River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Stevey Chainmail Collins    6 days ago

Found one in the island on 15. Buddy lost a white micro bubble tesla on 10 also to the right

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Mark Jankowski   6 days ago

tyedie z force?

Ron Jacobs   5 days ago

Moonshine Trespass?

Stevey Chainmail Collins   4 days ago

Nope none of those. I walked that whole island too. Surprised I didn't find more.

Kristen B    August 9 at 12:40am

Has anyone played here lately? How bad are the weeds?

Ron Jacobs   August 9 at 9:16am

The rough is very rough

Topher Bamford    August 8 at 12:56pm

I lost my favorite orange Discmania DDX with a lizard stamp on it on hole 10. Threw it a bit high and the wind carried it far left into the deep brush. If anyone finds it I will gladly give them some money to get it back! This disc is very special to me and my initials and number are on the bottom


Scott Kuechle    August 4 at 4:57pm

Lost my go to red pro boss on hole 10. Ripped it to hard and turned her over to the right by 27's basket. Didn't hit any trees and just kept going. Has to be between the two huge trees on 27 by the basket. Name and number and pdga number is on it. Reward for return


Alyssa Tribuzio    August 3 at 12:56am

Lost blue gstar roadrunner on 19 or 20, has name and #


ilya newell    August 2 at 8:20pm

Hole 5 - Lost a purple proton Wave, UpShot DG stamp. No ink. Went to the right.


Don Warfield    August 1 at 9:02am

found a panther, big z heat and viking on hole 26. No names so give me the color.

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brad chartier   August 2 at 12:34am

How about a blue VIP King? Did you find one of those??

Kevin Hamden   August 2 at 12:29pm

Big z heat was red

brad chartier   August 3 at 2:14am

But what about a blue KIng? VIP. Any sign of that??

steve nolff    July 31 at 6:31pm

Lost a blue VIP Westside King out on hole 26. Got away from me out the stuff far right. Love to get that thing back.

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steve nolff   August 1 at 1:25pm

All "Big Daddy's" fault. He failed to watch my disc and then went off to find three other discs. Just when you think you can really count on a guy......sheesh.

brad chartier   August 2 at 12:32am

I thought Don had a hand in it when I saw he found discs other than yours. Coincidence?? I think not. I have a couple of Kings I don't throw anymore. I'll put them in the car for when we meet again.

brad chartier   August 6 at 9:50pm

I had a message from Dwain Kay. He picked up a blue VIP King at Morning Wood at Stoney today. I requested that he contact you.

ilya newell    July 28 at 9:09pm

Lost a white MVP Catalyst hole 16.
Found one while looking for mine, same hole. Name it

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Jes Colman   July 29 at 2:53am

White Destroyer or Blue Shark?

Tyler Farrell   July 29 at 4:17am

Green crank

ilya newell   July 29 at 2:24pm

I found the owner

Kevin Land    July 27 at 8:04pm

Has anyone come across a purple mako3 with a name and number on it lost about a month ago reward for it back


Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth    July 27 at 3:36pm

Lost a pink Glow Shryke on hole 16 at Bends on the right side in thickest of thick name and number on it


David Tomlinson    July 24 at 2:35pm

Friday, July 28 @ 10:00am
River Bends
Utica, MI
About this League
Singles league - 9 all-time players - 9 active players
$1.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool
10:00 am tee off last card at 3:30, three people per card.
$1 to get your round sanctioned. $2 ace pool, $2 50/50. If you want to play for cash it's $5 extra

Jes Colman   July 24 at 9:01pm

Cool to hear. Thanks, David!

Aaron f    July 17 at 12:21am

5 discs found 2 in woods between 11 12 n some1 in kayak threw me 3 he found in water let me know

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Miles smilez Campbell   August 8 at 8:53pm

Dark green ti buzzz

Topher Bamford   August 12 at 1:19pm

Did you find a bright orange disc with a lizard stamp on top? On the bottom it says DDX 175 and my number on the lip of the disc

Aaron f   6 days ago


Darian Ott    July 16 at 7:27pm

Lost a greenish yellowish Discraft Breeze here on 7/9/17, just found the ability to post on here. Still don't remember the hole, due to the fact it was the first time we have gone and years. Just left it on the ground and forgot to put it back in the bag! Please let me know if you have it!

Darian Ott   July 16 at 4:00pm

we have gone in years*

Kyle Young    July 15 at 11:41pm

Lost a brand new pink star destroyer on I believe sixteen it's the one with all the tall skinny bamboo like trees on the right I will pay to get this died back

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Kyle Young   July 19 at 12:27pm

The one where the river is on your left. There's an island even. It's the hole right after that one

Kyle Young   July 19 at 12:28pm

Right before the tight fairway hole.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   July 21 at 9:06pm

i have a destroyer but is a champion tiedye

Topher Bamford    July 11 at 8:04pm

Hey everyone,
I lost yet another disc on this course, this one was on hole 6. It's a yellow prodigy M3 with 2 small American flag rocket decals on it. It clipped a tree before the basket and would have fallen about 35 ft short off in the brush but I couldn't find it anywhere. If you have any luck finding it would you please let me know and return it, I really love that disc. Thanks!


Chris Leo    July 10 at 12:52am

Found a disc, no man, on hole 23. Tell me what it is and I'll return it.

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[member not found]   July 18 at 8:00am

Only ine I lost without a name is a Red gstar tern, all others have tnt.

norm raby   July 18 at 8:29am

Tie dye stalker with ace ink

Chris Leo   July 19 at 7:31am

None of those.

Topher Bamford    July 5 at 11:02pm

Lost a light blue Prodigy D4 on hole 26. I turned it over and it flew into the long grass, if anyone sees it my number is on it


Bart Kowalewski    July 3 at 5:16pm

Turned over a white D Line P2 with big Discmania Shield Stamp on it on hole 11. Went right by the walking path, I think someone just picked it up and took it, but worth a shot posting about it.


Kevin Land    June 30 at 6:15pm

If anyone's found a purple mako my name and # may be wore off, just inbox or comment if found thanks!


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