Rolling Hills County Park

Ypsilanti, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Alex M    2 days ago

Would there be any interest in starting a Saturday morning (~9am) singles league at the course?


Douglas McIntosh    February 8 at 1:05am

This Saturday, February 11th - Rolling Hills

Huron Valley PDGA Sanctioned Singles League will be heading to Rolling Hills this week. $1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be an optional $5 Pro and am2 division. There will also be an optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is @ $186
(100% payout)


Zac Brigham    February 4 at 7:28pm

Lost my blue mercy right side of the fairway on hole 7. Should have name and number on it. Know it has an ace on it. Would love it back :) friend also lost a grey blue wizard left of the basket on hole 10, don't know if the wizard has ink but has a Detroit disc company stamp


Jesse Whitlock    February 4 at 5:34pm

Found a disc on hole 4 no name, no number, price tags still on....describe it and I'll get it back to ya.
Great job on keeping the pads clean, all pads were clear with a fresh dusting of salt. Thank you

Joshua Gustafson   February 4 at 5:54pm

Dynamic justice yellowish green.. bought it that day at Stoney creek liquor store

Joshua Gustafson   February 4 at 5:54pm


Jesse Whitlock   February 4 at 11:39pm

Yes sir...thats it

Rich Priebe Jr    February 3 at 9:53pm

Lost white MVP Relay (2015 circuit stamp) on Hole 1. Right side of trees halfway down. I have no name & # on it. $5 if you find it. I will be at Rolling for the tourney on Sunday or leave at Throwshop for me. Thanks.

Mike Michalak   February 3 at 9:57pm

no white disc in winter snow :(

Trenton Timlin    February 3 at 9:43pm

Lost a blue and yellow axiom virus rightside of 15 shorts before the culvert, tnt.


Jeff Bauman    February 2 at 7:38am

Is the course playable today? How are the pads?

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Darren Harper   February 2 at 8:47pm

I'm might go tomorrow,haven't beenin long while.

Jeff Bauman   February 2 at 9:03pm

My last time was with you when they put in the back 9 about 50 years ago ha ha!!!!

Darren Harper   February 2 at 10:28pm

Has it been that long I was told to bring my sidearm so I guess I'm done.....

Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    October 27 at 12:00am

Left a pink rainbow protostar ape on 14. Just forgot to pick it up. Group of eight behind us "didn't see it" disc was gone. Return will be taken care of.

Desmond Quinn   October 28 at 5:44pm

I messaged you today, found it right in the open, surprised no one found it

Douglas McIntosh    October 26 at 5:04pm

This Saturday October 29th - Rolling Hills Huron Valley PDGA Sanctioned Singles League will be Rolling Hills this Saturday. All rounds are PDGA sanctioned and go towards your rating. Anyone can play and get your round rated. There are no extra fees if your not a PDGA member or current. We will have 2 division this fall Open & am2 $6 ($1 PDGA + $5 toward payouts) plus an optional $2 CTP & $2 Ace pool 100% payout on all aces Tee off will be @ 11am https://www.discgo ... more


Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    October 23 at 11:53pm

Lost baby blue mvp signal (multi stamp with jsaww and 2016 circuit stamp) on hole 14, my upshot. May have gotten stuck in a tree on the right side or turned into a roller and gone past the basket or even down the hill right from the basket. Lost during haunting at the hills tournament and would love to get it back.


Aaron DA HAWK Birdsall    October 18 at 10:33am

Lost a orange destroyer with a gazzillion stamps on it in silver probably at 15 reward if found. It was new can't remember if i put my name on it

Luke Holtzapple   October 18 at 12:08pm

I've $.50 more then whatever Birdman is offering for whoever finds it

Brian Hyzertron Crouch    October 12 at 5:59pm

I found a pair of reading glasses on the course on hole 1 yesterday. If anyone knows who's they are let me know and I'll get em back to them

Nick "Fooch" Fucinari WPD   October 14 at 7:32am

How are they supposed to read this post??

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   October 14 at 12:52pm

Good point lol

Rooster Robb DeHaan    August 27 at 8:50pm

Lost a double stamped WC Glow firebird between hole 12 and 13. Willing to pay for its return

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Shane Brayton   August 27 at 10:41pm

I thought the Glow WC Firebirds were to flippy for you?

Rooster Robb DeHaan   August 28 at 1:25pm

The glow ones, yes. The swirly star ones... Money.

Shane Brayton   August 28 at 6:56pm

Gotcha, in your post you said Glow so I was a little surprised since the one I am currently throwing is one that you gave me.

Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    August 23 at 3:00pm

No luck with said prized possession?!

Matt Sowle   August 23 at 4:48pm

Don't be so surprised I have yet to get either of mine back yet it's sad. The finders obviously see its of great quality and means to someone and can't return it

Jesse Whitlock   August 23 at 7:15pm

There are alot of casuals that play Rolling and are unaware of the etiquette in returning discs... The local league players always make two or three attempts to get it back in the hands of rightful owners!

Eddie Ruiz Grateful Discer    August 21 at 8:15am

Lost Red Sidewinder Gstar ,Sat. if found contact me, If you really like it and throw sidewinders just keep it!

Chris Nadeau   August 21 at 11:40am

was the course super muddy today?

Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    August 18 at 5:34pm

Here currently. Blue first run Z buzzz (black stamp) got away from me on longs hole 5. Just over the bushes next to fours basket. We figured it'd be suspended off the ground due to how thick the foliage is. Been looking for thirty minutes for a disc that we were sure we'd find. Was a guy on hole four, he said he didn't see it come thru. Has some rubbed off ink on back. Definitely one of my most prized throwers. Would love to get it returned.


Cassidy Mayne    August 2 at 4:00pm

Lost white spin dyed suspect. It's roughly 60' up in a tree on hole 15. It's pretty wedged in but if it for some reason desideds to come down it would be awesome to get back!

Cassidy Mayne   August 24 at 11:05am

Went out today and the disc is no longer in the tree. Hoping someone honest found it.

rob smith    July 16 at 5:02am

lost mvp switch Thursday think was the 14th


Brook Corcoran    July 8 at 9:13am

Lost 2 pink judges...1 says bang me with a print, the other is regular. .
Karma would be good. ..!
Please help

g lane   July 8 at 8:55am

isnt a judge a putter?

Rocky Schilke    July 6 at 10:07pm

Lost a lime green zone with a byob stamp somewhere on the right side of 13. It has my name on it but the number is old