Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Jeremy Ward    1 hour ago

lost a blue gstar destroyer on 19... should've landed on the right side of the tunnel but searched there and couldn't find it

Jeremy Ward   57 minutes ago

Also found a disc on 19 while looking for mine... its red with no name/number tell me what disc it is and its yours

Jay B INSANITY DGC    5 days ago

LOST AND FOUND: 1. I lost my Ecig(black and silver) between hole 1s tee pad and hole 2s basket last night during the ctp throw off, im sure its lost for good in that tall grass but a generous reward if found and returned 2. Found a green disc in the process of going back out to look for my Ecig this morning, tell me what it is and what the writing is on the bottom and I'll be glad to return it

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Matthew Potts   5 days ago


Ryan Koeppen   3 days ago

gale vaughn destroyer?

Jay B INSANITY DGC   3 days ago

not a destroyer

Emilio Vasquez    July 3 at 7:19pm

I lost an orange groove on hole 26 right side of the fairway thought it was right next to the fairway but my friend and I couldnt find it. Also lost a white esp buzzz somewhere on the course. I never picked it up after a shot but I cant remember what hole I left it on. Name and number on the back of both REWARD if found!

Ben Bobowski   July 3 at 8:00pm

It was probably lost on the back nine

Matthew Potts    July 2 at 1:25pm

Lost a see through yellow nuke ss on hole 18 on July 1st. Looked for it yesterday and went back this morning... Has my name and number on it. Would really like it back if it was picked up yesterday. Thanks!


Jeff Bauman    July 1 at 10:15pm

Lost a blue blizzard boss on hole 26 about 90' short of the basket. I think is on the right side of the fairway in the thicket.

mike walker   July 2 at 11:52am

90 short?so it was ur 2nd shot?ill look for it.

Paul Bunko   July 2 at 12:35pm

That thicket will take your disc and not give it back.

Jeff Bauman   July 2 at 12:56pm

Dude I'm getting those blizzards WELL over 300' suka!

Neil Duffey    July 1 at 9:45pm

this tourney is creeping up! 19 days! cashless pre-reg welcomed!

Anthony Litts   July 1 at 10:06pm

Just a heads up. Posting this way tends to make people unhappy.

Neil Duffey   July 1 at 10:52pm

why is that? I'm just trying to get the word out

Anthony Litts    July 1 at 9:40pm

Found your orange dx shark on hole 10 Matt Tz. Message me and I'll get it back to you.


Branden Burak    June 30 at 2:28pm

Lost a yellow avenger ss on hole 26 today, dead straight from the tee pad, right side of mid fairway inte tree/bushes. Name and number on it, would love to have it back, reward if returned!


Sean Beckett    June 30 at 1:16pm

Lost a Green/Yellow Prodigy First Run D4 on hole 11 today. On the right in the brush. Would love to have it back, I believe name and number are inked on the back.


Jonathan Sand    June 29 at 10:19pm

Found 13 discs at Stony today. Let me know what/where you lost it and I will return it.

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Jonathan Sand   July 1 at 1:04pm

No nukes, sorry

Adam P   July 3 at 8:56am

Was there a baby blue havoc

Jonathan Sand   July 3 at 11:38am

No havoc

Anthony Litts    June 28 at 10:03pm

Found a disc on hole 10. Top of the hill to the left side. No name no number. Tell me what it is and I will get it back to you.

Has a mark on the back that's just a design.

Paul Bunko   June 30 at 7:55am

Does the design kind of look like an angry man? :)

steve nolff   June 30 at 8:39am

Red opto Core? Symbol looks like this? >:O

Anthony Litts   June 30 at 10:47am

Sorry thats not it.

Jeff Bauman    June 27 at 10:37am

Due to the fireworks tonight, we have moved our Friday night league to Riverbeds for the evening. Reg starts at 5:30. boom!


Benny G.    June 25 at 11:59am

Hittin up Stoney at about 1:30 should be tee-time. Holla if you're down 2-4-8-7-7-3-6-7-7-1


Anthony Litts    June 25 at 10:54am

Heading out to Stoney if anyone want to join.


Duncan Underwood    June 23 at 10:08pm

Lost a green bottom stamped z buzzz Sunday. Would love to get it back. Name and # on rim

Neil Duffey   June 23 at 10:53pm

what hole dunco?

Neil Duffey    June 22 at 7:01pm

i lost my crystal buzz in the drink today. misfits crimson ghost dyed on it, w name and number. its orange. if its found and returned I've got PLENTY of plastic to compensate its safe return. ill swap you a new buzzz for it even. it means a lot to me. thanks.

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Jeff Hollinger   June 26 at 10:35pm

Old dude, his son Devon, I think, sells discs too at addy, firefighters and stony

Jeff Hollinger   June 26 at 10:36pm

Good **** tho, I picked it up saw your name and remembered seeing it a lot on here.

Neil Duffey   June 26 at 11:22pm

i really appreciate that a lot. does the dude drive a blueish hatch back of some sort? i think I've seen em before. squarely little ****s? kinda nerdy?

Ryan P    June 22 at 12:27pm

Anyone want to play a round with me today?already played one solo it'd be fun to throw with some people. My friends are too lazy to come out here


Anthony Litts    June 21 at 5:26pm

Found a disc on hole 24 with no name and no number. Tell me what it is and I will get it back to you.

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Anthony Litts   June 21 at 9:22pm

Not a Firebird. Was on dry land, not in the water.

Ryan Koeppen   3 days ago

green destroyer?

Anthony Litts   3 days ago

Not a Destroyer.

Krystal Fromm    June 21 at 9:40am

I'm sure the course is littered with plastic! It was so dark I lost an orange blizzard katana on 14 right side? And a blue Starlite roadrunner in the right side bush on 16.

Tony Vidal   June 21 at 10:33am

I also lost a blue metal flake tern 19 left side 25 off of tunnel and a purple blizzard destroyer left side 26 some where...

Jake Steinbrecher    June 19 at 3:01pm

Lost a Feldberg champ boss on 19 dayglo with dye if anyone finds it