Walden Park

Walnut Creek, California     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions

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-  +1 votes  + Toby Parks › August 3, 2015
Pitch and putt
-  +1 votes  + Daily Pint › November 11, 2015
Creative use of very little space. Could have been a really good 5 hole course, but nice to have a compromised full 9. Crossing fairways require heads up walking...and maybe a helmet when busy. Maintained tee areas, well signed, and solid baskets. Ground squirrels own the place, pay attention to feet for a million unmarked ankle busting holes.
-  +0 votes  + Gary N › May 3, 2015
Good course to learn at. Holes seem pretty short. Trees get in the way of a lot of shots - which is a challenge. Must curve and slice the discs to have success. No poison oak. Playground nearby for bored kids. Odds on losing some of your discs - small.
Signage and tee boxes are very good at this course.
-  +0 votes  + Zooey Zanzibar › May 13, 2014
Great use of the park space. Lots of tree do provide quite a challenge, but it makes it fun!
There is some cross play with other players, but everyone is friendly about it!
-  +0 votes  + Eric Emery › August 23, 2015
Cool course tucked in the back of a small park. Technical 9 hole, holes crossing over one another so be careful of other park-goers when throwing. Holes each have pads and signs, but still a little confusing layout at first.
-  +0 votes  + Pete Hess › March 3, 2014
For what this course is, it is a nice course with good equipment, signage and good use of the space that they had to work with. The terrain is dead flat, but there are trees and shrubs throughout which are well used in the design. The length and location make it very family friendly and good for beginners, but for the more experienced player it offers a good "pitch and putt" experience with a couple of 300-footers tossed in. I played the 9 holes 4 times in about 2 hours so its great whether y ...
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-  +0 votes  + Luke Olive › October 3, 2014
-  +0 votes  + Fly'N'Ryan Silva › January 13, 2015
Nice use of space. I am a local so its nice to have it! Great place to learn everyone really nice.
-  +0 votes  + Dan Rhodas › August 10, 2015
Nice small park course. Some holes cross so pay attention. Good signage and well maintained.
-  +0 votes  + Corey Kohler › January 1, 2016
Yeah for baskets in Contra Costa CO. ...but remind me isn't this 2015, and we in CA? where are my 18 holes, why am i throwing over fellow disc golfers? why am i am throwing @ other citizens????? #privatespaceneeded
-  +0 votes  + Travis Miranda › April 3, 2016
Beginner course. Busy with walkers and other golfers. Small park. Great to practice with the putter or midrange. Very short distance for most of the shots and the park is tiny. But it's better than nothing. Great people who play at the course so the best thing about the course is meeting new people to play with. The course is self is whatever you make it. Don't get stuck playing in one spot. This course is one of those places where people only play there and don't get enough experience others places. Walnut Creek needs a better location. They have plenty of space.