Registration Scheduling and Tiers

Will the online registration begin and end automatically?

Yes. A start date/time and an end date/time are required in the registration settings.

The online registration will begin automatically at the specified start date/time, and will end automatically at the specified end date/time.

Player caps can be set to limit the number of registrants. When these caps are reached, registration will be closed automatically.

Registration modes and opening/closing

Set online registration to "Automatic" mode to allow registration between the set dates and times.

"Preview" mode will allow tournament staff to view and test the registration form.
"Disabled" mode prevent all registration.

Registration mode can be set in the "Settings" section of a tournament page.

Tiered registration

Registration can be scheduled to allow various tiers with scheduled start and end dates.

TDs can set the registration tiers in the "Schedule" section of their tournament page. Each tier can have a different requirement and start/end dates.

If two or more tiers have overlapping dates, registrants will need to meet the requirement for only one of those tiers.

Early registration with codes or invitations

Early registration can be enabled using the registration "Schedule" section of a tournament page.

There are two easy ways to enable early registration:

- TDs may choose to create a registration code to allow early registration for those who have the code.


- TDs may choose to add "Invitations" to the tournament and allow those participants with invitations to register early. Invitations must match either the PDGA number or email address of the registrant.

Registration by PDGA player rating

TDs may choose to allow players meeting a minimum PDGA player rating to register early.

Using the "Schedule" section of the tournament page, add an item and select "Minimum PDGA rating" for "Registration requirement".

Then enter the minimum rating for all divisions allowed to register. To allow a division to register without a minimum rating, simply check the box next to that division and leave the rating input blank.

Tournament invitations and berths

Tournament invitations or berths can be added to limit registration to invited participants.

Registrants are matched to their invitation using the email address and/or PDGA number they enter in the registration form.

If a tournament has added invitations, an invitation will be required for all registrants unless a tiered registration schedule has been specified.

Note: Disc Golf Scene does not email or otherwise send the invitations; tournament staff is responsible for notifying invitees.