Roscoe Ewing Park

Medina, Ohio     1 course · 16 holes     Driving directions
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Michael Williams    August 21 at 9:09pm

i'm coming down from Ashtabula, Ohio tomorrow morning. I'll be there around 9 o'clock. I've never been to this course before. Anybody interested in coming out to play and show me around?

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Billy Kosco   August 22 at 5:07pm

If only I saw this earlier! I would have shown you around since I play Roscoe almost every other day. Hopefully you enjoyed my hometown course!

Team Jenkins   August 23 at 9:52am

Billy if you see me at the course. Come say hi. I would like to meet you. ~Sharon

Billy Kosco   August 23 at 4:02pm

Sounds good!

Brian Shega    August 10 at 12:06pm

There is a bees nest by the big tree to the right of the bench on 14 long tee. Its underground. Bee careful! :) I marked it with a little sign.

Jon DeCapua   August 10 at 1:01pm

i see what you did there

Wayne "Handlebar Mustache Guy"   August 11 at 12:50pm

Thank you

Kevin Hitch    August 6 at 10:33pm

Registration for The 4th Annual Ace Race, being held Saturday August 22 at 2pm, ends THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 6.



brett m    July 24 at 10:02pm

Found a yellow disc on hole 4 today. If you lost one and can tell me what it is I will get it back to you. No name and number.

Ian McKee   July 25 at 2:00am

swift fox?

brett m   July 25 at 3:04am

yes sir. pm coming

dan jaras    July 22 at 3:36pm

Lost a multi colored daedalus on hole 2 somewhere on the hill on left...would really like it back if found


James Orth    June 19 at 10:19am

Hey lost a brand new yellow champion monster on hole 12 (roscoe side) in the brush to the right of the basket, if anyone finds it I'm not sure if I have my name and number on it, I love this disc tho and would love to have it back my number is 622-3810 I'll be replacing it today with a new one but really love the way it flew right off the shelf!


Miki S    May 19 at 3:29pm

Hello! I lost a car key with blue wrist coil at Masi this morning (5/19). Between hole 1 and 7. If you see it, please let me know? Thank you!!!


brett m    May 16 at 9:04pm

Someone at roscoe is throwing a multi colored Vibram Olace. Its 159 medium with my name snd phone number on it. Nick Schultz tried to get it back. But the guy swears he will call me. I will give s disc upon return of my disc. It wss stuvk in the big dead tree by number ,3s bssket. Please return this to me. Snd remember karma is a ****


Larry Bright Jr.    May 14 at 7:51pm

We are now at officially less than one month until registration closes for the Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park on 6/13/15!! Don't wait and miss out!! There's gonna be some cool side games and prizes this year, in addition to a really cool players pack that is more than worth the $30 entry fee!! If you don't want to pay via Paypal, shoot me a message and we'll work something out. I'll be at most of the local events in the next month (Pundy RWB, The Beauty, Shoot the Breeze ... more


Stephen Kolbus    April 21 at 9:09pm

its been awhile but i lost a green and black tie-dye buzzz. I never put my name on it so i cannot prove it is mine other than my word. but if someone is willing to give it back that'd be great


Pat Jackson    April 21 at 1:05pm

Left my orange GStar Tern somewhere on the back half of the course last week. I'll gladly trade a couple of discs to get it back


Brian Shega    April 16 at 6:53am

Left my blue vibram summit(firm)right next to 16's basket. We played a glow round, and I threw two forgetting to grab the second one. Reward for its return. As those discs are 20 a pop

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James Orth   April 28 at 3:05am

I'd ask that nick Shultz kid who Iives across the street ..he's there like everyday

Brian Shega   April 29 at 10:30am

its funny that you say that, because I ended up getting it back through the help of Nick Schultz

James Orth   April 29 at 3:15pm

Sweet lol

Larry Bright Jr.    April 12 at 9:41am

registration for the Vibram Birdie Bash at Sims Park on 4/19/13 closes at noon on 4/13/15!! don't miss out!! no extra player packs will be on hand, so make sure you get your spot!!!


Larry Bright Jr.    March 28 at 5:44pm

There is only 1 week left to sign up for the Vibram Birdie Bash at Sims Park on 4/19/15!!! This event is pre-registration only, and not additional player packs will be available the day of the event. Don't miss out!! $30 gets you your 2 discs, a mini, a tee, and a couple stickers. And don't forget a great time!! Registration link can be found here:


dan panfil    March 12 at 5:53pm

And a king on 6 ... Found a pro wraith during the search if anyone can identify


dan panfil    March 12 at 5:06pm

Lost a crave on 11 and sword on 1 would love to get back thx

Nick Schultz   March 14 at 12:39pm

I have your leave

Nick Schultz   March 14 at 1:17pm


Nick Schultz   March 14 at 1:17pm

Just found your king too

Jerrod Jacobs    February 25 at 2:26pm

Anybody want to meet up for a snow filled round around 430 today?


Larry Bright Jr.    February 11 at 6:24am

registration is officially open for the vibram birdie bash as sims on 4/19/15!! this event is prepay only, as you need to choose your discs and shirt size. registration is only open through 4/13/15, so don't miss out!! this year, they have a birdie bash championship that each event winner qualifies for. this event is up in kalamazoo, and will be played the weekend before the AM Worlds on a course that will be used for that tourney!! $30 gets you your discs and some other cools stuff. check out for more info!!


brett m    January 18 at 3:28pm

Lost a soft Vibram unlace on 16 in the snow. If found please call the number. Or give it to Nick Shultz. Thanks in advance


joey ramsey    November 23 at 8:42am

Tried to play here in 4 foot of snow a few years ago. Secured a ribbon to disc as suggested. Ribbon went one direction and disc another. Will hopefully get to try again without snow this week while in Cleveland. Even brought some fla weather with me for the week.

Team Jenkins   November 24 at 12:50am

Hey Joey we added a new course. Info on Roscoe's bulletin board of directions and course map..

joey ramsey   November 24 at 5:59pm

Hopefully will have time to play both. If I can only play one which would u recomend?

Team Jenkins   November 26 at 1:10am

Play roscoe----- The new course is 9 holes

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