Deep Discs Bag Tag League '21 POINTS

January - December 2021 • Coeymans, New York
Singles league

League schedule

This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

League season

Friday, January 1, 2021 -- Friday, December 31, 2021
League rounds can occur on any day that falls within the league season.

Scheduled league days

Friday, January 1, 202110:00amJoralemon Park
Friday, January 15, 202110:00amJoralemon Park
Sunday, January 17, 20218:30amStony Kill DGC
Sunday, January 17, 202110:45amStony Kill DGC
Monday, January 18, 20212:00pmJoralemon Park
Friday, January 29, 202110:00amJoralemon Park
Sunday, January 31, 20219:00amJoralemon Park
Saturday, February 6, 20219:30amJoralemon Park
Friday, February 26, 20218:00amStony Kill DGC
Sunday, February 28, 20218:45amJoralemon Park
Saturday, March 6, 20218:30amStony Kill DGC
Friday, March 12, 20219:30amBlatnick Park
Friday, March 12, 202112:00pmBlatnick Park
Saturday, March 13, 202110:00amJoralemon Park
Saturday, March 20, 202111:30amJoralemon Park
Sunday, March 21, 20218:00amJoralemon Park
Saturday, March 27, 20219:00amBlatnick Park
Friday, April 9, 20218:00amHyzer Creek
Saturday, April 24, 202112:00pmHyzer Creek
Sunday, April 25, 202112:00pmHyzer Creek
Friday, May 14, 20219:00amJoralemon Park
Saturday, May 15, 20219:00amJohn Boyd Thacher State Park
Saturday, May 22, 20219:00amWilcox Park
Saturday, May 22, 20211:00pmWilcox Park
Sunday, May 23, 20219:00amWilcox Park
Sunday, May 23, 20212:00pmWilcox Park
Friday, May 28, 20218:00amMine Kill State Park
Friday, May 28, 202112:00pmMine Kill State Park
Monday, May 31, 202111:30amJoralemon Park
Friday, June 4, 20219:30amJoralemon Park
Saturday, June 5, 20219:00amMine Kill State Park
Saturday, June 5, 20211:30pmMine Kill State Park
Friday, June 11, 20214:35pmJoralemon Park
Saturday, June 12, 202110:00amJoralemon Park
Sunday, June 13, 20215:40pmJoralemon Park
Friday, June 18, 202110:00amJoralemon Park
Saturday, June 19, 20219:20amJoralemon Park
Saturday, June 26, 20218:30amStony Kill DGC
Sunday, June 27, 20216:00amJoralemon Park
Friday, July 2, 20215:00pmJoralemon Park
Sunday, July 4, 20217:00amJoralemon Park
Friday, July 9, 20216:30pmStephen P Wallace DGC
Friday, July 16, 20218:50amHyzer Creek
Friday, July 16, 202112:50pmShenantaha Creek
Saturday, July 17, 20219:00amStony Kill DGC
Sunday, July 18, 20213:30pmStony Kill DGC
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