Stafford Woods

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Chris Szanto 63 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Steven Gorgos 60 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes

Friday, March 3, 2017

Matt Fairfield 60 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Adam Mihara 73 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "Played a round with Fin who is really an excellent disc golfer for his age. This was by far the most solid round I've played with the score reflecting that. 1 went okay with a good tree kick. My forehand wasn't strong but it was fair on hole 2. I got in a little trouble on 3 with my DX Valkyrie turning on me over the water more than I expected. Hole 4 went very well with my TL-Thunderbird combo and Roc upshot for an easy putt. I came up real short with my drive on 5 and had to make 2 recovery throws to get to the basket. On 7 someone had stolen my Blizzard Beast. I took it back and parked it. BAD drive on 8. Gazelle died. Pounded trees on 9. 10 went well with a tomahawk. 11 started okay but I need to be more mindful of placement instead of distance. Throw high on 12 to get it up the hill. Forehand went super long on 13. Throw lower. Ran up the hill to the right on 14 and parked the upshot for par. 15 I got out of the woods with my Wraith and made a nice fairway throw with my Teebird. I took the Wraith on a monster hyzer and went down the back path and took a great skip toward the basket. Parked for par! 16 was my normal throws but getting closer to having a putt in 2. 17 I split the gap with my Valkyrie and had a good forehand to the basket area with my Saint Pro. 18 I keep hitting the same tree on my approach. I may need more hyzer or better placement to get back around the corner again."

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Adam Mihara 34 - Long Tees, 9 holes "Quick 9 with Giovanni. He played well using a Sidewinder. The Buzzz-SS was a little heavy for him. My forehand was working well and I parked my Aquarius on short 3."

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Adam Mihara 63 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "Fun round with Fran and Fran Sr. and his Slipknot buddy Mike. Mike was playing music throughout the entire round through his phone and it was hard to concentrate when he was constantly changing mid-song. I still played well considering we didn't play holes 15 or 16. If I add 10 strokes it would have still been my best round ever. We did short tee on 3 7 10 and 11 so I'm sure that helped."

Friday, July 29, 2016

Adam Mihara 89 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "I started off with a great first throw for birdie. Then the game got ugly quick. I was trying to really work the forehand and it got me in trouble multiple times on hole 2. Hole 3 was looking good with my new Aquarius off the tee but I pounded a tree. Just gotta rope it in a bit. Bad drive on hole 4 meant a bad score. Destroyer without wind is no good for 5. I tried a roller off the tee on 6. Doesn't work. Try it for the 2nd throw. Bonehead move on 7 off the tee forced me to pitch to the short tee. Over the water, missed putt, made putt. Adjusting the target when I throw my Hydra will help. Didn't get the good drive on 8 so the score suffered. Long straight forehand on 9 never faded. Long upshot got held back by a tree and I made the putt for 3. Lucky. Hit a hanging limb on 10 and ruined my tomahawk drive. 11 was bad from the get go and alternating from one side of the fairway to the other wasn't a good look. Bad tree kick made me waste a throw too. 12 was uneventful. 13 I had an okay drive with the Saint Pro to put me in birdie range but couldn't convert over a laurel bush. 14 was bad from the tee and went way too far right. 15 had some downed trees resulting in a rough out from the tee. 16 was uneventful and I'm still trying to get into the putting circle in 2 throws. I can't get that cheater route on 17 to work. 18 was my typical drive, approach and putt."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dickey Scott 84 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "Didnt quite hit EVERY tree..."

Monday, July 18, 2016

Adam Mihara 81 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "I pounded a tree on hole 1 and went completely long with my upshot due the Shark gliding out. Missed the putt. 2 is a blur but it included a terribad hyzer forehand with my TL that went nowhere. 3 went better and I cleared the lake with my DX Valk to land on the hill. Parked the Truth with my upshot and made the putt. My drive on 4 went nowhere with my TL. Dug ground but dead straight. My Teebird got me to the little hills on the left. Again I hit the dead branches on the right. 5 was a blur. 6 I played well again with 2 great throws and a strong forehand flick with the Truth to nail the hill just below the basket. 7 I boned the tree to the right again, just escaped to the short tee. Carried long and left of the basket. Missed the putt. 8 was a blur. 9 I had a good forehand drive. 10 I missed my Tomahawk again. 11 didn't go well. 12 I came up short and left on my drive and it just died after I threw it. 13 my forehand put me in the bushes to the far right. 14 I came up short on my drive. 15 I got to the field but needed 2 shots to get down to the woods. 2 putted. 16 went as well as 16 could go. 17 I missed my drive again and had to get out of trouble. I think my second shot here should be the Leopard. 18 was a steady par."

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Adam Mihara 79 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "I started on hole 17 which always seems to give me trouble. I had a bad tree kick off the bat and ended up with a 5 due to a terrible putt. On 18 I made an okay drive but hit a tree somewhere along the way to give a long upshot. I nailed my line on hole 1 and parked it for a birdie. Felt good to finally tame that hole. I went long on my putt on 2 and had to do a comebacker which I clanged off the cage when it stuck to my hand. On 3 I hit a tree on my drive and ended up at the short tee. Got over on my 2nd shot and had a long blind forehand. Missed the putt, missed the comebacker too. Got an okay drive on 4 but my 2nd shot landed on a hill and gave me a tough upshot into the pin area. I hit the lone dead branch on the right side and it threw my disc down. I had a good drive on 5 and messed up my upshot with a tailwind that carried my Mako to the right. Laid up and missed the putt long. Had to come back from the groundhog hole. 6 went really well with my drive staying low and my fairway shot staying left. My Truth upshot landed to the left side of the pin hill and I made the putt with some super concentration and hand adjustment for loft. I messed up my layup on 7 and ended up behind a tree. I carried over the pond with my Valkyrie but was deep in the woods. Upshot with the Truth and missed the putt. Hole 8 I got an okay drive and okay 2nd throw. My upshot made it to the basket area but long and right. Missed my putt. I got a good drive on 9 although it kicked into the woods on the right. An anhyzer Mako shot through a small window had me parked for a 3. I messed up my Tomahawk on 10 and had to fight to get back on track. Missed putt. I don't remember how I got to 7 on hole 11 but I know I did and was fairly happy with it. Unremarkable par on 12. Ended up in the woods to the left on 13 with my forehand flub. Hit another tree on my escape. Got out, missed the putt. Made the putt. 14 was an unremarkable par except for making a putt after a long upshot.15 I got out of the woods to the left in the grass. Made a throw with my Teebird to the left side fairway. Tried to go deep in the woods with my TL but ended up long by the 16 tee box. Had a look at the basket from there but ended up with layup after cutting branches. 16 saw my Star Valkyrie turn right off the tee. My Teebird landed about 20 feet shy of the circle. Upshot with the Truth and drop in for par."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Adam Mihara 84 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "Started on 8 and blew my drive. My forehand didnt fade on 9. 11 started bad but ended with a great putt. My flick failed me on 13 and I ended left on the trail. 15 started well unti my third throw and my forehand ate dirt. I slipped on 16 but recovered well. 17 has been tough on me and my hyzer route didnt work. 18 took a bad kick. 1 tooka bad kick. 2 went well and got a great kick. 3 missed my line on the drive. A good forehand upshot got me to the basket. Missed putt on 4. Almost birdied 5 with a Wraith Mako combo. Hit chains and fell out from 70 ft away. Turbo putted 6. That sucked."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brendan Leahy 66 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Adam Mihara 76 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "My best round ever at a 76. I probably could have improved my score if it wasn't for the CTP on 10 and going for it. I also started off poorly on 5 and 6. I've noticed 6 has been a problem for me lately and it's frustrating because I know I can finish it in 4 throws. I just need to make sure I put the disc where it needs to be on my drive and fairway shot. My putting was rock solid and a big reason for me shooting such a low score. I was making everything that should be made and even pounded off the basket a couple times with my upshots."

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Adam Mihara 79 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "My first PDGA sanctioned tournament ever! My group was sent to the furthest tee from the lot to begin and I was gassed already before I took my first throw. I started off strong with a Par on 16 and the evil hanging basket. 17 didn't treat me as well and I pounded a tree on my usually reliable hyzer route. My drive on 18 went well and I laid up for an easy par. I went for it on 1 with my newly acquired turnover Leopard shot. It got me down far enough to make a 4. Minimal trouble on 2 kept me from blowing up. I got over on 3 with my Star Valkyrie but couldn't convert in 3. 4 treated me well and I was able to punch through with a combo of my TL and Teebird for an easy upshot and putt. The tournament had 2 extra basket locations after 4 of 4a and 4b in the field. 4a was about 400 ft dead straight par 4 and I made par with a Wraith-Teebird combo to get up. 4b was a keyhole shape with OB all around. My Pro Wraith landed about 4 feet from the basket on my tee shot for an easy birdie. I had putting trouble on 5. I bombed my usual Wraith-TL combo from the tee to woods on 6 and then made a tough putt on the hill. I pounded the short tee on 7 with my tee shot. Then cleared the water by way too much requiring a layup and putt. I had my best drive ever on 8 but getting to the basket was difficult around trees. I had a decent drive on 9 FH flick Star Valk and a perfect upshot through a tight window with my Champ Mako. The tomahawk experiment on 10 worked and I was able to get in there in 3. 11 treated me okay with a 7 thanks to a longer than normal drive using my Leopard turnover shot. I should have gotten par on 12 but I hit a tree on my drive and ended up on the right and needing a tomahawk to get out of trouble. 13 I made an ace run but skipped into trouble. 14 my drive and upshots were good. I threw my teebird off the drive on 15 but hit a tree on the right. My recovery out of the field was good but put me in a bad position going into the woods."
Adam Mihara 70 - Regular Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "2nd round was the short tees for Rec. I started the round again on 16 with a long walk. My group was really dragging and feeling the heat and fatigue. We all seemed to struggle with #6 because of the odd position our drives put us in compared to longs. I also blew up on the 2nd temporary hole by going out of bounds twice."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adam Mihara 88 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "I'm not sure what to say about this round. My group started on 18 which didn't go exactly as planned. My DX Valkyrie doesn't have the bite of my Star so I ended up with a bit straigther throw than I would have liked. Clanged the putt. 1 gave me fits again. I really need to nail that initial throw. My forehand was really suffering and I was overpowering it badly. I needed to take some power down but didn't realize until well into the back 9. I got into a bad spot with my putter on 7. I think I'm going to try to lay up closer to the lake than the short tee. I think it will give me a better look. 8 and 9 should have gone better for me but I got myself in bad tree trouble. Really happy with my play on 10 and the Tomahawk approach got me through the narrow trees. 15 started well and then the wheels came off while putting. The same for 16. Dang hanging basket."

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Adam Mihara 34 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Threw from the short tees to give myself a little confidence going into the tournament this weekend. I played well and only blew it on 1 and 6. I'm not used to the lie after the drive from the shorts on 6 otherwise I probably would have gone with a different disc. 1 is my unicorn. I know how to play it but can't seem to get my body to put the disc where it needs to be. Going to try a different grip next time."
Adam Mihara 41 - Long Tees, 9 holes "As I was playing the shorts I caught up to another player who was alone and about to start the back 9. He was doing the longs so I went with the longs on the back too. I suck at 10 and think I'll take a different approach to it with a tomahawk or roller to get through the narrow trees. I pounded a tree on my 11 drive otherwise I would have had a decent hole. 15 started bad with my Leopard taking a nasty right turn into the trees. I had a good recovery and fairway shots but my finish didn't end well. Ideally, I would like to end that hole with the Truth or River on FH."

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Brian Cox 68 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "Birdied hole 15, which is almost impossible without a huge amount of luck, and parred hole 11, which is nearly as hard."
Adam Mihara 46 - Long Tees, 9 holes "Back 9 round with Lena. 11 gave me major issues right off the first toss. Pounding that first tree to the right was not the best way to start that hole. I did discover that I need to go back to a single finger grip for my forehand. It's more consistent and level. I really messed up putting on 14. I had a really great 2nd throw on 16 and probably my best distance and carry ever with my Pro Wraith."

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Adam Mihara 43 - Long Tees, 9 holes "Played with my fiancee' who doesn't have as much power and doesn't really want to learn to play well. She just likes being outside and active. I was experimenting with a few new discs including a DX Teebird, DX Skeeter,Classic Aviar and a DX Shark. The Teebird gave me some great throws and it's a little lighter than most other discs I throw at 160g. The water holes gave me a lot of trouble and I had a hard time settling in while trying new discs. My putting was rock solid from the get go and was sinking them left and right in the practice pit. After injuring my ankle last week I didn't really push it too hard on some of my bigger throws. I got ok distance but I pulled a lot of them hard right. I need to release a little earlier."

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Adam Mihara 92 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "I did not have a hot hand tonight and I was struggling mightily with my putting. I 2-putted 10 separate holes and 3 putted 15. If I make those putts I lose 12 strokes from my card and sit at an 80. I really struggled in the woods and my usually reliable Mako was not behaving properly and pulling hard right out of my hand. My open field shots were all excellent and had very good distance so that was the one positive of the night. We started at #7 and I dunked my Dragon on my upshot. I twisted my ankle badly on 1 and finished on 6. Not sure if familiarity or conservative play due to my ankle calmed my game on those remaining holes."

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adam Mihara, doubles 61 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "First time playing a doubles round. I felt good contributing to the team and it was fun to do a different format for a change. I still prefer to play my own shots and at my own pace. Learning new techniques from the more experienced players is really paying off. My putting was rock solid. Drives were hit or miss. A lot of my midrange shots were playable but long. I should really consider the putter more, specifically my Aviar."

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Adam Mihara 95 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "We started late and it was a cloudy day with some swirling light wind. I played the wooded holes very conservatively and my throwing was very weak to start. My putts were coming up short and slamming the front rim of the basket on most tosses. I need to concentrate harder when it's coming out of my hand and I will be able to reduce my score"
Mike Wolverton 73 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "put it in the water on #3"

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Adam Mihara 36 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Introduced 2 of my co-workers to disc golf. My disc selection was good but execution was poor. My forehand needs some honing as it was the most inconsistent and caused most of my trouble."

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Adam Mihara 84 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "My best round of tossing yet. I had a n00b with me so we threw from the short tees on 3 and 7. My consistency and disc selection is improving but still plenty of room to get better. I need to tame 11. My putting wasn't rock solid tonight and my approaches suffered when I loaned my Aviar to my friend."

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Adam Mihara 88 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "A much better round for me but we played the Skater Boi layout. Long Front, short back. Probably saved me quite a few throws on 11. Felt good getting par on a couple of holes and a 4 on #6"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Adam Mihara 100 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "Improvement over last week by 5 throws. I'm learning my discs and the course layout."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Adam Mihara 105 - Long Tees 18 Baskets, 18 holes "This was my first time playing a full 18 holes at Stafford. Some fatigue and unfamiliarity with the course came into play with my score. I missed some putts that I really should have had if I concentrated more. Had fun with the South Jersey Disc Golfers."