Woodmansee Park

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Rick Saffeels    5 days ago

REWARD: Left my champion yellow/orange boss out in the open during doubles on Sunday on hole 9 in hole 8s fairway. Has my name and number on the rim. I will give a nice brand new disc and mini in it's return. Thanks!

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Rick Saffeels   4 days ago

Thanks man :) yeah I looked Sunday after church and it wasn't there so no worries :)

Josh Bowen   4 days ago

What church do you go to?

Rick Saffeels   4 days ago

Salem Heights on Madrona and Liberty! I go to the 11am service

Lucky .    6 days ago

One of the welds on the cage on basket #5 has broken. Barry. Time to call your welding buddy again.


Steve Moore    6 days ago

Haven't been on course for awhile now, how are fairways looking as far as height of grass and need of mowing at this time. Also has practice basket found its way home from Cascade yet? Thanks and it's time we think about some TLC on the course. Anyone have contact with plastics shop to get some new acrylic covers made (all 18), if so I might be easily convinced to reprint the tee signs needed. Let's work together and get it done. Thank you

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Jim Costello   5 days ago

I bet they have permission. I helped them a month or so ago when they had a big work party with Friends of Trees, and looks like they've been back several times since to tackle more ivy. It's looking really nice out there lately!

Zac Teuscher   5 days ago

may 23rd 9 to 12 is their next official event

Steve Moore   5 days ago

Yes thet have full support of the city and parks and would be nice if more disc golfers got involved in these activities as it upsout course out.

Rick Saffeels    6 days ago

Left my orange boss out in the open during doubles today on hole 9 in hole 8s fairway. I will give a nice brand new disc in it's return. Thanks!

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Rick Saffeels   6 days ago

Hahaha I appreciate Jim :) I just need a caddie following me to remind me to pick up my discs...doubles and Cali are the worst ;) haha

Rick Saffeels   6 days ago

I put up a sign on 7 walk out if it could be left up for a week that would be great and I will personally remove it.

Rick Saffeels   4 days ago

Welp already gone :) hahaha

trent hughes    April 16 at 3:03am

lost a disc on hole 1- Blue Gstar Wraith
Has my number and name on it
Should be on the left side by and around the fence.
tried looking for it earlier today couldn't find it..


Joel Campos    April 13 at 9:41pm

lost a green MVP neutron inertia number on it no name

Zac Teuscher   April 13 at 10:14pm

approximate spot?

Joel Campos   April 13 at 10:36pm

idk my 2yr old was messing with my bag

Grant Barnes    April 12 at 12:22am

Left a yellow skyquest medusa on hole 2 got my name and number on it but my phone is shut off at the moment lol any word let me know... thanks


Lucky .    April 11 at 10:44pm

Left a pro firebird on hole one yesterday (the 10th) at around 5pm. And just noticed that i left it at 2:30pm today. (The 11th) if you have it and return it i have a AWSOME reward for you. You might even feel bad for taking it. Also....if you know somebody that played this course between these times. Please ask them if they have it. And if they do. Then i still have a reward for you and them as well. I dont think my number was on the disc yet.

Lucky .   April 11 at 10:45pm

Feel bad for taking the reward that is. Cuz its an awsome reward.

L Bledsoe   April 11 at 10:53pm

Well dude you may owe me a lot then......

Lucky .   April 11 at 11:50pm

Do u have it? Call me 503-983-8882

Zac Teuscher    April 8 at 6:39pm

Think my Ice Bowl Destroyer is on #2 or #3.. it's a reddish orange
has my name and # on it..
lmk if you happen to find. Thanks


Slick Willie    April 6 at 11:44pm

I would like to thank Joseia for finding meteor I left on Sunday!!!!

Rick Saffeels   April 7 at 12:04am


Jim Costello    April 6 at 12:03pm

Found a putter on Hole # 5/14 near the base of the hill to the left off the tee. No name or number on it.

Rick Saffeels   April 6 at 3:18pm

Jim I don't think it's mine this time :) haha

Jim Costello   April 7 at 10:14am

I'd have to start worrying about you if it were, Rick. ;)

Zac Teuscher    April 6 at 11:39am

Just got to Woodmansee and the practice basket is gone! :'-(

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trent hughes   April 6 at 7:55pm

I was super bummed to find the practice basket was not there last week. Hoping it will be replaced soon. I am going to start bringing my basket with me at all times just in case lol.

Zac Teuscher   April 6 at 8:17pm

it was there friday :-(

Joel Campos   April 6 at 9:28pm

I saw it was missing Saturday morning I assumed that they took it to gateway

Ricky Anderson    March 29 at 8:33pm

Left my green Echo Star Teebird on the soccer field yesterday. Name and number on it.

Rick Saffeels   March 29 at 10:21pm

Didn't see it :(

Jim Costello    March 26 at 5:19pm

Lost a white Prodigy D3 last Saturday on Hole # 11. It was a practice toss off the tee, ended up near the footpath by the right-side basket location (the basket's in the other location right now). Totally forgot to pick it up after my approach shot. :/

Rick Saffeels   March 26 at 9:05pm

I have another one for you if that's the one I gave you :)

Jim Costello   March 27 at 12:38pm

Yeah, it's that one, Rick. I was just starting to get more comfortable with it, too! I'll take you up on that offer (and be sure to write my ph# on this next one!!!).

Steve Moore    March 19 at 6:35pm

Just back from round at Woodmansee and it is in need or some repair and cleanup. Most of tee signs need replacement and new acrylic cover plates. Also some have the top wood plates being loosened and ready to be taken now the top covers are gone. Course in general could use cleanup for the spring. Any plans in place by CCDG or will this need to be taken on by individuals effort again. Thank you and this should be handled as soon as possible before further damage done to course.


Steve Moore    February 28 at 8:23pm

A big thank you for the repair work on basket #8. From what I can put together that thanks goes out to Barry B for his efforts. Stepping up again Barry puts another gold star next to your name in my book.

Mike Wilson   February 28 at 9:24pm

Thanks B!!

Jim Costello   February 28 at 9:47pm


Chris "The Lip" Lippert   March 3 at 4:25am

Barry to the rescue under cover of nightfall. the glow round saw him come through. Thanks again B.

Steve Moore    February 28 at 8:16pm

Woodmansee work day was a big success due to the friends of trees, ivy removal coalition, and other assorted youth groups. Sorry to say no disc golfers besides myself made it out. We owe these groups a big thanks. Some of many pictures taken. Over 1000+ tree seedlings, assorted plants, and such planted today, lets treat them nice and let them grow.

Mike Wilson   February 28 at 9:29pm

Big thanks to all that gave their time this morning to work out at Woodmansee and improve the park!!! (as a whole)

Jim Costello   February 28 at 9:47pm

<cough> no other disc golfers except my son and I.

Steve Moore   February 28 at 9:50pm

Sorry Jim, my bad. Not meant, I drew a blank on you and son's name. Thanks to you, Ill be first to accept my bad

Jim Costello    February 21 at 7:59pm

Found yet another disc today on hole 8/17. This is getting ridiculous! :) No name or number - looks brand new. My son will be glad to keep it if nobody can identify it.

Mark McKeever   February 28 at 11:19am

I am wandering if it is the vibram i lost months ago

Jim Costello   February 28 at 9:45pm

It's a Lat64. Sorry...

Rick Saffeels    February 17 at 7:42pm

Jim Costello is to be given an award for the finding and return of not one, but two of my discs a month apart. Yes I should keep better track of my discs, but it's a great community of people who can return discs that aren't theirs. Keep up the good work to all those returning discs to their rightful owners!

Mr CLEAN   February 17 at 7:45pm

your welcome...all of you...lol

Jim Costello   February 18 at 10:19am

Aww, shucks <kicks dirt>. Thanks Rick. The discs you gave me in exchange for returning yours are all the awards I need. Happy hucking!!!

Chris "The Lip" Lippert   February 18 at 5:16pm

Well Rick, clearly if you would just play your rounds with Jim you wouldn't be losing discs to begin with. ;)

Chris "The Lip" Lippert    February 12 at 7:16pm

Hole 8 basket is in need of repair. Not sure what happened but the basket is being propped up by sticks at the moment

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Josh Bullock   February 14 at 10:14am

he had two both broke?

Josh Bullock   February 14 at 10:15am

we just moved the basket long about a week ago

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   February 14 at 2:04pm

he does have one. perfect!

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