Foz Miller  › Disc Golf League Association   October 30, 2010 at 10:01pm

Thanks Chris, Jamie, Scott , Pete, Jeff, Jeff, Mike & Jake for you interest and comments.

I will post more detailed info shortly but here is a quick summary of the topics discussed at the meeting last night were:

Dates and format for the up coming Winter & Summer CPS so we can go to the MDGO meetings and collaborate on event dates. We have the core details for the Winter and Summer with a few aspects for some new activities that will need to be developed in part with those league who participate. Discussed the CPS Finale and lessons learned and ideas to improve the event. Final 9 was discussed. Discussed two rule tweaks to keep things easy to manage and as fair as possible for all. Discussed how many leagues rounds should count per week, what about players who join late and if there was anything that could be improved. For the Winter should temperature still be a factor that impacts points, any tweaks needed in that area. Discussed how to generate more money for leagues and the Finale. One new idea introduced to increased League representation and competition at the Finale with an added league team competition as well - more to come on that.

Discussed having another type of event to add interest and focus on key DG skills along with single or doubles events.

A little discussion about what would make a Best in Class Disc Golf facility or club - a little dreaming and exploring - what if....

Explored options for INDO and there may actually be a place that could be used - more exploration needed but exciting.

Discussed what makes a great league from the participants point of view.

Talked about what other big events do that we like or don't like.

Shared a few stories and jokes about our different disc golf adventures and then sacrificed a couple pizzas and spirits to pay homage to the Disc Golf Gods or because we were flipping hungry by that point ;-{{{}}}

More shorty - I need to consolidate notes. Everyone is welcome to still provide ideas and feedback at any time so we all can see and be thinking about how we can continue to improve the Disc Golf experience.