Woodmansee Park

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Erik Gyllenskog    3 days ago

2016 Dubl or Nutn "Throwdowns"
Yearly points race starts at the loo/woods with BYOP dubs MAY 5th!



Zac Teuscher    April 5 at 10:05am

***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** During a recent walk-through of the Park with City of Salem Park Department Officials the erosion of the hill on holes #4/13 and #5/14 was noticed and raised concerned in the Parks Department. After further discussion with the Park Department, and in partnership with Willamette Valley Chain Gang DGC and Capital City's Woodmansee Groundskeeper Stacey W, the baskets for holes #4/13 and #5/14 will be removed from their current locations starting April 6th ... more

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Steve Moore   April 5 at 7:48pm

So I am guessing then that 'we' is CCDG. It can often be easier to get people interested and excited about a project (not just disc golf) if they are included in or aware of the plan being put forth for approval. Thanks for your efforts but this has been a big issue over the years and he ... more

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   April 6 at 1:10am

You have my help as well. This is the course I learned to play on. I don't want to see it go anywhere. I'll give as many hours as I spent playing it. Any plan to keep it intact is one I am fore.

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   April 6 at 1:10am

Get it? Fore!

Zac Teuscher    March 23 at 12:19pm

More bark chips have been located!
Now we could use your help in one final push to chip some trails and basket areas!
If you have any time or equipment available Friday be at the course please!
Meet over by the building by #17 tee pad 8am or whenever you can be there!
Thank you!


Marty Coatney    March 21 at 1:22am

Somehow walked off the course this morning without my brand new Vibram Olace. Had JUST come from Tiger Disc. Didn't even have my name on it yet. Pink and orange. Willing to give a growler of homebrew for its safe return.


colton'turkey' hanks   March 24 at 12:58pm

you get that yet??

Marty Coatney   March 27 at 4:07pm

I have not.

Marty Coatney   March 27 at 4:08pm

Did someone find it?

Zac Teuscher    March 20 at 6:16pm

********** WOODMANSEE PARK & DISC GOLF COURSE RESERVED 3/26/16 5am to 5pm *************** As most of you know "The Bi-Annual Woods Classic Fundraiser presented by The Half Penny" is coming up this Saturday, March 26th, 2016! To ensure Tournament Participants have the right-of-way, and to ensure speed-of-play is kept up, the ENTIRE DISC GOLF COURSE (while includes almost every part of the park) is RESERVED for the Event! Copies of the Permit will be posted at Tournament Central ... more

Greg Axe   March 20 at 6:59pm

Excellent work Zac!

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"    March 7 at 5:54pm

Erik Etherton is planning to be at the park by 5pm to spread more wood chips around some of the muddier areas around 5, 6 and 1. I'll probably make it by 5:30.


Zac Teuscher    March 4 at 9:17am

The Salem No Ivy Coalition will be out at Woodmansee Park this Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm to work on ivy removal and native plantings along the creek. Due to the area where volunteers will be performing work, holes 1/10 & 2/11 will be temporarily closed on Saturday, 3/5 until 1 pm. Signs posting the closure will be in place at the park as well. The Salem No Ivy Coalition will be working all over the park, but mostly removing ground ivy North of Pringle Creek.

Come join us and The No-Ivy Coalition clean up Woodmansee Park!


Jakob Sessa    March 1 at 5:32pm

Just lost a yellow gold line blitz is the big tree just in front of hole 8. If anyone is able to get it or the wind Knocks it down I would love have it back... Especially sense I just hit an ace with it yesterday and It was only my second round playing with it

colton'turkey' hanks   March 2 at 10:22am

you pick up your disc from tiger

Jakob Sessa   March 2 at 10:57am

Yes I did thank you so much

Zac Teuscher    February 29 at 4:55pm

The crew was back at it today! Got them all doughnuts too!


Josh Bullock    February 27 at 9:35pm

I would love to see the whole crew out there let's do it chain gang style sawool


Josh Bullock    February 27 at 9:34pm

Glo tonight 730 hit me up 971 283 2043. Got a beautiful piece of plastic going up for CTP whole number 14 of course $1 buy in


john cooper    February 27 at 12:57pm

Lost a blue tern with Zoe'S name and number. I bought it from her and would love to get it back. 503-931-0055 text or call

Mark McKeever   February 27 at 4:24pm

Was out there today when I got this email, but most people will give a general area that the disk was lost at. FYI . It's a big park so next time tell us what hole and maybe we can help look while were out there.

Zac Teuscher   February 27 at 9:13pm

There were a lot of people out today. I didn't see it but I hope you (she) got a call

Zac Teuscher    February 26 at 9:53pm

As you pull into the park take a look to your right and all the work that the City and the Inmate Crew has already done!
They will be back Monday morning and will continue going throughout the park doing a huge cleanup!

We are going to be out Monday morning with a box of doughnuts for them to show our appreciation!
If you happen to be at the park when they are there please take a minute and say "Thank You"!
"It's the little things that mean the most!"

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Mark McKeever   February 27 at 4:27pm

played today for the first time in about a 8 months, due to shoulder surgery (of course my throwing arm) and wow the course looks good, thanks all for all the work.

Steve Jones   February 28 at 12:16am

There not allowed to receive anything from anyone but I'm sure the guards will be happy

Zac Teuscher   February 28 at 12:45am

Awe. I asked the officer. He said he'd try to get it cleared... guess I'll get a good breakfast if they can't :-)

Zac Teuscher    February 25 at 2:50pm

Day 3:
Might I suggest not hitting the YELLOW band on the practice basket or #7/16 or #9/18 for at least two hours!
Thank you

Matt Bressler   February 25 at 5:32pm

Maybe reach out to someone that does vinyl work for the innova stickers? I personally do not know anyone.

Zac Teuscher   February 25 at 7:18pm

Trying Innova atm ;-) got my fingers crossed to hear back soon. 616discs.com does "Pinheads" like Blue Lake too is an option


Tyler Wells    February 24 at 7:30pm

Just lost a disc today at woodmansee. IIt's a florecent yellow/green MVP AMP neutron plastic with a black rim. It's in the brush to the right of the path after the bridge on hole 6 I nelieve it is. It does have my name and number keep an eye out for it please. With a tourney coming up im sure there will be plenty of eyes that could spot it.

Zac Teuscher   February 25 at 11:59am

Got it. Call or text be here till 11 or so

Zac Teuscher    February 24 at 11:57am

Sorry about that... I need to stay positive... so..
THANK YOU for defacing the baskets at Woodmansee before we had them repainted!
Whew much better! :-(


Steve Moore    February 22 at 5:57pm

If anyone has and can get a wheelbarrow and shovels to Woodmansee course tomorrow at 9, Myself and others will be there to start getting course in shape for upcoming event. Plenty to do, got chips to spread. Any and all help appreciated, plan on being there from about 8:30 till whenever. Thank you, if you can't help tomorrow but want to at some other time just let me know. I'd like to see course in top shape by event.


Zac Teuscher    February 21 at 4:07pm

Going to be out at the park Monday and Tuesday from about 9 till noon spreading bark chips on paths and pads and backfilling with some top soil.
If you have any free time and/or a wheelbarrow and/or a shovel and/or a better back then mine come out and "chip in"!

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colton'turkey' hanks   February 22 at 12:02pm

i can give a hand as well

colton'turkey' hanks   February 22 at 12:20pm

could one of you hit me up when your heading out 503 385 1506

Zac Teuscher   February 22 at 3:12pm

My back is saying "not today sir" and I gotta listen to it. Be there tomorrow though