Tittabawassee Park

Freeland, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Eric Bourbina    2 days ago

Is the course playable?

Moe Dixon   2 days ago


John Hansen   2 days ago

totally playable but bring boots, its mushy in some parts

John Hansen    April 10 at 5:43pm

Buddy lost a blueish X-XL on 10 in the water to the right under the "waterfall". I don't think he is too worried about getting it back but if anyone finds it let me know. I dont think his name/number was on it. also, disc was in rough shape to begin with so don't expect much if you fish it out.


Tim Horenziak    April 10 at 10:57am

more like a maroon (dark cherry) doesnt say on the weight


Ryan Anderson    April 10 at 8:01am

Was it light blue? 169?


Tim Horenziak    April 10 at 2:58am

did anybody loose a champ monster during leagues? on hole 13-14?


Moe Dixon    April 8 at 9:47pm

Freeland leagues start tomorrow, Wednesday at 5:30

Eric Francis   2 days ago


Jonathan Sand    April 6 at 2:02pm

I was out there on the 27th and found a disc on hole 6. Tell me what you lost and hopefully I can get it back to the owner.

Calib Stewart   April 6 at 3:15pm

Yellow star XCal white DX roc friend lost a prodigy like f7 I think it was.

Ethan Neuenfeldt   April 6 at 5:57pm

White dx roc with a blue bird stamp?

Jonathan Sand   April 13 at 4:31pm

None of the above, sorry.

John Hansen    March 31 at 1:53pm

Anyone feel like playing a round here this afternoon? If you live in Midland I might be able to pick you up. Thinking of playing here or Midland.

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Tim Horenziak   April 1 at 1:24am

st chuck is good till you play 13 14 15 & 16 some of the pads have water if not still have ice covering the pads

Randy Tripp   April 1 at 1:34pm

i would assume chip banks is much worse than freeland, is ne one headed to either today? debating on whichone to hit up

John Hansen   April 1 at 2:07pm

i played there yesterday instead of freeland and it really isnt in bad shape. every hole is definitely playable from teepad to basket

Jason Kibbe    March 27 at 7:13pm

I lost a pink beast with a ying yang dye I put on has my name on it please return if found. I am giving a reward.

Tony Mapes   March 27 at 11:39pm

What hole?

Eric Francis    March 17 at 9:41pm

How is the course right now? Just curious how much snow/ice/water is out there. Do I need my waders lol


Tyler Quinn    March 13 at 5:54pm

lost a new blue prodigy d5 on hole 10 right side in the creek, please message me if found, it's not mine my friend lost it


Alex Romanelli    March 11 at 5:44pm

Found two discs out here today. Let me know what you're missing and I'll let you know if I have it.

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Tyler Quinn   March 13 at 11:53am

Yellow champ tern

jeff j   March 20 at 6:30pm

2012 ace race zombie had a red ribbon I think hole 15

Josh Bickel   April 10 at 10:53am

Blue firebird.

Moe Dixon    March 11 at 2:43pm

I found three discs out here today, you let me know what hole and what disc you lost and ill get it back to you.

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Tyler Quinn   March 13 at 11:54am

Yellow champ tern

Moe Dixon   March 13 at 3:44pm

nope and alex didnt find it either

Josh Bickel   April 10 at 10:54am

Blue firebird on hole 12.

Jason Kibbe    March 7 at 5:16pm

Lost a huk lab blue teebird and a orange kc Aviar. Reward if found and returned my name and number of is on rim

Moe Dixon   March 7 at 5:41pm

what holes?

Tyler Quinn   March 7 at 7:20pm

kc aviar right side up between basket and train tracks on 13. teebird left side of the fairway on 16.

jeff j    February 3 at 8:41pm

are the tee pads clear or has course not been played in awhile

Tony Mapes   February 3 at 8:58pm

No and the snow is deep and real deep in spots.

jeff j   February 4 at 8:10pm

ya found that out myself today snow is too fluffy lost a disc on 15 2012 ace race had a ribbon and still lost it

David Sepulvedo    January 20 at 5:37pm

Also lost a Blue Champion Roc+ on Saturday, I have no idea what hole it was on though.


David Sepulvedo    January 18 at 6:11pm

Lost an orangeish yellow 12x champ teebird on hole 9 on the left side of the fairway and a red D1 on hole 10 either in the water to the right at the base of the hill or around it, no name or #.


jeff j    January 18 at 9:11am

anybody got a snow report how bad is it there deep or icey?


Joshua Seaver    January 1 at 9:22pm

lost a red champion beast on hole 10 left side base of hill area


Matt Homan    January 1 at 8:17pm

Lost a pinkish opto striker in the brush on the left side of the fairway in the snow. If any1 firnds it id like it back $$$

Tony Mapes   January 1 at 9:07pm

What hole?

Joshua Seaver   January 1 at 9:20pm