1st Annual Cancer Cup: Nuke the Cancer

Saturday, March 9, 2013 at Lakeshore in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


1st Annual Cancer Cup: Nuke the Cancer graphic

About this tournament

On December 21st of last year our good friend, brother, husband, and father, Chad Rutherford was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer. Chad has a 2 year old, Carter and his wife, Kelly, is 8 months pregnant with their daughter. We are holding this event to help raise money for the expected and unexpected costs that they will incur along this journey. Chad, an avid disc golfer in the area, vows to beat this and be their for his family for years to come. Please come out and support this great cause. Sponsored in part by Discraft (http://www.discraft.com/index.html) and JCD Group (JJ's Livonia, MI)

Player pack for all divisions will include choice of one disc, a Discraft sticker, Colorectal awareness bracelet, mini, a 1616 microfiber towel. Those who are new to the game may choose to include a tshirt in there player pack in place of the disc, there will be loaner discs available for those in need. Several disc models will be available: Z Nukes, Z Buzzzes, Z Hornets, Z Flicks. Other discs models may be available as well or for purchase. All discs subject to availability and can be changed.

In addition there will also be various donated items to be auctioned/raffled.

The tournament will feature several CTP challenges, prizes TBD. There will be a $5 50-50 ace pool to raise additional funds, If no aces are hit all the funds will then be donated to the family.

There will be payouts for the top 3 finishers in the open and advanced divisions. The intermediate and rec divisions will pay out for 1st and 2nd place. These payouts are yet to be determined pending the types of donations we are able to secure. However, payouts are likely to include a Discraft Dry Fit shirt, Discraft hoodies, Discraft beanies, and also merch credit for some plastic. Obviously your division and place will determine the amount of prizes you receive.


Note, there are only 4 divisions so register accordingly. This is not your typical tournament, there will be some people playing that haven't been playing long or at all but are there to support the cause. The rec division should ONLY be used be those players either new or very new to the sport. Intermediate should be players with some experience that have a good handle on the game. Advanced is not your usual am1 crowd, as a lot of those are encouraged to move up and try out open. Am1 should be for people who have quite a bit of skill and have been playing for a while. With a tournament like this a lot of am2 players should be bumping up to am1. Having said that, if you're a top level am1 player please register for the open division.

Additionally, given the nature of the event, groups size will depend on number of participants. However, you will make your own group and the honor system will really be put to the test. Remember, this is a charity event and while competition is highly encouraged, it is meant to be fun way to raise some bucks.

Open-1 round 28 holes longs
Advanced- 1 round 28 holes shorts
Intermediate- 1 round 28 holes shorts
Rec- 1 round 27 holes shorts

Tournament festivities to be followed by $5 random dubs for those interested.


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