Think of the Children! A Tunnel Runners Fundraiser Event

Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


Think of the Children!   A Tunnel Runners Fundraiser Event graphic


Tournament DirectorNoel Covey
Assistant Tournament DirectorAlex Covey

About this tournament

Will somebody please think of the children?!

Listen up Tunnel Runners, this is your chance to give back to the community!

North Star Elementary is just around the corner from our beloved Roots Disc Golf Course, and they could use our help. They are in the process of implementing a new recess program through Playworks, and it ain't cheap! The administration and faculty at North Star has decided this needs to happen because their students' recesses look a little bit different from what you and I remember as kids.

Back when I was in elementary school, I played tether-ball, basketball, four square, tag, and I even fought my imaginary enemies like a freaking ninja! I'm certain you all had similar experiences. Recess was the best part of the day because it was exciting and we could run around like... I dunno... kids!

Nowadays, kids are becoming more and more sedentary and recess has become a time for kids to shamble around the playground in small groups, playing on their cellphones and gossiping. They aren't running and laughing nearly as much as we did when we were little, and it's effecting them! This type of activity (or lack thereof) contributes to decreased engagement in the classroom, increased bullying, and is generally lame.

These kids are the future, dang it! They deserve to have better resources to help them learn how to be good humans, and that's where Playworks comes in. With the new program comes a coaching staff who will work with the kids at recess time to keep them engaged in a multitude of activities. They'll play sports and games, they'll interact with each other, and they might just learn how to get along better. Kids who play well, learn well, and educated kids become productive adults.

And you know what productive adults do? They DISC GOLF! So lets get out there and chuck some plastic and raise some money for these little scamps so they can have awesome lives. Who's with me?!

This will be a single round, unsanctioned event at Roots Disc Golf Course.

We'll be adding a bunch of holes to the course to make it feel more like a birdie bash. More info on that as it develops.

There will be NO PAYOUTS! First place in each division will receive a (very cool) trophy to remember how well they played on the day they saved recess for the kids.

All proceeds will go directly to North Star Elementary to help pay for the Playworks program and to purchase ancillary equipment needed to make things work.

Registration is a menial $15

Mulligans Available for Purchase!

Direct your questions to Alex and Noel Covey on Facebook, or hit us up with an email through DiscGolfScene. You're adults! You can talk to us however you want! Well... you can talk to us in those two ways. Email or Facebook. Or I guess you could find us in person. Just don't come to our house. We need private time. Alright, fine, you can come to our house. Just bring something tasty with you. And don't judge us for the decor. It's all cat stuff. Like, a TON of cat stuff. Cat towers, cat pictures, cat plates, cat clocks, cat phones.

Check out the Playworks website!

Check out the North Star Navigators!

Refund policy

There will be no refunds available after Monday Sept 10th. All cancellations and no-shows registration will be donated to North Star Elementary. Tunnel Runners is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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Final Results

Nebulae (FA4-FA2)
1Alyssa Butler6868
2Tierney Murphy7575
3Anita Putney7676
4Brynna Lauren8282
5Jennifer Koerte8484
6Michelle Putnam9191
7Jessie Paxman117117
Quasars (MA1-MPO)
Round 1: Roots DGC - Think of the Children, 24 holes, par 72
1Alex Covey5050
2Brennin Vanderpoel5151
2Dan Stratton5151
4David Koerte5353
5Tyler Jessop5555
6Dillon-Joe Richter5757
6Russell Jessop5757
8Chris Tellesbo6161
8Risshan Leak6161
10Curt Myrick6363
10Kolton Read6363
12Britain Best7070
12David Lancaster7070
12Steve Eyberg7070
15Darren Shepherd7474
16William Bauer7575
17Nate Thompson7676
18David Latour9292
Shooting Stars (Nov/Jr)
1Victor Himes9292
2Cole Paxman9494
3Keenan Paxman107107
4Lily Jennings119119
5Alex Jennings122122
6Dominic Montoya-0
Supernovas (FA1-FPO)
1Noel Covey5858
2Charlotte Christensen6363
3Krysti Mason6969
4Teresa Winn7171
5Brittany Smith7373
White Dwarfs (MA3-MA2)
1Chris Silvester5151
2Ian Burrows5454
3David Perry5555
4Brian Usher5656
5Patrick J Christensen5757
6Zachary Polak6161
7Brenden Redd6565
7Keri Jackson6565
9Matt Scharman6767
10Trevor Thompson6868
11Justin Rowley6969
11Nathan Paxman6969
13Andrew Williams7373
13Anthony Montoya7373
13Cody Christensen7373
13Jake Messerly7373
17Corbin Atkinson7474
18Mike Workman7575
19Cameron Meister7676
20Blake Hamm8181
21Colton Myrick9090
22Andrew Hincks-0
22Brannon Laveder-0
22Forrest Yorgason-0
22William James Monroe IV-0