15th Annual "Flipper Memorial"

Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Auburn Regional Park in Auburn, California
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

****Final Scores Posted**** at this link: https://www.goldcountrydga.org/events In honor of Rob “Flipper� ... more
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Chris Carpenter    June 28 at 3:23pm

The final results for the 15th Annual Flipper Memorial are now posted in the pictures tab of this website. They can also be found here: https://www.goldcountrydga.org/events

Thank you Woody, Travers and all the other volunteers behind the scenes that helped to make this event go. And a big thanks to all the players who came out to play and honor a guy who truly loved this sport at a very deep level.


Nancy Shillinger    June 28 at 6:22am

Are results going to be posted?

Chris Carpenter   June 28 at 1:49pm

Hello Nancy. Yes. Woody gave me the scorecards Monday night. I've had "out of town" company to focus on, which has cut into my volunteering availability. But I'm actually sitting down now to get it organized and posted as soon as I can.

Jacob Binette    June 25 at 9:04pm

I left a dark blue Yeti covered in stickers in the lower parking lot of Penn Valley yesterday at the end of the flipper. Hoping to get it back.


Paxton Waters    June 23 at 7:40pm

Anyway to get a team still signed up for ma1 if not all good

Chris Carpenter   June 23 at 8:27pm

I sent you a instant message

Nancy Shillinger    June 23 at 7:09pm

Is 8:00 start time or players meeting?

Chris Carpenter   June 23 at 8:38pm

I just called the TD's. They confirmed: Checkin starts 7:30 AM, Players Meeting 8AM. Need to start as close to 8 AM as possible, due to the volume of golf being played and the need to payout the winners afterwards.

Daniel Ditaranto    June 21 at 3:53am

Where does AM1 play second round?

Chris Carpenter   June 21 at 2:06pm

This information has not yet been determined by the TD's. They have, historically, announced it the day of the event.

Ryan Dunsdon    May 12 at 4:45am

No Am3 this year….asking for a friend.

Chris Carpenter   May 17 at 1:14am

MA3 has been added. 3 teams will make the division stick. Thanks for pointing that out