Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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jeff McIntyre    1 day ago

Anyone trying to throw a twilight round? Hit me up!!


Adam Sullivan    2 days ago

Any one know what this course is like after the rain we just had? Does it hold water or get muddy, or does it stay relatively dry?

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Adam Sullivan   2 days ago

Thanks!! Very helpful. I had plans of going out there before it rained and was rethinking making the trip up there. Now I know I can still go.

Skyler Stoker   2 days ago

Obviously make sure you take plenty of towels because the grass will be wet but there is rarely standing water or much mud

Adam Sullivan   2 days ago

Right. The standing water and mud was my biggest concern.

Jeremy Ward    April 24 at 7:08pm

Lost a purple mcbeth destroyer at leagues on Friday. It was on hole 1 of the green, in the shot between 1 and hole 9's basket


Tyler alfano    April 18 at 9:16pm

Another one bites the dust. Lost a pink sexton fb in the swamp hole 6 green. Reward for return name number and pdga is inked on rim.

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Garrett Emenheiser   April 18 at 9:35pm

Moment of silence

Elijah "bawbeast" Wykes   April 18 at 10:11pm


Tyler alfano   April 19 at 1:51am

Loved it so much I ordered two more. Not a huge deal just upsetting to lose another one. At least I actually lost this one and just didn't leave it behind ha

Christian Doman    April 12 at 1:36pm

I lost a white star teebird on the left side of 11 green yesterday. No ink, rainbow stock stamp.
*substantial reward for its return*


Miles smilez Campbell    April 8 at 9:03am

May have left a pink proton tesla behind. No name or number. Was either here on blue course or at firefighters


Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth    April 4 at 8:29pm

Lost a champ orc on blue 1 today

Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth   April 4 at 9:42pm

Clear tye dye with red blue

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   April 5 at 1:46am

first week and already a soldier gone?

Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth   April 5 at 9:05am

Yup just got it too first throw with it, it's inked with Jake and phone #

Jason Valuet    April 3 at 10:31pm

Lost blue heat on hole 2

Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth   April 4 at 8:29pm

What color and stamp?

Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth   April 5 at 9:07am

I found it

Brad B    April 3 at 3:21pm

Lost a blue champ roc3 on hole 5 green. Went to the left, possibly in the swamp.


Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth    April 3 at 12:14pm

Layout for our Season Kick Off
April 4th 2016
All divisions will be playing Blue Shorts


Gone Discin Paracords Hole # 5 (6Ninjas)

Gone Discin.... Hole # 9 (Club Disc)

Broken Oak Hole #10 (TBD)

Cash CTP Hole #16 (50/50) Ca$h

Sterling's Bistro Hole #18 ($10 Giftcard)

We have an $85 Ace pool to start
Let get this started!!


Scott Kuechle    March 30 at 9:15pm

I threw and lost a yellow star beast on the huge hill hole which would be the old twenty seven, faded left. Name and number on it $


Brandon Kuhn    March 30 at 6:16pm

Lost a pink proto heat on the 26th has my pdga number in there is s rewards for return


Ducky Faulkner    March 26 at 10:16pm

left behind a custom dye stalker with a rubber ducky in the middle


justin lohr    March 22 at 8:40pm

Left a orange 1st run blizzard wraith on 17 plz return


Randall Kaszynski    March 20 at 9:06pm

Found a prodigy putter on no. 9 on 3.19.16 - let me know the color and model and let me get it back to you! 4 digit number and some personal script- contact me for return

Miles smilez Campbell   March 21 at 11:31am

White with Flag stamp pa4?

Brandon Ray    March 18 at 8:09pm

Lost a pink banger on the short par 3 over the swamp /pond. Dragged it with a branch towards the hole side of the swamp right up to the bank and lost sight of it. keep it if you want it or return it if not. Name and number on it.

Jessica J   March 18 at 10:16pm

omg I'm so sorry to hear this!!! I will Def keep my eyes out!! hopefully someone doesn't keep, but if you're not happy to get her back I will for sure take her off your hands. bangers for life!!!

Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth    March 17 at 12:17pm

Found 1 on 9 Green today name it and I'll get it back to you

Mike Myres   March 18 at 4:12am

dayglo stamp?

Larry Koebbe   March 28 at 7:14pm

Pink Buzzz?

Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth   April 4 at 7:42am


Brian Schoening    March 16 at 1:53am

Found a putter on hole 12 green under the leaves - about basket deep. It's an Ace Disc, but the phone # is a bit too faded. LMK

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Jay B   March 16 at 11:27am

Figured it was worth a shot lol

Kyle Gulan   March 16 at 12:08pm

Is it a z Breeze?

Brian Schoening   March 16 at 9:56pm

nope, sorry

Mike Myres    March 13 at 9:35pm

I'm pretty sure I threw my approach and then walked away from my yellow Glide with a gold stamp. I believe it was on 9 green would be awesome to get her back!


Jessica J    March 12 at 11:10pm

I know this is far fetched, but I lost my beats wireless headphone somewhere on the course. Prob blue course if anything but could be either one. I know my discs don't always find their way back to me, but if someone would be so kind to actually return these to me I will compensate greatly. Please please please. They are gray and bright pink. I feel lost on the course without them :(

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Miles smilez Campbell   March 15 at 10:02am

Booth to pay for dging. I think it opened Saturday

Jessica J   March 16 at 11:00pm

no go. but I appreciate the thought. still on the look.

Miles smilez Campbell   March 17 at 10:55am


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