St. Thomas, Ontario     1 course · 18 holes

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Amy Bedau 49 - Short tees, 18 holes
Jason Church 61 - Short tees, 18 holes "1st round throwing lefty"

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Graham Teather 46 - Short tees, 18 holes "Just the scenery alone has me comming back to this course again and again. Beautifully maintained by dedicated individuals, I really enjoy this course and always look forward to playing a round here. This is as of May 24th 2017 my best score (-8) during an 18-hole round of Disc Golf. I have been improving the game the past few years and was more than excited to shoot an incredible round on my 30th birthday."

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Chris Churly Mccormick 45 - Alt / Bottom (Short Tees), 18 holes "Am1"

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Patrick Treude 60 - Long tees, 18 holes "Round 3."

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Patrick Treude 52 - Short tees, 18 holes "Round 1. Started on hole 10. Played w/ Mike Raley and Dan Barned. (8th)"
Patrick Treude 65 - Alt / Bottom (Long Tees), 18 holes "Round 2. Started on hole 13. Played w/ Jonesy and Pay Ola. (T9)"

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Patrick Treude 50 - Short tees, 18 holes "Round 1. Started on 3. Played w/ Paul, Brian and Brody. (T6th)"
Patrick Treude 56 - Alt / Bottom (Short Tees), 18 holes "Round 2. Started on 3A, Played w/ same players as rd. 1. (10th)"
Patrick Treude 62 - Long tees, 18 holes "Round 3. Started on 4. Played w/ Paul, Jamie B. and Tubs."

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dustin Fournier 47 - Short tees, 18 holes

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Patrick Treude 53 - Alt / Bottom (Short Tees), 18 holes "Round 3 w/ Paul and Dan Barned. Started on 5."
Patrick Treude 51 - Short tees, 18 holes "Fourth round w/ Paul and Jim Pay. Bogeyless round.:)"

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patrick Treude 57 - Alt / Bottom (Long Tees), 18 holes "Round 1 with Dr. Z, and Al. Started on hole 5."
Patrick Treude 62 - Long tees, 18 holes "Round 2 w/ Paul M, and Jim Pay. Started on hole 5. I had a good round ruined by my +6 over 4 holes."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Azize Lepine 63 - Short tees, 18 holes
Travis Lepine 56 - Short tees, 18 holes "No bugs was perfect ."

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vern Lepine 53 - Short tees, 18 holes "Fun time at Waterworks today, this park was sure busy today.back to the dart board."

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Scott Ransley 47 - Short tees, 18 holes "Round 3. Short tees today. Overnight rain made the hill even more muddy and slick. With first out of reach, goal was to make the top three who were playing a final nine(and getting paid). Don't think I have ever thrown my R-Pro Tank forehand, but for some reason I pulled it out on the 2nd hole, and ended up throwing forehand with it on five of the nine hill holes. Got three birdies with it. Lots of putter shots from the shorts. Only threw one driver and two midrange drives. Only bogie was caused by going for a long downhill deuce putt. Gained a couple of shots, but still one shot out of the top three. Eight birdies and one four."
Scott Ransley 48 - Alt / Bottom (Short Tees), 18 holes "Round 4. Started strong but then went through a 3 bogies in four hole stretch. Came back and birdied my last three holes though. Did not think that would be enough., but ended up tying the third place guy so we both got to play the final nine. Finished with 3 bogies and 9 birdies. Final nine was a mix of long tees with a couple of safari holes. Shaky start there, but had a couple of nice birdies at the end to take third place. Got within a shot of 2nd briefly, but ended up two behind him."
simon newman 49 - Short tees, 18 holes
simon newman 49 - Alt / Bottom (Short Tees), 18 holes
Bryce Hill 57 - Short tees, 18 holes "3rd round, Shorts, hill"
Bryce Hill 57 - Alt / Bottom (Short Tees), 18 holes "4th Round Shorts, Bottom."

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scott Ransley 55 - Long tees, 18 holes "Round 1. My lack of planning and a full work day prevented me from getting here the day before to see if the course is different than when I last played it in 2010. Fun little course. 27 holes with two 18 loops. Nine holes are the same in both loops, then you can play either nine more flat holes or nine than run up/down/around a good sized hill. Two tee pads on every hole. Got there early in the am and found out we would be playing all 54 teepads over the weekend. Only 6 masters showed up even with plenty of added cash, great CTPs and a free $400 ace pool. Really missed my old Star XD this weekend. New one in the bag is just not the same. Lots of rain this year so hill was muddy and tee pads were slick. Thought I played bad, but finished the round in 2nd only one shot off the lead. One five, two fours, and 3 birdies."
Scott Ransley 56 - Alt / Bottom (Long Tees), 18 holes "Round 2. This layout is a little harder than the hills. Some real tight fairways. Deuced a hole I fived the first round, then immediately fived a hole I deuced the first round. Everyone else played better this round, so I fell to fourth. Only three out of 2nd, but 10 behind the leader. One five, three fours and 3 deuces."
simon newman 52 - Long tees, 18 holes
simon newman 56 - Alt / Bottom (Long Tees), 18 holes
Bryce Hill 63 - Long tees, 18 holes "1st round, longs on the hill"
Bryce Hill 65 - Alt / Bottom (Long Tees), 18 holes "2nd Round, Bottoms Long"