Why was I charged full entry fee for the Waitlist?

When an event fills quickly, some players may be charged full entry fee for Waitlist entries even if there is a lower fee or no fee set for the Waitlist.

The event, division or pool may not be filled at the time the registrant completes the registration form on Disc Golf Scene.

When registrants are redirected to PayPal, the registrant must confirm the expected charges on PayPal’s website, then return to Disc Golf Scene to complete the registration. During this time, the event/division/pool can fill.

Once the registrants have returned to Disc Golf Scene to complete their registration, we’re not able to change the details of the PayPal transaction (for example, to charge a $5 waitlist fee instead of the full entry fee) without the registrant returning to PayPal and re-confirming a new total.

Additionally, online payments can take between 3-7 seconds to process, during which time the registrant's selected division/pool may fill and result in that registrant being placed on the Waitlist despite having paid the full entry fee.

Contact the event for specific questions about an event's Waitlist policy.