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Wailoa State Park › December 2, 2023
Very good object course. No tees or object markings, but U-Disc helps. Pick a spot and commit to it.
Treadwell Mine DGC › July 28, 2022
A great start for the JDGC! Lots of terrain changes, unique landforms, architecture
And water features. Most holes are short (100-150 feet). Bring a midrange and a putter. A $15 taxi ride from the cruise ships in Juneau.
Little Mountain at Q.E. Park › July 23, 2022
A noce short course, with a few twisted shots and a beautiful water challenge on 9. A back 9 is available (I will play it bext time I am in town and update this review).
Canmore Nordic Centre › November 5, 2021
The Three Sisters › November 5, 2021
Thorncliffe DGC › May 16, 2021
A very nice 9 basket course that takes good advantage of the grown in trees and landscape. Great tee-pads. Friendly locals. Head here if Baker Park is a zoo.
DV Top Gun (Slasher+Action) › February 19, 2023
This is a very fun course that is well worth the drive. Even in the early spring, before the leaves have come out, a round or two is a nice casual way to spend a day. Family friendly. Sometimes you have to walk in as the gate is closed. Make sure to only leave footprints (or a shanked disc in the forest). Will come back again!
22 Birdwalk › April 5, 2021
This is the first course I ever walked away from (late 2020). I look forward to some renovations so that this can become a gem.
Raven Springs › April 5, 2021
A beautiful course that has recently expanded to 19 holes in 2021. Very enjoyable with some tough pars and elusive birdies. After hole 10 make sure to stop and go up the trout trail to see a really awesome surprise. Brian and his armada of volunteers have done a wonderful job of making Raven Springs a destination disc golf course.
Park 96 › October 31, 2022
Private course available to Park 96 residents and their guests only. Do not head over to Park 96 DGC unless you have access privileges. I was disappointed a great deal when I could not throw a round... this reminds me of everything I hate about ball golf.
Water in View › March 30, 2021
At first you would think this would be a dead easy course... possibly even worth driving past. NOT SO! I had a lot of fun my first round. Some challenging but makable shots. I am sad that I missed out on the last few holes. Fun to throw even in the spring on ice.
The Hills at Charlesworth › March 30, 2021
A very beautiful course that will only improve with age. 9 baskets set in a very manicured residential park. A lot of effort went into this par-3 course. Very good for beginners or folks who want to work on their midrange game. Accuracy is important.
Strathcona Wilderness Centre › November 2, 2020
A very technical 9 hole course that is masterfully cut into the bush. Fairways are between 40 and 10 feet wide. Lots of thick bush on each side. Most holes are in mid range … but be careful to put your main drive on the fairway. In the late summer it is difficult to find discs more than 5 feet off the fairway. Very good baskets. Well worth coming out to the park for. Be careful of the gate closure times. Well groomed. Good picnic facilities.
Lloyd Park › November 2, 2020
A very nice selection of parkland holes with slight elevation changes. The island green is an absolute treat (and tricky to put into). Very difficult 17th hole! The brush is trimmed away to perfection but watch out for those aspen and poplar branches - they will swat down any drive that dares to rise above about 15 feet. Lots of shot shaping... looks easier than it plays. Very good washroom facilities and lots of parking. A lot of fun.
Redwood Meadows DGC › October 27, 2020
11 very technical short holes with punishingly narrow fairways. Could use some trimming of small trees. Will become a great course in the future (reminds me of Wetaskiwin or the Strathcona Wilderness Centre).
Strathmore Disc Golf Course › October 2, 2020
A nice 18 with variable hole types. Very open. One or two holes where water is in play, but manageable. Hole 18 has a monster thicket... best to go around it if you can. The first hanging basket I have seen in Alberta on 17. Site of the 2020 Alberta Provincials.
Forest Lawn › October 2, 2020
A very nice 9 basket course with elevation changes, shot shaping, and all sorts of trees. Great for the player who has been throwing for a year or two.
Rundle Park DGC › October 2, 2020
A complete pleasure to play. Decent parking. No washrooms on site. Really rough road coming into the parking lot. Open fairways with well established trees. Very little rough to get discs lost in. Most water hazards have dried up by Sep/Oct. Some hole pads are hard to find... just use U-Disc and the GPS feature on the scorecard. I will 100% play this course whenever I am in Edmonton.
Hinton DGC › October 2, 2020
Very challenging shots at the 250-325 range. Elevation changes make using a cart difficult. Very wooded, but low cut back bushes. Discs that are green/yellow/clear are easily lost. Par scores are misleading - a score of par to +5 on an 18 is very, very good. Hardest course I have played in Alberta. More courses are needed in the area to make the Hinton course into more than just a tournament destination. With continued enthusiastic efforts from local disc golfers, this course could become a gem. A bit of brush and tree maintenance is needed.
Anderson Park › September 8, 2020
A nice open field 9 hole course with a few trees. Excellent baskets! A good place to teach a first time disc golfer. Lots of parking. In time this will develop into a nice technical course, but only when the trees grow in 30 years. One water hazard. Great playgroubd for the kids. Wheelchair friendly. Hole maps on each tee.
Aspen MeadowsEast course › September 14, 2020
A great place for disc golf! One of the absolute top courses in Alberta. Great job Rudy & crew!
Aspen MeadowsWest course › September 14, 2020
Beautiful course. Well worth going to an event held here. One of the absolute top courses in Alberta. Great job Rudy & crew! Very different from the East course... more challenging!
WJ Homestead Disc Golf › August 24, 2020
Legendary. 250 foot vertical shot onto a hidden pin. 100 foot vertical climb (nearly 45*) to a basket. Many varieties of holes. Punishing to non technical players. You only get to unleash your big drive a fee times. Have your anhyzer game perfected before coming here to play: I spent a LOT of time in the rough, but I enjoyed myself. Not cart-bag friendly (rough terrain). Lots of art installed on holes. Well maintained. Washroom and parking available. Requires admission (worth it) or a season pass. Not for beginners. A and B basket positions.
Bonavista Downs Community › August 24, 2020
9 holes in a park along residential And a baseball diamond. Some nice long drives available to strong arms. Very simple holes. One hidden basket. Tee signs feature nice children’s art. Very beginner friendly. Exposed to wind and not much shelter from the sun. Hard packed ground. Well maintained lawns and trees. Nearby parking lot. Baseball diamond features an outdoor drinking water fountain. Back 9 layout available on U-Disc.
Hartman Green › August 24, 2020
A fun 9 holes along a very large, open field. Very beginner friendly... but birdies are hard. A back 9 map is available on U-Disc. Well worth stopping at if you are near Olds. Public parking at the school. No washrooms, but an outdoor power plug in is in the school parking lot (to charge your phone).
Eastview Middle School Park › October 2, 2020
6 baskets, open fields. A good effort on the part of the City of Red Deer in their ever expanding collection of 6 to 9 basket public courses. Three more baskets would have been ideal (to get a complete 9). The “Beastview” map is fun to play. Very beginner friendly course, but make sure to bring your arm - some of the holes are looooong! Parking behind the school (north side just iff 40th Ave). No washroom facilities.
Barrett Park › October 2, 2020
Pop-up course maintained by the Central Alberta Disc Golf Association. A beautiful park with challenging holes. Lost my first discs in the creek on 9 and 11 - you must have an anhyzer shot (Or right hand forehand) to survive in this course. The local CADGA folks put in a lot of work with this course and it shows - well worth playing. I hope the city puts in a permanent disc golf park here soon!
David Richardsson Memorial Disc Golf Course › August 24, 2020
A very nice course with a variety of short to medium length holes. A great use of the land. Very beginner friendly but at the same time can be a heck of a challenge from the back tees. Well worth coming out to play. Parking is above the course (by the bathrooms).
Cochrane Riverfront Park › March 30, 2021
A decent start at a course from the Town of Cochrane... but there are many issues. This is less a disc golf course and more of a mini-disc golf course. Fairways are very narrow (15-20 feet), but are well mowed. Everything off the fairway is OB (a rule often ignored by players here to make the round more enjoyable). Proper baskets replaced wooden ones (plastic chains) in late 2020.
Gull Lake DGC › October 2, 2020
6 very short holes that would be great to show an absolute beginner how to throw on. Parking is on the grass (or beside the road). Lots of shaded areas and picnic tables. Most of the area is well mowed, but the rough is ROUGH. It would be nice to see this turn into a 9 hole course. Tradition dictates that you go for ice cream down the road after a nice afternoon round.
Wetaskiwin DGC › August 9, 2020
18 holes with 3 sets of tees. A variety of technical holes, both short and long. Good land use. LOTS OF WATER. Bring extra discs.
Baker Park › August 9, 2020
18 holes with a nice variety of designs, mostly par 3, with very hard ground. A nice way to master a skip shot. Good access to parking and bathrooms. Lots of 'civillians' on the course, so be careful shooting around blind corners.
Victoria Park › August 9, 2020
9 holes of fairly open medium range shots. Elevation changes and good use of tree islands make this a fun course. U-Disc has a locally used back 9.
Kentwood Park › May 5, 2022
8 of the 9 holes are flat, but don’t let that fool you. For beginner to intermediate players, this is a fun front 9. The back 9 (See U-Disc for the map) is much more challenging.
Rochon Sands DGC › August 27, 2020
A nice short 18 worthy of beginner play. Baskets are not the best - shots bounce out of spaced out chains and sometimes even go through. Upgrades needed. U-Disc has different tee boxes to make the course a bit more interesting. Lots of water, but not very deep (I shanked it on hole 1 about 100 feet, and it was only 5 feet deep). Bring a floating driver if it is windy or if you can't control your drives 100%. Overall decently fun. Lots of parking. Use the U-Disc map to link up with the 2nd half o ...
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Sylvan Lake DGC › August 9, 2020
18 holes with variety from open flats to forest, water hazard, and elevation changes. A good step up from the Red Deer Vic Park course. A full 18 hole plan; for league nights we usually skip hole 1 and make up a provisional from the path junction into hole 2’s basket.

Wear bug spray. Don’t wear flip-flops. Houses surround the course so be careful on your power throws, warmup throws, and in strong wind. Parking near hole 1 and 2.

Overall a well designed course by a local disc golf player John U.
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