2012 Bag Tag Finale

Sat-Sun, October 13-14, 2012 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


2012 Bag Tag Finale graphic
Added cash $860

About this tournament

This is the finale for the CCDG bag tags. All members who have a bag tag will use that as their entry fee. Saturday we will start at Dallas at 9am then head straight over to Keizer Rapids. On Sunday we start at 10am at Gateway then head down the highway to finish at Camp Taloali. It is a singles stroke format and script will be awarded for the top finishers. Dinner will be offered on Sunday following the last round.

Final Results

Round 1: Dallas City Park - Tournament layout, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Keizer Rapids - Long layout, 18 holes, par 56
Round 3: Cascades Gateway - Safari, 18 holes, par 54
Round 4: Camp Taloali - Jerry Miller DGC five in long, 18 holes, par 55
1Waters, Shane53495049201
2Wilcox, Chris54505151206
3Kirk, Sean52525551210
4Etherton, Eric54535549211
5Rue, Hayden56535449212
6Bolliger, Barry54535551213
6Tardie, Jordan54545253213
8Franklin, Tyler52565353214
9Cameron, Brent52585352215
9Snyder, Daryl52545554215
11Trower, Dallas54625249217
12Hartman, Lee52565559222
12Holton, Justin60525753222
14Lippert, Chris62545651223
15Tormis, Vance60525656224
16Higgins, Joe54585756225
16VanFleet, Bryan57595356225
16White, David56585754225
19Parker, Josh54585856226
20Walker, Wayne58556255230
21Tormis, Kain61575756231
22Medley, James63556054232
23Herber, Chris59635359234
23Sego, Jeff63575757234
25Bruster, Jason68585554235
25Fillis, Jason66585457235
27VanKauwenberg, Connie62605658236
28Johnston, John66596151237
28Swanson, Dennis64595955237
30Long, John62586059239
30Rowley, Ryan59596259239
32Guerrero, Rafael61615860240
33Griffin, Todd60626257241
33Stephen, Keith62635858241
35Jones, Steve62605961242
36Stubbs, Randall64635861246
37Adolf, Mike63605965247
38Ayers, Rich65646258249
38Moore, Steve62586564249
40Stubbs, Devin69655958251
41Burgess, Ira64726454254
41Cartwright, Jennifer61686362254
43Meek, Adam66666261255
44Davis, Johnny72736851264
44Jones, Dame70666266264
46Egler, Steve586161-180
47Moore, Quinn62-6262186
48Fultz, Bob-577955191
49White, Cameron-647067201
50Littrell, Robert--5656112
51Snyder, John5963--122
52Luther Jr., Doug7164--135
53Bullock, Josh-6076-136
54Harpster, Bill7075--145
55Wise, Buck60---60
56Heckt, Kody61---61
57Coons, Davin--65-65
57Raney, Gavin65---65
59Mcrae, Chris79---79
60Saffeels, Rick----0
60Tormis, Isiah----0