Jay Norman "JPZ"

Georgia, USA Righty

Jay's reviews

Little Mulberry DGC › February 12, 2015
Indian Creek › June 5, 2011
First round @ Indian Creek. Course was good! It favored the hyzer shot on several of the front 9 holes but still required a good shot. Back 9 was a hike. But w/ fun shots.
Sequoyah Park › November 19, 2010
Perkerson Park › October 12, 2010
Concrete pads would move it to A..................... Better area moves to A+
East Roswell Park › October 12, 2010
J.P. Moseley Park › May 23, 2011
Great mix of tight woods and long bomb positional golf course. and its REALLY close to my house. You know its a good course tho when you compare it to all the other courses you play.