2015 Sticky Fingers at Lake Shore Park, Ashtabula, OH

Saturday, September 19, 2015 at Lake Shore Park in Ashtabula, Ohio
Ace Race

2015 Sticky Fingers at Lake Shore Park, Ashtabula, OH graphic

About this tournament

A Two-Part Disc Golf Event to Benefit Beatitude House of Ashtabula:
Saturday, September 19 - Lake Shore Park, During the Rib Burn-Off - Great Fun! Great Food!

Part 1:

Sticky Fingers Birdie Bash: Have you played in one of these? Same thing, only you don’t have to buy a disc you might not want! Play from red tees - Score is kept by points, not total strokes. An ace (hole in one) counts for 5 points; a birdie (two shots) counts as 2 points; and any shot that hits metal (that is not an ace or a birdie) counts as 1 point. At the end of the round, whoever has the most fun wins! (Of course, we do keep score of the points scored too...) - Birdie Bash Entry Fee: $10 per player

Part 2:

Sticky Fingers 2 Person Scramble: Bring your own partner (or meet up at the event) for this always-fun scramble event. Three divisions: Red (novice/recreational - payouts in discs), White (intermediate - payout in Shoot the Breeze Disc Dollars), and Blue (advanced/pro - payout in cash). If there are not at least two teams of women, juniors, or mixed (men/women) for their own division, they will play with everyone else in the division they choose. The color (Red, White, & Blue) indicate which tees will be played by each division. “Mulligans” will be available for sale - 6 for $5, with these funds going directly to the charity.

Scramble Entry Fees: Red: $5 per player - White: $10 per player - Blue: $20 per player
50% of entries go to Beatitude House of Ashtabula - 50% to payouts. Great giveaways from participating vendors at the Burn-Off

Registration begins at 10 am
Birdie Bash begins at 11 am

Scramble begins 1 hour after completion of Birdie Bash (around 2:00 - 2:30?). There will be a full array of plastic for prizes and sale on hand. Leave a message here for more information.

"Currently seeking additional sponsorship"