1st Annual Beer League Classic

Saturday, October 15, 2022 at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida
Disc golf doubles tournament

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The GodmotherRachel Duncan
The Fun PoliceGalan Baker
The CommissionerJarrett Pack
The Master ChiefDavid Duarte

About this tournament

Welcome to the Inaugural Wickham Beer League tournament!
This will NOT be your average tournament- we are going all out FULL BEER LEAGUE STYLE!

This will be a shotgun start event- and while we would love to have all the cards playing together (like true beer league fashion) but we logistically cannot mob golf.

We will be sending out cards of 8 or 10 people (4-5 teams per card.)
The first round will be 9 holes on the front half of Wickham Park.
Once the last card is turned in, you'll have an hour for lunch. LUNCH IS INCLUDED IN WITH YOUR ENTRY FEE.
Second round tee time will be announced prior to the start of lunch and the second round will be another 9 holes on the BACK half of Wickham Park. Same Mob mentality of 8-10 players on each card.

In traditional Beer League style, every dollar you put in is coming right back to you. Your entry fee includes a players pack (premium disc. sticker, t-shirt*), CTP/Ace Fund AND we and including LUNCH!!!
There will be at least 1 CTP on every hole and 1 "Longest Putt" prize. so 2 chances on every hole to win some $$$ or prizes!

There are absolutely NO out of bounds areas, water hazards, penalties, foot faults, or any ruling whatsoever that you would see in a traditional PDGA tournament (this is also subject to the card mates- please be respectful of EVERYONE).
No matter what, YOU PLAY IT WHERE IT LIES! If you physically cannot, go to the nearest place your disc what last in bounds and play from there. Literally no one cares how close you get to the exact spot. We're out here to have a good time PLEASE REMEMBER THE CORE RULES FROM BEER LEAGUE

1. No standing on the sidewalk on 5.
2. No smoking weed on 8.
3. Play it where it lies.
4. Keep your head on a swivel.
5. Cody and Dale cant be partners.
Its that simple folks.

OG beer leaguers will be on every card to keep the shitshow moving.

More specifics to follow. Can't wait to see you out there!!!!

Refund policy

Wickham Park Beer League is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Online registration opens
September 1, 2022 at 7:00pm EDT
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Wickham Park
Melbourne, FL   Get Directions



Saturday, October 15, 2022
- 9:30am
8:30-9:30ish- Check in and last minute registration
9:30am9:30ish- Player's Meeting
- 1:00pm
1st Round TEE OFF- Beer League waits for no one bitches
- 5:00pm
2nd Round TEE OFF- Beer League STILL waits for no one
5:45pmAwards and Closing Ceremony

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$60.00 / teamGENGeneral
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