Kyle Foster5555
19Caleb Ferrell5656
20Josue Calderon5757
20Raymond Schartman5757
20Richard Pomerinke5757
20Zack Collins5757
24Jonathan Conte5858
24Salvador Huereca5858
26butch dillon5959
26sean huntzberger5959
28Wade manke5959
29Eugene Chernov6060
30Allan Fassett6161
30Ang Abrams6161
30Edward Poole6161
30Kim Feeley6161
30Matt Rote6161
35Andrew Davis6262
35Bobby Cox6262
37Bob Carsrud6363
37Sean Grey6363
39Rob Mapes6464
40Jeremy Tucknies6565
41Samuel Mollerup6666
42Hunter Faul6767
42Timothy Mollerup6767
44Ray Gries6969
45Bastian Tilley7171
46Chris Neuner7575
46Lacie foster7575
48Jacob Brzak7676