2014 Ace Run DFOK Thursday League

Thursday, October 23, 2014 at Fairmont Park in Manhattan, Kansas
Ace Race


About this tournament

Take some shots at the Fairmont baskets from unique angles and try to get those aces, including a chance to run at a basket on the peak of Mud Mountain.

LAYOUT: 18 - 20 holes
(adjustable depending on daylight and pace of play)
HOLE LENGTHS: 90 - 250 feet, ish

THROWS: Each player gets two throws per tee box.
(Bring any discs you want, but be prepared to throw the same shot twice.)

SCORES: Record TOTAL number of Aces and Metal Hits.
Yes, it is possible to get two aces in one hole, so attack those chains!
(Not playing out the hole for a score, it's two throws from the tee box and that's it.)

WINNER: Player with most Aces wins.
(Total Metal Hits only used to break a tie.)


Fairmont Park
Manhattan, KS   Get Directions

Final Results

1Ben Commerford
2Kevin Schwarz
2Mark Kewley
2Mitchell Brenn
5A.J. Cruz
5Brandon Lutgen
5Jeff Pike
8Tyler Washburn
9Sean Clary
10Colby McKnight
10Derrek Wilson
10Jayson Carswell
10Jeremy LeCrone
10Jobie Debrick
10Justin Neeley
10Kyler Arpin
10Rick Petrie