Enabling refunds on Disc Golf Scene

To enable refunds via Disc Golf Scene, go to the "Refunds" section of your tournament page.

Hit the button that reads "Enable refunds".

You will be redirected to, where you will log in and grant permission to Professional Disc Golf Association (the owner of Disc Golf Scene) to issue refunds for specific transactions.

Once that step is completed, you will be redirected back to Disc Golf Scene where you will be able to issue refunds directly from the tournament page.

Issuing refunds and handling cancellations

Refunds can be issued directly from the tournament registration log or from the "Refunds" section of the tournament page.

We provide a refund interface that allows you to specify the amount of the refund.

Processing refunds this way updates your tournament financial data and registration list automatically.

Can I refund just a part of a payment?

Yes. Refunds can be issued for any amount.

Multiple refunds can be issued for the same registration.

The only limit is the maximum refund amount can't be more than the original payment.

Refund failed - You can not refund this type of transaction

Some transactions may not be refundable via Disc Golf Scene. We recommend you try issuing a refund via PayPal's website or app.

The refund failed. You do not have a verified ACH

Refunds issued via Disc Golf Scene require funds in the event PayPal account enough to cover the amount of the refund.

If there are not enough funds in the PayPal account balance, PayPal will attempt to issue a refund by withdrawing from the connected bank account.

If there is not a connected bank account, PayPal will indicate the error, "You do not have a verified ACH."

Add funds to the PayPal balance or connect a bank account to the PayPal account to issue the refund.