Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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John Hamel    1 day ago

lost a blue blizzard boss on 26 right side short of the basket JLH 7443 written on it


Josh Cook Broken Oak    4 days ago

Hey Stony fans! Broken Oak Disc Golf and Gone Discin' Paracords present the Gone Discin' Stony Monday Night League! It starts this Monday March 30th. Registration opens at 5pm with tee off at 6. There will be 3 divisions, Open, Intermediate, and Recreational. There is also a womens division forming. Lots of great CTP prizes and a huge Ace Pool of over $200 that has carried over from last year!! This is going to be one of the best leagues in our area this year! See ya on Monday!

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Brain Evans   2 days ago

I just found the league link

Josh Cook Broken Oak   1 day ago

Hey guys, It was great to see you both out there Monday night! Keep comin!

Brain Evans   22 hours ago

Had a good time, i'll be back for sure

Henry Theodoroff    4 days ago

The only thing I have to say is that I am relatively new to this sport. I've only been playing for a year, and with a year of experience, I lose quite a few discs that have my name and number on them. However, no one returns them, which is the odd thing. Every single time I have found a disc, I have called the number and returned it to them. I do not understand what is so hard about returning a disc. There absolutely needs something to be done about this, because it is outrageous.

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Jessica J   2 days ago

so I can't say*** error

John Minicuci   2 days ago

you can say it all you want Jess. It will get censored here on the Scene tho.

Jessica J   2 days ago

john I was correcting my autocorrect can when it should have been can't... but I get why u said that, I do have a mouth like a sailot lol oopsy

Christian Doman    4 days ago

Red Star Cro in the little pond on the back nine. Heavily inked on back with my PDGA number. I'll be playing Friday night leagues, if you found it and want to return it.

Bruce McCallister   4 days ago

I'll keep an eye out buddy.

Christian Doman   4 days ago


donny v    5 days ago

Anyone interested in a WEDS Night League at Mill Creek?

I grew up playing Addison, Stony and Riverbends. Mill Creek is a combination of all three!
It might be a little drive for some, but if you live in Genesse, Lapeer, St. Clair, or northern Oakland or Macomb Counties it shouldn't take too long to get here. It's about 35 mins NE of Romeo.


richard bell    March 24 at 7:28pm

Blind to see them.


richard bell    March 24 at 7:27pm

Beautiful out there on the course besides for all the boozer bottles everywhere. Yo stoney has garbage baskets incase your to


Eddie Ruiz Grateful Discer    March 18 at 8:13pm

Attention all players 50 and over on August 14th Friday starting at 9:00 am The Michigan Senior Olympics Disc Golf tournament will take place At Stony Creek , More information will be up coming in April, lets have a good turnout as this will be a annual event , Other states have disc golf as part of the senior games, there is a national event every year as well. Questions contact Becky Ridky Executive Director
Michigan Senior Olympics [email redacted] / 248-608-0252

steve nolff   March 19 at 9:28am

Sounds like fun Eddie. I will plan on attending.

John Minicuci   March 19 at 10:14am

Thanks Eddie, I talked with Becky and will be posting the event within a few days here on the Scene.

Eddie Ruiz Grateful Discer   March 19 at 4:24pm

Yeah John I told her you were the man! Thanks for the help look forward to the posting!

Jessica J    March 15 at 6:55pm

IT IS NOT OK TO STEAL PEOPLES DISCS!!!!! If a disc is found with ink on it please return!!!!!!

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steve nolff   March 19 at 9:41am

Unfortunately, improvements, upkeep, new installation are all done on the backs of the volunteer structure. Even in the state and metro park systems, where park help and money are available, the manpower and application of these is as strong as the clubs or individuals helping. Brandon, I am sure you are probably active and involved, but moving the game forward is about action, not words.

steve nolff   March 19 at 9:53am

A quick work about the topic of casuals. I am not even a fan of the word. Few of us started the game with a tournament bag of 25 brand new discs and jumping in to tier A tournaments. All of us probably started as "casuals". A lot of new players just need some education on what some of ... more

Jeff Hulet   March 19 at 4:01pm

Brandon, It may be worth it if I lived closer to Stoney. Stoney is 35 miles from me, that is why I only played the "Re-disc" tourney. I live 4 miles from Holly Woods and yes, I would help clean it up when I have the time. I am also closer to the up coming course at Silver Lake in Fenton.

Brian Schoening    March 14 at 8:55pm

Lost a Green AJ Star Destroyer on hole 11 off fairway on left hand side about 50 - 75 from tee pad. Cash or disc trade for its return. Initials and PDGA # on back.


Danny Brooks    March 14 at 10:32am

How are course conditions today? Thinking of getting a round in, but hope it's not too muddy.

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Branden Burak   March 14 at 11:38am

Still pretty wet, a bit muddy on some holes... just a heads up, they're charging to get into the park today and there's leagues at 1.

Danny Brooks   March 14 at 11:48am

good to know. thanks again!

Danny Brooks   March 14 at 7:13pm

I played 19-27 this afternoon. Conditions in the back were decent...still some snow and not too muddy. But, once everything thaws out, it'll probably be a lot more messy

Samantha Socia    March 12 at 8:40pm

I left an orange king somewhere on the course a couple weeks ago, not sure where but I'll trade for it back!


Jon Londer    March 12 at 10:19am

this is a long shot but last sat at bobis dubs i lost a green echo destroyer on hole 2 (old 18) 2/3 up the fairway on the left side, on top of the hill, left of the tree, in that deep snow. It has my name on it and reward for return. thanks

Brandon Dub   March 12 at 1:56pm

Did it have a basket made out of flames on it?

Jon Londer   March 12 at 5:18pm

no, its the old stock stamp, vulcan top one...

Brandon Dub   March 12 at 7:17pm

Ahh. I just know a guy that found one with a flaming basket stamp. Good luck tho.

Jon Camp    March 12 at 1:16am

What is the course conditions i was thinking about going down for a round. And are they collecting the pay to play just lookin for a little info i am not from the area

logan young   March 12 at 2:48am

7 to get in and water on course but if you play everyday its not that bad i dont think

Mike Wood   March 12 at 6:31am

I'll be at firefighters from 5:30 till about 9:30 tonight if u want to stop by and get that destroyer of yours I have.

Jon Camp   March 12 at 1:51pm

im coming down to the area to play either 1rd at stony and 1 at firefighters or 2 at firefighters should see you down there give me a shout

Bruce McCallister    March 11 at 9:46pm

I found a red disc on hole three today past the tee to the right with no name or number on it. If you can describe what disc it is I have it ready for your return.

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Jeremy Ward   March 12 at 10:31pm

factory second destroyer?

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   March 13 at 1:54am

ah wel. Thanks for the efforts

Bruce McCallister   March 13 at 3:02am

Jeremy, did not find that one and brandon you are very welcome.

Jonathan Sand    March 11 at 9:22pm

Our group lost four discs out there today but compensated for an ace on 18. The casualties are as followed:
Hole 5. Red champion wraith, right side.
Hole 11. Pink surge ss, right side.
Hole 11. Yellow star destroyer, right side.
Hole 18. Yellow destroyer, left side.
rewards for return. ALSO, we are going out there tomorrow to look for them so comment if you have any other lost plastic, we'll check if we have time. Happy discing!

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Tony Vidal   March 12 at 8:52am

what side?

Miles Campbell   March 12 at 9:57am

anything marked smilez on inside rim. number should be there to

Jonathan Sand   March 12 at 12:01pm

the one I found on 6 was in the basket yesterday

Chris Vanscoy    March 11 at 7:36pm

Lost a yellow pfn champ monster on hole 7 and lost a yellow bottom stamp roc on hole 15

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Chris Vanscoy   March 19 at 11:42am

you want to call me a theif but turn around and keep my stuff from me lmao yea that makes you better then me...youre pathetic dude and i didnt point anybody in any direction with mike now youre just making stupid bull**** up that doesnt even make sense

Shaun Adkins   March 19 at 7:10pm

I don't have your ****. you think it's a coincidence that you were at mikeys trying to buy those pre proto apes off him and pay him later type **** but he didn't want to. You knew they were going out all night because of his sisters birthday. You knew the discs and weed were easy to g ... more

Chris Vanscoy   March 20 at 8:04pm

yea i got that ape on ebay mike pre proto apes werent the only one and no i never knew his sisters birthday was that night so your facts are invalid

Christian Doman    March 10 at 9:08pm

I lost a purple star destroyer with a lost disc tribe totem stamp on the left side of hole 3. No ink. Reward!

Christian Doman   March 14 at 12:07am

The irony of this is just hitting me.

John Frazer    March 10 at 12:31pm

Does anybody know what the conditions are like as of today

Bruce McCallister   March 11 at 9:49pm

Slushy in some areas and 4-6 inches of water in others.

Ron Armstrong    March 10 at 7:48am

lost a light blue/white/red vibram unlace on hole 1 about 30-50 feet from basket in the center or left side. its a garbage disc but id like to get it back. will reward cash or plastic.


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