Setting up Leaderboards

Leaderboards are used to track player points across the entire Series.

Series staff may choose to set up an overall Leaderboard, a Leaderboard for each division, or any other combination.

Each Leaderboard has its own settings:

# The priority of the Leaderboard in the "Leaderboards" section

Name The name of the Leaderboard, e.g. "Open", "Amateurs", "Juniors", "Overall"

Description An optional description of the Leaderboard

Divisions Division codes that should be included in the Leaderboard. Leave blank to include all divisions. Specify individual divisions like so: MA1,MA2,MA3

Maximum events If set, each player will be awarded points from their best events up to the total. For example, if this is set to "5", each player will get points for this Leaderboard from their best 5 events.

Minimum events If set, players must participate in at least this many events to be displayed on the Leaderboard. Until the Series is over, the Leaderboard will include players who could possibly make the minimum number of events based on the number of unfinished tournaments still in the future.

Final events These events will not be counted toward the Maximum events. Typically this will be used for a "Series Finale" in which points are counted for all players.

Other divisions This option allows players to earn points toward divisional Leaderboards even if they are playing events in different divisions. For example, some Series have single-division leaderboards but want their players to be able to earn points even if they are moving between divisions as often happens in the MA3 -> MA2 -> MA1 progression.