Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Brendan Livingston    2 days ago

Found a disc out there today near the tee-off shed. Tell me the color and model of the disc you lost. Unmarked.

Skyler stoker   2 days ago

Purple p2? Lost one on out there once messing around

Brendan Livingston   2 days ago

No sorry not a Purple nor a p2.

Michael McGinnis    5 days ago

Lost a blue banshee at the bottom of 27 right of the basket probably about pin high or past the path. Lost it in the snow. Cash or plastic for its return

Michael McGinnis   5 days ago

old 27 current hole 10 green course

David Bihl    November 17 at 6:29pm

Played the new course at stony today for the first time. It is an excellent compliment to the old course. These two courses are world class in my opinion and will make anyone's game better because of the length. Great job on the design!!


Jeff Bauman    November 14 at 10:27pm

Unsanctioned Pdga ratings based event tomorrow. $20 gets you in.


Miles smilez Campbell    November 14 at 10:15pm

Still looking for a white mvp atom lossy about a couple months back. Number CLEARLY MARKED on disc in side rim........

Miles smilez Campbell   November 14 at 10:16pm

on 13 to right

Joe Mattina    November 8 at 8:21pm

Lost my 11x Wutang firebird on the front 9 of the blue course $$$ or plastic for safe return

Christopher sheldon   November 9 at 7:24pm

was it Yellow?

Joe Mattina   November 10 at 4:49pm


Jeff Bauman    November 6 at 12:20am

Tournaments this weekend at Stony!

Stony Creek Showdown
For amateurs, doubles and pro masters.

Stony Creek Open
PDGA B tier for open men and women.
$1,000 for the men's winner!

Hope to see you there!


Jeff Bauman    November 5 at 7:26am

My tie dye yellow towel fell out of my bag. Has a Team Stony embroidery on it. Let me know if you come across it please.

Jeff Bauman   November 5 at 7:39am

somewhere btweem hole 3 and 9

Alex Villanueva    November 4 at 11:07pm

Lost a yellow yeti pro aviar on hole 10 of the green course. Reward I'd found


Josh Marshall    November 2 at 1:09pm

Did anyone happen to find some keys in the parking lot yesterday during the turkey open? Would've been pretty hard to miss, it was a crap ton of keys.


Jeff Bauman    November 2 at 8:40am

A group of us will be playing at 11:30 tomorrow, Tuesday. Probably gonna run some dubs or something. You can pay for the tournament this weekend if you wish. I will also be up at stony later in the week around the same time if you want to hook up or pay for the tourney.

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Darren Harper   November 2 at 5:59pm

Surgery with no anesthesia!

Jeff Bauman   November 2 at 6:49pm

...Feel the knife pierce you intensely!

Darren Harper   November 5 at 10:47pm

Yeah you got it...

Christopher sheldon    November 1 at 8:40pm

Lost a proto eco Xcal on hole 15 right side .pin high. Somebody may have snagged her. :(

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   November 2 at 2:10am


Christopher sheldon   November 2 at 10:20am

BLUE... :(

Tyler alfano    October 30 at 6:55am

Anybody down for a 9 am tee time today?

Tyler alfano   October 30 at 6:56am

Green or blue or both!! More golf the better.

Mike Neldrett   October 30 at 9:25am

My brother & I may be out there around noon

Jeff Bauman    October 28 at 10:32am

STONY CREEK TOURNAMENTS COMING UP! Saturday Nov 7 is the STONY CREEK SHOWDOWN Its an unsanctioned, ratings based, amateur and pro masters event. Sunday NOV 8 is the STONY CREEK OPEN PDGA B tier for men and women open. $1,000 to the MPO Champion. $200 added to the FPO purse. Stony Creek has agreed to close one of their courses to the public while we pl ... more


Tyler alfano    October 25 at 10:27pm

Anybody looking to shoot tmrw morning? 9ish tee time. Let me know!


Garrett Emenheiser    October 25 at 8:13pm

Lost a read team stony star destroyer on 18 north course. Hit first tree on right and kicked into brush. Don't member if info is on it. 586-533-0180 reward if returned


bill poole    October 25 at 10:40am

Lost a brownish pink air havoc on hole 12 of north course left of basket.reward if found. 586 209 9124 bill


Jeff Hollinger    October 24 at 2:28pm

I found a disc on hole 2 last night. Describe it and it's yours.

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Miles smilez Campbell   October 25 at 4:40pm

white atom or pink white rim fireball

Rick L   October 28 at 10:56am

Red DX Roc?

Jeff Hollinger   October 28 at 11:13am

nope neither of those

Jeff Hollinger    October 24 at 12:44am

Lost a yellow big z mantis on hole 14. My info is on the back. Reward if returned.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   October 24 at 1:28am

blue or green?

Jeff Hollinger   October 24 at 2:27pm

The disc I lost is yellow/green I guess. More like yellow.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   October 26 at 2:04am

I meant course. blue or green course

Rick L    October 14 at 4:11pm

Lost a fluorecesent greenish/yellowish Z plastic nuke OS left of basket 8 on the blue course. Somewhere between 8 basket and 9 tee/fairway?


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