What kind of PayPal account does my tournament need? requires that tournaments own a verified PayPal account to accept online registration payments.

We strongly recommend that all Tournament Directors ensure the following:

PayPal account limits and freezes

PayPal's fraud detection may trigger account limitations or freezes under the following circumstances:

- The account receives a large amount of funds in a short period of time
- The event is using a new PayPal account, or an account that has had a low amount of activity in its lifetime

We strongly recommend contacting PayPal prior to your event registration opening to inform them of the amount of funds you expect to receive.

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When are funds deposited into the tournament PayPal account?

Entry fees are paid directly and immediately to the tournament PayPal account by the registrants. As soon as a registration is completed, funds will be deposited into the tournament PayPal account.

The tournament PayPal account is responsible for accepting all entry fee payments. collects only a $1.34 handling fee (in a separate transaction) for each registration.

How much can be withdrawn from the tournament PayPal account?

According to PayPal, verified accounts have no limit on withdrawals. If the tournament PayPal account is not verified, fund withdrawals may be limited. strongly recommends each tournament be aware of its PayPal account status and any limitations.

When can the funds be withdrawn from the tournament PayPal account?

Typically, funds can be withdrawn shortly after processing. However, some PayPal accounts may be subject to transaction holds which can limit withdrawals for 7-21 days after the funds are received by the PayPal account. strongly recommends Tournament Directors be aware of any transaction holds on the tournament PayPal account before opening registration.

Tax reporting

Events and organizations may be required to report their financial detail to the IRS. PayPal may request tax identification from any PayPal account. recommends consulting with a Certified Public Accountant to determine any potential tax liability and/or reporting requirements.

For additional information on PayPal's tax reporting and identification, follow this link: