Collecting Player Details

Adding Registered Players who didn't register online

The "Add/edit players" section of the tournament page can be used to update all the registration details of any participant.

Registrants can be added, removed or edited at any time. Click or tap on a registrant to edit their information.

Please be sure to mark the entry fee payment in the "Paid" box for each added player.

Collecting custom information from registrants

Use the Settings section of your tournament page.

Tournament directors can add as many custom fields as desired.
Each item can have an additional cost or discount.

Options and items can:
* be limited by quantity
* be free or cost extra
* expire at a certain date
* be required or optional

Player caps and limiting the number of players in a tournament

Caps can be set for any of the following:

Once a player cap has been reached, players will not be allowed to register for the given division/class/pool.

Players may be allowed to register for the Waitlist.

Registrants owing payment

By default, Disc Golf Scene will indicate players who appear to owe registration payment.

Players who are on the registration list but appear not to have paid their full entry fee now have an asterisk next to their name in the “Registered Players” section.

If your tournament is connected to, those players will not be displayed in the Current Registration list on

To update the amount paid for a player, use the "Add / edit players" section of the tournament page.

Custom or special divisions

Tournament staff may add any number of custom or special divisions to their tournament.

Custom divisions require a unique 3 or 4-digit code and a name for the division.

To exclude custom divisions from player caps (e.g. caddies, sponsors, volunteers), select the type "non-participant" for the division.

Additional items and discounts

Additional items can be added to the registration form.

Items can include an additional fee or include a discount.

Set Expires to prevent selection of an item after a given date, e.g. for an early registration discount or sponsorship.

Set Stock to limit the total number of registrants who can select the item, e.g. a special disc or product of a limited quantity.

Set Required until to require selection of the item until a given date.

Re-sending registration confirmation emails

In the Summary + Log section of the tournament page, click or tap any player's name to display their confirmation email.

Use the form at the top of the confirmation to re-send the email to the original registrant or any other email address

Reserving player spots with Pools

Pools can be used to effectively reserve spots for a group of divisions.

For example, to reserve 24 spots for women's divisions in a tournament with 72 total available spots, two Pools can be created:

Pool A - Cap of 48 - All mixed divisions
Pool B - Cap of 24 - All F* divisions

Setting a cap of 48 on Pool A effectively limits the non-women's divisions to 48 spots while reserving 24 spots for women's divisions.

If spots are reserved in this way, we recommend using a separate waitlist for each pool.

Tee Time registration

Tournament staff can create selectable tee times for players.

In the registration form settings, hit the 'Add a Tee Time option' link. Select the first tee time, last tee time, number of players per group, and minutes between tee times.

After a tee time option has been created, individual tee times can be added, edited or removed as needed.

Tee times integrate automatically with and the PDGA Digital Scorecard.

Participant waivers

Events can provide their own custom event participant waiver in the Settings section.

The waiver will be displayed during the registration confirmation step. The registrant will need to check a box indicating acceptance of the waiver.

Disc Golf Scene does not guarantee the validity or legal status of any custom event participant waiver.

Discount codes

Tournament staff can create any number of discount codes to offer a discounted entry fee.

Discount codes can be a set amount or a percentage discount, and apply only to the divisional entry fee. Discount codes cannot be applied to additional items, e.g. ace pool, and cannot reduce the amount of the entry to less than 0.

Discount codes can be limited in their number of uses and can be given an expiration date. They can also be restricted to a PDGA number and or email.

Using Pools to group divisions

Pools can be used to cap the maximum number of participants across multiple divisions.

Any number of pools can be created in the Pools section of the tournament page.

After pools are created, each division must be assigned to a single pool in the Divisions section of the tournament page.

Pools can be capped at any number of players. Using pools can allow TDs to reserve spots for a group of divisions.

Limiting options to specific divisions

Use the Available to specific divisions setting for any option to limit the divisions that can make a selection.

For example, a shirt size option may apply to amateur divisions only.