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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Matthew Hull 48 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Not bad...not bad! It wasn't earth-shattering but I played better at Germantown than in recent memory. My friend Jon offered to put a sweet Atlanta Falcons stamp on my new MVP Servo I bought so I had to make some use of the drive all the way up to Germantown, right? In any case, I had some close calls ace-wise as my Comet seemed to come the closest to glory (that disc goes perfectly straight). My Defender came *very* close on #11 as well. Thank goodness I threw it well because the water to the right of the hole is high right now making rescue attempts darn near impossible!"
Matthew Hull 53 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Yikes! I decided to play a second round and, while it started out well, I found myself looking for my discs (the Proton Matrix tried to hide every time I threw the bloody thing) more than actually throwing them and I simply didn't feel it. I still had my moments but it was a rather pedestrian round."

Friday, May 18, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What a fun nightcap this was! Due to the rain not arriving this afternoon as expected, league play @ Germantown was not cancelled so I went up and enjoyed a fun round with friends. What's funny is I did NOT have several discs that I prefer to throw on this course (due to trees being EVERYWHERE) and yet it still worked out very, very well. I found that the Comet I recently picked up can give you a nice anhyzer turn when thrown straight with a bit of power. My Pikachu Pro Boss was on fire as well! I love throwing that disc because it goes straight and then fades nicely. I did have a nasty 5 (just plain choked on Hole #7) but my play on the other holes somehow made up for it. I got sneaky with the trees on #5 with my Pro Boss and made a nice putt and I somehow parked my Comet on #6 for a rare birdie there! I couldn't have asked for more on #11 (pretty much parked the Truth), 12 (Pro Boss), and 13 (Pro Boss). And on #18, I managed to make a nice 15-20 ft. putt that unknowingly allowed me to tie with two other players (I play in the Advanced division so tying anyone is a major accomplishment for We settled things with a CTP on #1 which I won! It was only for $5 but it was satisfying to have a good round out there tonight."

Monday, May 7, 2018

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular tees, 18 holes "For the nightcap, Jon and I have a blast playing at Germantown! Although I finished at two under (pretty mediocre score), I honestly felt great and some of my drives were fantastic! I came very close on #11 with my Star Thunderbird (It just missed the trees and hit the hyzer line you want but landed a couple of feet short!) and #12 with my Champion Destroyer (bounced off the top of the basket). Unfortunately, I had a couple of nasty 5's on #13 & 16 but we won't talk about that. ;)"

Friday, April 27, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Oh my! :) I wish that I could snag an early first round ace every time I went out to play! My Reko simply glided and had the height to nail the chains on Hole #3! The rest of the round was pretty solid although I certainly could have finished with a better score considering the ace. I did have a fantastic Star Teebird drive on #7 followed by a smooth Envy putt to snag a rare birdie on that hole at least!"
Matthew Hull 49 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Amazingly, I actually finished one stroke better than my earlier practice (and ace!) round during my league round this evening! One of my best throws of the entire night had to be on #6 when I put some english on my Sword drive and it landed just short of the basket on the hill! This is a really hard birdie for me to obtain so to get it so easily was a thrill to say the least! I had a solid Defender drive on #11 that was just long (thought it might be an ace) and a superb Champion Destroyer drive on #13 (finally hit the hyzer line on this hole) for a nice birdie! I did leave a few easy putts out there but overall, this was one of my better league play rounds for sure. :)"

Friday, April 20, 2018

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular tees, 18 holes "It was another fun league night @ Germantown although my drives were literally the worst they have ever been. It wasn't that my drives didn't feel good but I think I hit a tree on almost every single hole. It was just that kind of night unfortunately. I can sum it up fairly easily. There were actually two temporary holes set up and on the first one, I threw my Star Roadrunner and hit the perfect line only to have it land right next to the basket and roll a country mile OB. That's pretty much how it went! I did hit the perfect line on #1 with my Megasoft Shield for a near ace and our first hole of the night #6 consisted of a great Sword drive and a superb Envy putt! Too bad it couldn't last."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Matthew Hull 49 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What an enjoyable (and quick!) round! I met up with Mark and we played #12-18 (I played the other holes solo.) before having a league event later this evening. I threw rather well with a few drives (Champion Destroyer went past the basket on #12 by 20 feet!) that really surprised me. It was 80 degrees today which allowed our drives to fly further than normal."
Matthew Hull 54 - Regular tees, 18 holes "If only I could have kept my first round score! If only, right? I had a great time playing with some cool guys this evening but the trees (and a few baskets) simply didn't like me...ha, ha! I did have a few good drives (Orion on #15 and a superb Champion Destroyer drive on #12 that could have been an ace had it not hit the "invisible tree" that we couldn't see from the teepad) but was too inconsistent with my putts and a few drives to make any serious noise. In any case, we had fun!"

Monday, March 26, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "The day after the Belmont Park tournament, I simply HAD to get out and play in less windy This first round at Germantown is one I enjoyed with my friend Mark. Despite my right index finger having issues (played with a band-aid on it due to it having a couple of nasty slits/cuts), I still managed to throw pretty well! I sat pretty at 4 down after five holes before coming back down to Earth. I came very close to snagging a coveted ace on #11 with my Champion Destroyer a couple of times this afternoon (once on this round)! I did manage to luck out with an *amazing* Star Roadrunner drive on #14 as well (near impossible line for me to hit)."
Matthew Hull 57 - Regular tees, 18 holes "My friend Mark had to leave but my other friends Jon and Cat arrived so we decided to enjoy a round (or two!) together. Unfortunately, I was erratic as HECK as you can see with a couple of nasty 5's in there (#6 was not my fault as my lie was beyond horrific). My throw of the round (and possibly day) was on #15 though as I threw one of my best drives ever with my Orion and parked it 10 ft. beyond the basket (255 ft. hole with trees everywhere)! That was satisfying to say the least. I darn near snagged an ace on #10 with my Claymore as well (nice straight line until just before it hit the chains and it veered left...darn it all!)"
Matthew Hull 51 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I definitely didn't expect to play a third round today but what can I say? We were having so much fun! I felt much better about this round than my previous one too. My Envy and Shield felt great and my putting was pretty good overall. I even broke out my Glo Roach on #8 for a nice birdie! I came very close to bagging an ace on this round too! I just missed with the Envy on #1 (hit the back chains but was slightly too deep) as well as #18 (the Envy is DUE!) Once again, I had a superb Orion throw on #15 for another excellent birdie!"

Monday, March 19, 2018

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Once again, my right index finger was hampering my ability to throw the way I wanted but I still managed to put together a nice, steady round on the Germantown Reds. As always, I threw all of my putters (sans the XT Nova due to the wind factor) a lot and sprinkled in my mids and the occasional driver (the G Star Valkyrie was SOLID on the dreaded Hole #11 water hazard hole). It wasn't my best round ever but I felt pretty good about it."
Matthew Hull 46 - Regular tees, 18 holes "My gosh was this round ever FUN!! There is no better way to start a new round than to throw an ace on the very first hole! My friends Jon and DJ joined Mark and I for this particular round and I managed to put together an absolutely perfect throw with my Megasoft Shield that threaded the needle between two trees and turned perfectly into the basket! It is an ace I have wanted for quite some time so I was thrilled to snag it! This momentum carried over throughout the round too as my putting suddenly caught fire. Seriously...I hardly missed anything with my Envy this round and the Shield was special as well as it parked when it needed to park. I had a few near aces with my Envy too (Holes #10 & 18)! Enjoying this round with my friends made it all the more special as well. It might very well be the best round I have played at Germantown (on the Reds) so far. My record is -9 but several baskets are in the long position making this -8 score even more impressive in my opinion. What a round and what a fun day of disc golf! :)"

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "It happened again and my good friend Jon *FINALLY* got to actually witness me getting an ace!! I simply threw my Star Mako on Hole #3 and found the absolute perfect line to the basket in the midst of a couple of mighty trees! It is a very short hole but the trees shut down most throws so it was quite the satisfying ace for sure! The rest of the round went pretty well other than a few nasty snags (Hole #8 couldn't have gone I darn near got an ace on #10 with my Envy but it just didn't fade at the end (went straight to the right of the basket)."
Matthew Hull 52 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I was convinced to play another round by my friend Mark and the first five holes went swimmingly! Although I didn't get another ace, I did my best to repeat my earlier performance on Hole #3 with my Star Mako hitting a tree this time. I did have some great saves as my drives were quite erratic but otherwise, there wasn't anything all that special about this round. It was a good time though!"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Matthew Hull 46 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What a fun round this was! My wife and son (Sandy & Ryan respectively) got together with our good friends Jon and Cat and we had a blast! I wasn't completely on my game but I did manage to have some good throws (especially in regards to approach shots). Once again, I should have had multiple aces today (my Envy could practically taste it! Hit the bottom lip on #18 and just missed the basket on #10...of course my good friend Jon aced it right after I got ROBBED...Lol. I also had a Claymore toss on #10 that barely went off the chains but didn't stick!) but I salvaged what I could. I'll be back!"

Monday, March 12, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Although my score doesn't reflect it, I felt great during this round! I joined Mark for this one and we had a great time! It was simply one of those rounds where my second throw was dynamite while my first (and main) throw was so-so. It was good fun though. I did hit the basket several times and darn near got another ace though!"

Friday, March 9, 2018

Matthew Hull 46 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Up until Hole #14, I had a darn near perfect round going! Despite not truly "feeling it" until Hole #6 or so, all of my throws were either landing right by the basket or I was hitting the right line and narrowly missing trees! And what happened on Hole #8 is something I will NEVER forget! Believe it or not, I bagged THREE aces on the same hole!! My Claymore hit the line perfectly and hugged the chains but then, just for the heck of it, I threw my other mids and snagged aces with both my Matrix and Star Mako!!! It was UNREAL! So in the span of about 3 minutes or so, I went from 12 lifetime aces to 15! Granted, it is a 115 ft. hole (although there are a couple of perfectly placed trees to wreck potential ace runs) but still...I feel very proud of my accomplishment! :) The only bummer was that I played #17 about as poorly as humanly possible (I aced the hole last time...and got a freaking FIVE today.) and I didn't do much better on #18. Otherwise though, it was truly a round to remember!"

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Matthew Hull 84 - Black Course, 27 holes "Finally! After playing the Red Course some 4-5 times, I finally got to play a complete round on the Black Course! It was a lot of fun too although the wind went BERSERK at around Hole #16. My friend Jon joined me and even Sandy and Ryan came along which was really cool. I darn near got an ace like three times (Apache hit the very top of the bottom lip on #12, Claymore did the same thing on #6, and I nearly got the dreaded black ace on #4 with my Sword.) while Jon snagged an impressive forehand ace on #6! I played a very nice round overall with my only real stumble being #17 (I HATE that hole btw. It's sadistic!) I had a superb Inertia drive on #12 for a very satisfying birdie and my approach/putting was worlds better than Harbin earlier (due to Germantown being surrounded by trees on all sides no doubt)."

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I arrived at Germantown shortly after 7AM and I was literally at the park until 7PM. It's a sickness I tell you! A REAL sickness! ;) In any case, before my friends Jon and Mark arrived, I went ahead and played a round on the Red Course and, while the round itself wasn't very good, what happened on Hole #17 more than made up for it! I threw an absolute laser with my Cottonwood Buzzz disc and it found the line and hit the chains...HARD! It was such a satisfying Ace to say the least!"
Matthew Hull 45 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I definitely played much better during my second round on the Red Course! Of course, snagged a second Ace today on Hole #12 helped immensely!! :) I was actually doing some field work on Hole #12 before my friends arrived as I need to practice getting the right hyzer line (and this hole is a great place to work on that) and my "NES Controller" Gateway Apache disc found the line and found the chains as well! It felt so great and a nice gentleman behind me (his name is Eric) witnessed my throw to boot! Outside of snagging a second ace on the day, I played a really good round! I threw the Envy, Reko, Blue Bomber (darn near got a third ace with that disc on Hole #1), and my other Mid-Range/Putter discs throughout. My Sword and Star Roadrunner felt superb too! I did manage to sneak by my friend Jon by one stroke despite us BOTH getting aces that round! :)"
Matthew Hull 47 - Regular tees, 18 holes "I wasn't sure that we were going to sneak in another round on the Red Course but Jon and I managed to pull it off (his girlfriend Cat joined us on Hole #16). I didn't manage to play quite as well as my previous round but I did manage to avoid any bogeys the entire round which is a real positive takeaway! Although it wasn't my best day putting, my Envy and Shield really came through for me here. I somehow managed to score lower than Jon again (which is HARD to do...even though he was nowhere near himself today). Overall, it was a fun day!"

Friday, February 9, 2018

Matthew Hull 47 - Regular tees, 18 holes "What an enjoyable round this was! There was plenty of snow on the ground so being able to drive off of the teepads was truly a challenge. Otherwise though, it was pleasant and 45-50 degrees which was perfect for playing! Jon and I both had very good rounds (he finished at 11 under) and I was able to improve on my initial round on the Red course a week ago so I am happy!"

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Matthew Hull 56 - Regular tees, 18 holes "This was my very first round at Twin Creek/Germantown and Jon and Mark and I had an absolute blast! I love how the early part of the course is filled to the brim with superb Ace opportunities while the back nine is more challenging. Unfortunately, I did manage to lose my Champion Groove (a utility disc I actually like...I've had the thing for years too) but it could have been worse. My Pro Wraith and G Star Wraith appeared to be lost causes as well but, being the stubborn mule I am at times, I went back and got them right before darkness set in. I even went into the COLD water (a creek runs through part of the course) and snagged a whole slew of discs! So I guess it wasn't a lost cause after all. In any case, it was fun and I can't wait to play there again! Note that we did play holes 14-27 on the Black Course but, since that round is technically incomplete, I feel that I cannot enter the data here. I shot a 50 on those particular holes in any case."

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Matt Dobson 80 - Black Course, 27 holes
Matt Dobson 50 - Regular tees, 18 holes

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jesse Diller, doubles with Scott Jenkins 64 - Black Course, 27 holes "with mulligans..."
Scott Jenkins, doubles with Jesse Diller 64 - Black Course, 27 holes

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dylan Guntle 96 - Black Course, 27 holes