Jeremy Knighton

Utah, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Jeremy's reviews

Pelican Beach DGC › July 22, 2017
The course has a lot of potential. Really technical 9 hole course with good distance. The major pitfall is looking for discs. The course looks like it hasnt been maintained since it was installed, so you are crawling through 4 foot weeds. At least plan on playing with a buddy to spot discs off the tee shots. Overall i enjoyed the round, but there is some serious grooming that needs to take place. Also wear pants! Signage was really nice but an additional course map would be nice.
Riverpark › September 30, 2015
Love the course layout. My rating is based on the appearance. It really isn't a 'pretty' course to play at, but to get some technical practice, with moderate to difficult style playing, this is the course to play!
John Adams › August 27, 2015
Love this course. A couple distance shots, and some more of the finesse game as well. Not too difficult. Many of the holes are simple in design, but the park is beautiful and the course is well kept. Great for a morning run.
Ogden Weber Applied Technology Center › August 25, 2015
There isn't anything too difficult to this course. Great for trying different types of distance approaches. The Nudga 9 is a great mix to the course and added difficulty.