River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Skyler Stoker    10 hours ago

Lost pink c line MD3 on the left side of 3 yesterday. Hit the group of trees on the left 1/4 down the fairway and kicked straight left toward the walking path. No ink on it so I doubt I get it back but I will throw you a disc for it if you find it


Craig Rambo    10 hours ago

Lost a verdict yesterday inside lip says Rambo with my pdga #102049 I would love to get I back think it fell out of my bag


Bart Kowalewski    December 6 at 12:02am

Glow md3 with signature. River bends Hole 11. Pin high I'm guessing it slid under leaves. 5 disc reward for return.

Bart Kowalewski   December 6 at 4:17pm

I got it back

Brent K    December 5 at 4:50pm

Porta Johns for Winter?

Will there still be Porta Johns out during the winter months? I think the park closes the regular restrooms for the season.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   3 days ago

Yes there is a porta john for the winter .

Brent K   1 day ago

Thankee Eggy

Miles smilez Campbell    December 4 at 7:00pm

Left behind an orange beat in fireball on 27. White rim. DK first run dragon stamp.


Brandon Ray    November 29 at 8:27pm

Left a pink Mantis on 19


John Minicuci    November 18 at 4:26am

COURSE NEWS: We expect that the project to reinforce the river bank along hole 15 will begin soon. This will be a massive undertaking and a few holes will eventually be unplayable due to the footprint needed for the supplies and equipment. From what I understand, the river bank will be reinforced using large tree root balls and boulders. Other projects that have used this same procedure have turned out much better than previous attempts we have seen along this section of the river bank. I am als ... more

mike walker   November 18 at 11:06am

return of long tee on 15 would be sweet.

Rick L   November 18 at 2:06pm

Kenner Lol

Josh Hewitt   November 20 at 1:34pm

15 long, I have missed that shot!

David Tomlinson    November 16 at 9:45am

River Bends
Utica, MI
About this League
Mixed league - 28 all-time players - 28 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
No membership is required to play the BSD league.
However there is a $10 one-time optional membership and an optional $1 Ace Pool each week.
The $4 Bobis Super Pool is for members only.
There will also be an optional 5 ... more


Stevey Chainmail Collins    November 13 at 8:51pm

found one in between 17 and 18. no ink.

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Stevey Chainmail Collins   November 15 at 7:38pm

we have a winner. pink f2 it is

Stevey Chainmail Collins   November 15 at 7:39pm

just give me the serial number

mike walker   November 15 at 7:50pm

give up on the sidewinder rick.its been a year almost.not coming back...

Amateur Hour    November 7 at 2:13pm

Lost Champ flag dye destroyer early left side on hole 10. No Name

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Dave Milewski   November 7 at 5:35pm

Throw it back

Shaun Adkins   November 10 at 2:33pm

So I can keep it Krap Towel?

Amateur Hour   November 10 at 4:27pm

I'll be out soon for monday putting

Chris Leo    November 7 at 12:48pm

Put a Pink Tour Series Thrasher in the drink on 15 during the Turkey Open. Of course it wasn't marked. Cash or Disc for it's return.


perry Fortin    November 6 at 5:19pm

Left a first run Orange crank ss in the river on 15 ink on rim PDF reward if returned

[member not found]   November 14 at 11:06am

I found a PDF disc at motor city openand left with MCCG. any chance you spotted a blue fission volt?

perry Fortin   November 14 at 1:02pm

Sorry I sure haven't but thank you for returning my blue heat

Brandon Ray    October 22 at 12:55am

Found one laying by hole 9's basket discraft

[member not found]   October 22 at 6:31pm


Brandon Ray   October 22 at 11:49pm

No ink

Trevor Burke    October 1 at 4:34pm

Lost my absolute favorite disc, red ballista on hole 5 (right side of fairway between hole 5 and 4). Absolutely flabbergasted as to how I lost that thing there but it's safe return would be highly appreciated. Cash if returned. Thanks

mike walker   October 2 at 10:11am

did u mean right side of fairway btwn 5 and 6?playin there today.ill look so gimme some shot details

Trevor Burke   October 2 at 1:25pm

Yep you are totally right. Lost it on the longs of hole 6. I'm a lefty, way to much hyzer, kind of hugged the tree line on the right and seemed to finish where there would have been water in earlier months. had a lot of height/speed. Thanks!

Mike Wood    September 24 at 7:18pm

Thinking of starting a fall/winter league at 1:00pm every Sunday. It will be handicapped singles. 15 weeks long. Playing 5 different courses 3 times each. I was thinking Firefighters. Riverbends. Starr. Wagner & Brys. Any thoughts? Objections? Ideas?

David Tomlinson   September 24 at 8:44pm

Sounds cool

The Molder    September 17 at 1:09am

Anyone know condition of course?

Tony Vidal   September 17 at 1:41am

Bends is bends it's playable

[member not found]   September 17 at 11:12am

Condition is good, lots of weeds and mosquitos but fairways are defined.

The Molder   September 17 at 6:41pm


Mike B    September 3 at 1:44am

Come on out to the Discraft Ace Race at East China Township Park in Marine City on 9/23! All proceeds to benefit improvements to the Ira Township and East China courses. Proudly sponsored with prizes and donations by Sherwood Brewing, Disc2Basket in Marlette, and hopefully more! $30 fee gets you $70 worth of swag plus prizes; Registration ends on 9/9, so sign up soon! https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/East_China_Discraft_ACE_RACE_2017


Nate Brown    August 30 at 6:08am

Left a white wolf pack discs glow wizard on hole 13 left side pin high. Threw about 4 ace runs and forgot the disc. Name and number on it. It's a putter would like it returned. But it never happens so this is pointless!!!!!

[member not found]   September 10 at 6:06pm

It is pretty pointless, I expected more out of the "disc golf community" Sadly enough most golfers would rather keep someones $10 plastic rather than gain respect from people in the community.

[member not found]   September 10 at 6:07pm

I think it is pretty pathetic.

Jason Sullivan   September 25 at 5:33pm

I have returned discs and I have had them returned as well. Not everyone is a douche. Just keep inking up the back with and make better shots.

perry Fortin    August 21 at 3:57pm

Left a orange beat up preflight Valkyrie has my girls name and number on rim reward if found and returned


David Tomlinson    August 21 at 9:54am

Friday, August 25 @ 10:00am
River Bends
Utica, MI
About this League
Singles league - 11 all-time players - 10 active players
$1.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool
10:00 am tee off last card at 3:30, three people per card.
$1 to get your round sanctioned. $2 ace pool, $2 50/50. If you want to play for cash it's $5 extra.

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