Lawrence Leonardi

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

Lawrence Leonardi's reviews

Lumberjack Meadows DGC › August 29, 2016
Nice course, Mostly wide open with some technical complements. Thumber opportunities abound as do big arm opportunities with many of the long positions near or over 400 feet. Wind seems to pickup in the late morning to afternoon so make sure to bring your A game and an overstable putter to handle headwinds. This is a great learning course for those looking for hole in on a complete game. It helps I got to play during an event with a local to guide the way from hole to hole. Course signage would definitely be a boost for the rating of this course.
Spinski'sChampion course › July 25, 2015
Talking with the owner/ creater the point of the course is to punish people who get off the fairway. Problem with that concept is, you need to first have a fairway before you can get off of it. A few key trees removed from the fairways this course could be an A+. But in the current configuration as it was for Worlds it plays too much luck vs skill.
Spinski'sOriginal course › July 25, 2015
Short pitch and putt with narrow lanes, for the length of holes the narrow fairways are not bad. The mosquitoes will make any player understand we are not the top of the food chain here.
Leigh Farm Park › August 11, 2013
Great Course, fun to play two courses in a combined layout that splits at hole #3. This is a must play if you are ever in the Raleigh-Durham area. Just make sure to stay on the fairways and bring plenty of TICK REPELLENT!
Blue Heron Park and Wetlands › July 18, 2013
Nice beginner course with plenty of OB and lost disc opportunities, but not many risk reward shots.

Beautiful and accurate tee signs, course is easy to follow when playing for the first time.
Lemon Lake County ParkGold › July 17, 2013
I like the course overall, but with the lack of signs and needing to walk every hole before throwing it to see where the basket position is gets to be a little much. Also it is a little difficult to find the course once in the park. Better Signage and this course would be A- status.
Andrews University › January 26, 2013
Course is hard to follow, many long walks, some tee shots that make you say wtf was the designer thinking. Lots of potential for great course if redesigned.
Seymour Lake Park › April 23, 2012
This is a Beautiful course! Great mix of shots, Playable for all skill levels and easy to navigate. If you are going to be in the area this is a MUST PLAY!
Bowling Green Technical College › April 7, 2011
Great layout, will be a great course once it beats in and grows in a little bit... Watch out for the squirrels and hawthorns.
Zebulon Community Park › November 5, 2010
Anderson Park › October 18, 2010
Bill Frederick ParkTurkey Lake › September 29, 2010