Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Brian Schoening    1 day ago

Lost a green star destroyer on hole 11. Hit tree off tee pad and kicked left off fairway. BS and PDGA# on bottom. Reward for it's return.


Henry Theodoroff    1 day ago

lost a dga proline torrent on hole 22 hit a tree kicked left, would be great to get back


steve sevonty    2 days ago

Lost red gstar tl on old 16 just disappeared $$ for return


Emilio Vasquez    7 days ago

I lost a blue Latitude 64 Bolt on hole 1 and a yellow Prodigy F2 on hole 8. Name and number on the discs. Bolt has a sun dyed on the front of the disc. Cash or disc (your choice) reward if returned.

Skyler stoker   7 days ago

Is it pretty bad out there?

Emilio Vasquez   7 days ago

The snow on a few holes were really deep. I should have used ribbon but I know where I usually land out there so I thought I would be ok...i thought wrong lol

Miles Campbell    February 21 at 10:45am

What's the current tee pad situation?

Joshua Ballinger   February 21 at 11:03am

john Hamel shoveled and salted 1-18

Jeff Bauman   February 21 at 11:05am

Yep the shorts are done!

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   February 21 at 1:26pm

just try to keep them that way. if there's snow, clear it and don't tramp it down. no one wants icy teepads and the chance to twist or roll something.

Jeff Bauman    February 18 at 7:34pm

Hamel cleared and salted I believe all holes 1-18 shorts! So thanks to him, go on out and enjoy! If you play, please bring a shovel or broom with you. Try not to run thru the snow on the tee boxes if you can help it. And thank you John. Above and beyond bro!

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Darren Harper   February 19 at 2:02am

Death to all isis!

Tony Vidal   February 19 at 8:07am

ummm. does that include all neck beards?

Jeff Hulet   6 days ago

I second that "Darren"..!!

Dominik W    February 5 at 10:48am

Was out there yesterday with a couple buddies, cleared off several tee pads in the back thru the swamp hole, at which point we skipped and played hole 11 - 13. *Short Tee Pads where applicable!

steve nolff   February 5 at 11:02am

Great job, Dominik. I'm sure with the snow we have had, it was a lot of work. Maybe just a reminder to anyone reading this.....Never play off of a snow covered tee pad. It make clearing them infinately more difficult.

Dominik W   February 5 at 11:08am

Indeed...we only lasted about 2 hours, definitely took our time trekking thru the deep stuff!

Jessica J   February 5 at 7:48pm

thank you. I attempted some and it wasn't that successful lol but it was something.

Jay B INSANITY DGC    January 24 at 3:04pm

Left a broom sitting behind the shack at 1 last week at league, probably gone but would like it back if anyone grabbed it


Henry Theodoroff    January 24 at 12:33pm

How are the tee pads out there?

Joshua Ballinger   January 24 at 12:41pm

my guess is shoveled since league was there last week

Garrett Noechel    January 17 at 7:01pm

Looking to purchase 2 or 3 Axiom Craves. looking only for the Watermelon stamp and the Spider stamp. Willing to pay the price and pay cash. text me anytime at 586-256-5276 Garrett. happy discing!


Ron Armstrong    January 2 at 6:44pm

lost a green cryztal nuke with a dirty dozen stamp.. has my name and pdga # on it... reward if found.


Jeremy Ward    December 13 at 12:35pm

left a pink champ roc3 out there last weekend. Don't know which hole, as I just noticed that its not in my bag. Reward for its return


William "Wilcone" Fretz    December 13 at 11:01am

Left a yellow 170 preflight destroyer on hole 18 off to the right. Should have my name or number on it. Return it and it's over, but if you do not I will find you.

Bruce McCallister   December 15 at 1:39pm


Brian Schoening    December 10 at 10:04pm

I lost a disc on Sunday. I am not sure what hole, it most likely fell out of my bag. It is a light orange Gstar Beast. BS on the bottom. It's my baby and I would love for its return.


Josh Cook Broken Oak    December 10 at 9:44pm

Hey guys, If you have time please go check out
It's our brand new website/store. Let us know what you think, and grab yourself some new plastic!


Skyler stoker    December 5 at 11:08am

If anybody finds an orange star AJ star destroyer 167g I lost one out there the other day. It has someone elses number on it because I just traded for it and I don't know what the number was. Black and orange stamp.


Jay B INSANITY DGC    November 13 at 9:41am

GLOW SKINS TONIGHT! Cmon dont let that snow scare you away from playing, those flurries are nothing! 630pm @ firefighters...Come out and play some glow skins with us tonight, ace pool is at $439, playoff pot is $182, 100% cash ctp and longest putt prizes too!


Jonathan Sand    November 4 at 8:32pm

Found a disc on 17 behind the basket, edge of fairway. No ink. You know what to do!

Ryan Kelly   November 4 at 11:43pm

Lost my Buzzz put there few days ago

Brendan Livingston   November 5 at 10:30am

Lost my Blue nuke ss out there last week.

Jonathan Sand   November 6 at 2:25am

Neither of those. Sorry guys.

Anthony Litts    November 4 at 4:48pm

Found a disc on hole 23. Wasn't in the water. No name no number.

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Ryan Kelly   November 4 at 11:39pm

lost my Buzzz out there few days ago?

Miles Campbell   November 5 at 6:50am

blue champ spider, silver ti buzz, or yellow star road runner?

Anthony Litts   November 5 at 8:00am

It's Dx plastic.

Jeremy Ward    November 2 at 11:30pm

lost an orange proto m4 to the right of the basket on the border of the rough on hole 6. reward if returned


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