2013 CCR Tag Finals

Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament



PresidentMatt Rinker

About this tournament

This is the tag challenge finals. If you have a 2013 CCR Bag Tag, no day of fee is required. If you don't have a tag and want to be named CCR Club Champ, simply show up with $15 and you are in.
We will play Fitz,
Round One... if we have an Even number of player, each player will be seeded based on the tag they enter the challenge with. The highest seeded player and the lowest, and so on down the tag order, will play 18 holes of match play. Ties go to the player with the lower tag. If there is an odd number of players, we will play stroke play with ties going to those with the lower tags. If we play stroke play, only the top 8 make it to the final round. If we play match play, all winners make it to the final round.
Round 2... Stroke play Top eight get paid out. If stroke play was used in round one, your cumulative score determines the overall champion. So the top 8 scores make it to round 2 to play for all the marbles. if match play was used, everyone playing 2nd round starts with a clean slate... top 8 get paid, ties broken by tags.


Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI   Get Directions