1-Disc Challenge

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament



Rest In Peace - Club GuardianWilliam Gilbert

About this tournament

Annual League Kick-off Event
To participate you must be a current A3disc club member. Annual dues are $25 can be paid at the event or mailed in advance. Mail in forms will be available shortly at www.a3disc.org.

For joining the club you will receive a disc, mini, & T-shirt plus a membership card to help you get discounts at various local establishments.

the idea behind the event is that you get a 2nd disc for signing up that day or in advance by paying your club dues. This extra disc is then used to play a round of disc golf with. The only disc you can use or carry is that 1 disc, hence the name 1-disc challenge. This disc is sometimes a prototype from discraft, sometimes an older disc or returning disc from discraft.

Scores are kept and the top finishers will get a prize of some sort.
You must be at the park and start your round no later then 6PM and turn in your card by 8PM to be eligable for additional prizes for round scores. you will play 18 holes on a course from the short tees for everybody.
Usually AM1, all PRO's AM Masters, AM2 will play the monster and everybody else the original. This is flexible as long as we don't load up 1 course to much.
There should be 150 minimum of the 1-disc disc's so it will be first come first served. More discs are possible based on Discrafts donation for the event.
Pre-Paid mail-ins will have there disc pulled for them as well as a shirt (size supplied)
Just a fun time for all. Participation in the event is not required but you must be present to collect your stuff!

Probably a good idea if people post as if this were a normal tournament as planning on attending. Cashless pre-reg, this though will not guarantee you a 1-disc disc. But will give us an idea of how many attendees will be there and if we cross 150 people we can ask discraft for more discs!!!
For this registration your name, PDGA#, email address, and mailing address information (we need to verify everybodies address information in our files). If you don't want to post some of this here mail me or email me and i will handle that. We can attempt to save you time by pre-filing out your entry form so you just have to walk up collect your form and pay your money!!!
We have in the past used the mailing addresses for snail mail and will not share the information with anybody. So if you don't want people knowing where you live, LOL, mail me for privacy.

Questions contact me at the information supplied above.
Thanks everybody.

Final Results

Round 1: Hudson Mills Metropark - Monster course Yellow tees (short), 18 holes, par 54
1Brooke Plantz4848
2Jim Daniels4949
2Jon Kind4949
2Ron Howard4949
2Tim Gacioch4949
6Jason Kirkaldy5050
6Mike Raley5050
8Johnny Vandervelde5151
9Brian Fallon5252
9Michael Frame5252
9Scott Slater5252
12Wade Sullivan5454
13Kurt Umbarger5454
13Tracy Terrell5454
15Dave Dye5555
15Jacob Quiton5555
15Jeff Freeland5555
15Steve Peck5555
15Tyler Kind5555
20Ben Calhoun5656
20Bruno & Harvey Drouillard5656
22Derek Vincent5757
22Jeff & Shawn Lozowsky5757
22Jon Steiner5757
22Ross Patterson5757
26Jeff Carlsen5858
26Mark Manard5858
26Paul Stasak5858
26Tom Carter5858
30John Hornyak5959
31Dannyboy Petry6060
31Dave Bourgeois6060
31Nathan Pomeroy6060
31Robert Snow6060
35Brandon Samson6161
35Keith Pamplin6161
35Ryan Carter6161
38Chris Rockwell6363
38James L. Wilkes6363
40Dustin Stamper6666
41Rocky M Devis7070
42Burke McClellan7979
42Derek New7979
Round 1: Hudson Mills Metropark - Original course Red tees (short), 18 holes, par 54
1Ben Ciccarelli5050
1Jason MacDonald5050
1Stephen R. McLean5050
4Jacob Courter5252
4Neil Buchanan5252
4Randy Carruthers5252
7Ben Haines5353
7Mark Kruse5353
7Mark Piotrowski5353
10Jeremiah J. Swain5454
10Kevin Williamson5454
10Matt Roberts5454
13Douglas McIntosh5555
13Kevin Jackson5555
13Matt Todd5555
16Brad Maynes5656
16Chris Behrmann5656
16Jeff Brelin5656
16Jordan Hodges5656
16Mike Killian5656
16Sam Gander5656
22Bob McAleer5757
22Casey Maloney5757
22George Roberts5757
22Glenn Wiltse5757
22Kim Labay5757
22Matt Schooley5757
29Gabriel & Kelly Dotson5858
29Matt Swider5858
29Steve Blum5858
32Brett Trocchio5959
32Jean-Pierre Trias5959
32Jeremy Flis5959
32Troy Radikin5959
32Zach Zeneberg5959
37Jacob Schooley6060
37Matt Becker6060
37Nate & Sarah Pomeroy6060
37Nicola Gilbert6060
41Chris Porter6161
41Corey Snyder6161
41KC Skedeielewski6161
41Matt Norman6161
41Neal Wiggermann6161
41Rob Baxtresser6161
41Santana E. Redpath6161
41Sean Drew6161
41Sean Manning6161
50Adam Gainsley6262
50Cassidy Mayne6262
50Jacob Belmas6262
50Mark Wiltse6262
50Nick Gilkey6262
50Paul Cyman6262
50Tom Ferris6262
57Ben Fisher6363
57Bill Quinn6363
57Elvis Malcolm6363
57Evan Butler6363
57Mark Ciavattone6363
57Ryan Rios6363
63Dung Le6565
63Jason Gowanlock6565
63Justine Zachos6565
63Travis Oakley6565
67Dave Schrag6666
67Jason M. Jones6666
67Jon Erickson6666
67Kaleb Longworth6666
71Bill Flores6767
71Chris Gustarfson6767
71Justin Young6767
71Sheldon Bowan6767
75Bill Dopkowski6868
75Chris Thiel6868
75John Reifschnider6868
75Raymond Karle6868
79Brian Walter6969
79Chris Fenton6969
79Sean Scanlan6969
82Bob Conley7070
82Gilliam Ream7070
84Eric Vogelphol7171
85Nathan B. Hansborger7272
86Eric Campbell7474
87Jesse Braidwood7676
88Tyles Towles7878
89Blare Brennan8080
90Paul Novak8181